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Anarchists Plea for Soldiarity with Mountain Justice Summer Counter G8 Protest

This is a call for solidarity from anarchists with the nonviolent tactical committments of the coalfield residents organizing Richmond's anti-G8 protest.

For the last six months, anarchists and other radicals have been centrally involved in the organizing of Mountain Justice Summer, a grassroots campaign using direct action and community organizing to stop mountain top removal coal mining.

Opposition to coal capitalists has a long history of facing violent repression, and in just the last 6 months, coalfield residents have faced an increase of this repression. People have had their houses burned, pets killed, faced death threats, been shot at and run down by coal trucks, in addition to the usual repression of the State.

In solidarity with the desires and concerns of these residents, who are most affected by the brutal violence of companies like Massey, anarchists within this campaign have agreed to tactical and strategic nonviolence and no property destruction while organizing this campaign.

Though we realize this counter G-8 protest addresses systemic oppression broader than MTR, it is being organized by and will be attended by coalfield residents.

Please respect the strategic and personal commitments of these coalfield residents, who are risking their jobs, homes, and very lives to resist coal capitalism with a direct action campaign. As anarchists, respecting this call for nonviolence is a key way we can show our solidarity with the residents of the coalfields as they struggle against King Coal.

We hope this is one step in the direction of a popular movement against capitalism and for rural community self-determination.

Sincerely, Redneck Anarchist Front

for more info, go to www.mountainjusticesummer.org/richmond


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