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Pictures Needed Of Mutant Crops & Livestock from 2005

Help us show the world what true satanism is all about! Help us show the world what satanic influences are running them! Take a look at the pictures below, then consider the ENMOD (Top Secret Radiation Technology of the bush crime family and their brainwashed religious followers) that has been going hot and heavy since the lying fanatic traitor bush stole office.

Yes, boy george is most adept at lying-cheating-stealing and murder, as are all the members of his family, its how they are brought up, and it is their true religion, believe it or not. While they have been busily denying this technology, and its harmfulness, and its use in the gulf wars, they have been actively using it to deform America and the world into a satanic image of themselves, and the fruit below. This is just the beginning folks.

Please start taking pictures of your mutant vegetables and animal stock as they appear, and many not normally exposed to growing things will see in no uncertain terms what kind of powers are running things today. Mutations will be happening much more frequently now. We are in the 5th year of heavy ENMOD by the sell-out religious freak and traitor bush.

Post the pix to places like indy media with the word mutant in the title and the library will grow and be made accessible to all. The library will be promoted, and already encompasses 4 year worth of the supporting pictures showing blatant ENMOD across the USA. www.luxefaire.com---follow the linx...Good Luck! Write bgstuff (at) earthlink.net, there is a responder spam filter on that address.

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