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Margaret Thatcher, Delay and Abramoff The International Ties are unravelling...

My source for this is www.mirror.co.uk/news/tm_objectid=16201986&method=full&siteid=94762&head

The Mirror is reporting that documents have been ordered sealed that may link Margaret Thatcher with Delay's crimes and misdemeanors and possibly Abramoff too. "Evidence is sought from her about that meeting and her involvement in the alleged deception and violation of US criminal laws." The meeting took place in 2000
The article and all the details can be found at

buzzflash.com has a link to this info also.

I "wonder" about what ties to this mess may be hidden at William and Mary....They hired Margaret Thatcher and now Kissinger to be their President...William and Mary sure keeps bad company these days.

3 October 2005
EXCLUSIVE: Secret paper links Thatcher to freebies probe
By Bob Roberts Deputy Political Editor

A DOCUMENT linking Margaret Thatcher to a US corruption probe is so explosive civil servants have been asked to ensure it remains "sealed".

The 79-year-old former Premier is said to have met Congressman Tom DeLay in Britain while he was on a suspected favours-for-freebies scam....

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