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CIA REPORT - War Criminal Ariel Sharon a Brutal Pedophile

a religious 'law' that, according to sworn witness statements, indicted war criminal Ariel Sharon later enforced more than two dozen times in the Lebanese Shatila and Sabra refugee camps, when he eagerly unzipped his flies and brutally sodomized helpless screaming children held down by his fellow Zionist criminals

It seems, from a secret CIA evaluation, now circulating here at the White House, that Israeli Prime Minister Sharon, in addition to real estate swindles and the butchery of Arab civilians, is also a well-known pedophile with a penchant for sweet young Arab boys! His strongest defender, one Steven Plaut, connected with the University of Haifa in Israel, and safe from American law enforcement, once ran two pedophile websites, one located in Tel Aviv and the other in Washington, D.C. Plaut, who has previously had serious issues with child pornography, is a member of a “select group? of “enlightened? Israeli citizens, many of whom are very well-connected in the current Sharon Administration. Our very own American Administration perverts only like muscular servicemen but our Greatest Ally seems to like the smooth bottoms of young Arabs. There is an old Persian poem, which translates as "Across the river lives a boy, who has an ass like a peach, but, alas, I cannot swim." Perhaps this is Ariel Sharon's motto. When the IDF is not engaged in shooting teenagers to death or running over occupied strollers with their tanks, they seem to like other pleasures of the flesh.

One of Bush's Secret Service people who talks to me reports that one of the reasons Bush has invited Ariel Sharon to Crawford, Texas instead of the White House on April 11th, is the privacy of the ranch. He tells me Bush has engaged the services of a group of ex-Secret Service people in Texas who operate a very clandestine company for hire, mainly for the use of ex-Presidents, (apparently Gorilla Bush, the 41st President, put his son the Chimpanzee in touch with them,) to procure a couple of young, smooth and pretty Mexican boys from across the border for one night during Sharon's visit. My informant believes they will be for Sharon's fat and sweaty pleasure, although nobody has said so directly. The purchase order requires that the children will not speak a word of English, will be brought over the border in an unmarked closed vehicle with Mexican registration and Secret Service clearance, and afterwards will be returned the same way. They will never even be aware that they have been outside of Mexico, and a few thousand dollars paid to the parents will ensure their silence. (I suppose one can take some comfort that there is no plan to kidnap and dispose of the children "with extreme prejudice" afterwards - someone around here still has a trace of conscience. Or perhaps it is just that Sharon needs them willing and glad to service him.) Sadly, I am unable to find out - you can imagine how I would like to - whether the payment to the Texas procurers is to be made from American taxpayer funds or not.

Zionist Jews have never concealed their plans for a "Greater Israel" stretching from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to Persia's Abadan in the east. How to get hold of this real estate was not a problem for these madmen, who were and still are living in a time warp, where the antics of Ghengis Khan apparently still constitute acceptable social behavior.

Using the truly evil Babylonian Talmud 'Bible' as a war crimes guide, the Jews intended to force a beachhead in Palestine [achieved in 1948], then progressively rape and pillage their way north, south, and east through Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, northern Saudi Arabia and Iraq, eventually forming an eastern border beyond Kuwait and the Persian oilfields in Abadan. Regardless of the appalling human suffering along the way, this would give the Zionists complete control of Middle East oil, and thus control of the whole world. Well, that was the game plan, before it all started to go horribly wrong in September 2001.

Despite the fact that Lebanon has no major oil reserves, this beautiful country had a very special role to play in the new "Greater Israel", with a major clue being Beirut's sixties reputation as the Paris of the Middle East. Back then it was a stunningly beautiful secular city, with pristine white beaches and a night club on every corner. In a single word, Beirut was drawn in on Zionist plans as "headquarters" for the Jewish criminal elite, who had absolutely no intention of getting their manicured hands dirty in the eastern desert oilfields.

Like Roman Emperors of old, the criminal elite intended to sit by the beach eating bunches of ripe grapes, and then as dusk fell, humbly consult their Talmuds to see exactly how many small Lebanese boys and girls they were allowed to defile and sodomize during the long warm night ahead. As you might expect, the Talmud imposes no bag limit at all.

All non-Jews [Goyim] were and still are available for the unrestricted sexual pleasure of the Jewish conquerors, a religious 'law' that, according to sworn witness statements, indicted war criminal Ariel Sharon later enforced more than two dozen times in the Lebanese Shatila and Sabra refugee camps, when he eagerly unzipped his flies and brutally sodomized helpless screaming children held down by his fellow Zionist criminals.

As a Jew, albeit a Reformed Jew, I am furious about this kind of perverted behavior and also at the obvious joy the Sharon people and their IDF seem to take in brutally slaughtering Palestinians and obliterating their homes, on the slightest pretext. As Jews celebrated the joyful holiday of Purim last week (the 14th of Adar fell on Good Friday) we contemplated Queen Esther's happy salvation of the Jews in Persia, enjoyed our hamentaschen, and sent shalach manos round to our friends. The holiday sadly felt utterly polluted by Ariel Sharon and his demonic t'zelem. I feel, as do many of my American Jewish friends, that we here will have to pay the approaching and terrible bill for their perverted savagery. Sharon wants to found a Greater Israeli Reich, modeled on Hitler’s Greater German Reich, and to deport or kill off all the current Arab inhabitants of that bloody country. A clear case of the abused child becoming the abusing adult.

He does not need to worry about American pubic opinion because he and the AIPAC have George Bush, Karl Rove and Jerry Falwell right in their pockets. They own or control all of the American media from Time-Warner to the New York Times and Washington Post so we here see what they want us to see and nothing else. My more evil co-religionists have a death grip, not only on the White House and the media but on American foreign policy as well. Bush and his trained apes are ruining our economy; the dollar is in steady decline against almost all foreign currency, the balance of trade is a terrible disaster, our military policy, which exists solely to support Israeli Mideast goals, is killing both innocent Iraqi civilians by the tens of thousands and at the least over 6,000 GIs. Oil is not being sold, by nearly every producer, to the United States because they view Bush as another Hitler or Stalin and his soldiers as SS thugs and gas will eventually reach $5.00 a gallon at the pump, at least according to a Treasury Department confidential bulletin. When that happens, the pleasure-loving Americans might actually get fed up with Adolf Bush and throw him and his pseudo-intellectual thugs into the Potomac.


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