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LOCAL Announcement :: Globalization

Fighting the Neo-liberal Empire in Southern Mexico: Sept. 1, 7:30 pm

On Thursday September 1 at 7:30 pm in the Flying Brick Library, Richmond Indymedia reporter Jen Lawhorne will share what she saw and heard during her extended stay in Mexico. In the late 90's people around the world were shaken and inspired by the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico. This past year, Jen lived and worked with various groups continuing the struggle in Chiapas and southern Mexico. Come hear her stories about what's going on now with the Zapatistas and other folks.

THursday, Sept. 1, 7:30 pm FLYING BRICK LIBRARY 506 S. Pine
The Zapatista rebellion was part of a large segment of native and non-native mexican society that distrusted and opposed the emerging global capitalist system. It focussed the world's attention on the social and political state of modern Mexico. For indigenous communities who had survived hundreds of years of colonial exploitation by rich countries, corporate globalization was the same death, hunger, and disrespect under a new brand name. For many non-indigenous Mexicans it was an attack on the constitution established by the Mexican Revolution. All of this occurred as part of other active struggles for liberation. Years later, people are still angry, the indigenous communities are still fighting for respect and rich people are still manipulating the political system. Jen will talk about what she saw going on with various liberation struggles, including the Zapatistas, mostly in Southern Mexico.

THursday, Sept. 1, 7:30 pm FLYING BRICK LIBRARY 506 S. Pine (Oregon Hill)

Also stay tuned for another workshop about migrant worker issues tentatively set for 7pm Sept. 8 at the NRC in Fulton Hill.

Please e-mail Yvonne at ratsoup (at) hotmail.com (subject: mexico workshop) if you have any questions.

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