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RRFP holds pledge-a-protester fundraiser

Local grassroots reproductive justice group to make use of anti-choice protesters
The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project is holding its first ever Pledge-A-Protester fundraiser!

The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project is a local grassroots organization dedicated to the struggle for reproductive justice throughout Richmond and the south as well. We are an abortion fund that is simultaneously working to create a social justice movement that includes reproductive justice for all.

The RRFP is a member of the National Network of Abortion Funds and is awaiting a final 501c3 ruling from the IRS. Founded in 2004, RRFP has helped close to a dozen people with funding for their abortion procedures and most recently has joined the Southern Coalition for Reproductive Justice. To find out more about us email rrfp (at) riseup.net.

The Pledge-A-Protester fundraising strategy has been highly successful throughout the country and we are certain Richmond won't be any different. Each Saturday, anti-choice protesters come to a local abortion clinic to harrass the people going in and out, threaten the clinic staff, and create a hostile environment in a local neighborhood. We are asking our friends, allies, neighbors, coworkers.... to make a pledge per anti-choice protester at the clinic on July 2. We will take your information and pledges and do the math for you! We'll make this as easy as possible!

Please consider making a pledge for this fundraiser. Keep in mind that we funded our first abortion with pennies! We had been saving change for months to start up the fund and poured it all out and rolled coins for a night. In this work, every penny matters. Consider how your donation no matter how big or small directly affects the life of another individual forever.

We will need your name, pledge amount, and contact information (address, email, and/or phone whatever is available). We will gather the amounts and get back to you after July 2nd. It's easy and it's worth it!

Take a moment to think about it if you have to and then email us at rrfp (at) riseup.net with your pledge today!

Thanks in advance for your support,

Jenn "Texas" Drew
Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project
PO Box 5514
Richmond, Va 23220

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