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Amy Goodman Came to Norfolk

Amy Goodman came to the NARO theater in Norfolk, VA on Friday, September 31st, 2005.

Amy Goodman came to Norfolk, VA on Friday, September 31st, 2005. The event was sponsored by the Hampton Roads Indypendent Media Coalition, a group of concerned Hampton Roads citizens trying to create independent media of interest to the Hampton Roads community.

The event was held at the Naro Expanded Cinema, which hosted this event as part of their annual Green Screen Film Festival.

The evening was started off with a movie, Independent Media In a Time of War, a short movie by the Hudson Mohawk Independent Media Center about the role and purpose of media in a war, both how it should be and how it really is.

Amy Goodman spoke next. The only person who was recording the speech was Chris Maxwell, from WRIR, for his program, Homespun C-SPAN, which airs Mondays at 12:00 - 12:30 on WRIR in Richmond, as well as on their live web stream.

She shared stories of her experiences in New York during 9-11, in East Timor, where she was beaten and a colleague was nearly killed by the Indonesian military for covering a demonstration, and her recent experiences in New Orleans. She also talked about the importance of keeping an independent voice in the media, and the dangers of overconcentration.

Hopefully, I can get a copy of the recording soon and provide it either as an mp3 or a transcript...

After the talk, Amy went out to sign copies of her new book, The Exception to the Rulers,

and I was able, after some cajoling, to get this picture.

Left to Right: Amy Goodman, Muna Hijazi, and Chris Maxwell


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