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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace & War

Jeff Ott Reading July 18th

On July 18th, Jeff Ott, formerly of bay area punk bands Crimpshrine and Fifteen, will be reading from his new book "Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Real War on Terror" at the flying brick library.
On July 18th at 8pm, Jeff Ott will be reading from his new book which addresses the U.S. "War on Terror". He argues that there is a real war on terror at home, not against the bogeyman of the bearded middle easterner waiting on every corner, but against real terrorism in the US that remains unregulated, ignored, unchecked. His concern is with issues such as suicide, domestic abuse, child abuse, drug addiction, homelessness, police brutality and family homicide. Jeff presents a summary and analysis of numbers and statistics examining the official "war on terror" and the social realities which are terrorizing communities in the united states. He also questions what kind of liberation is really being brought to people in the U.S. government's campaign to "spread democracy". Jeff's opinions and ideas have been forming over many years of activism, whether through his many musical acts or while working with drug addicts and sex workers.

JULY 18TH at 8pm
FLYING BRICK LIBRARY - 506 S. PINE ST (oregon hill)

The event will be outside if weather is good. If you have any concerns about accessibility please contact Yvonne at ratsoup (at) hotmail.com.

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