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Friday's Critical Mass Ride in Fredericksburg

The rainy weather was no aid in increasing the participation and recognition of Fredericksburg critical mass, however, since its beginning, these rides have had a low level of involvement, regardless of weather. As such, we are currently thinking up some new advertising tactics to invite more cyclists to participate in the rides--including pretty hardcore flyer distributing and themed rides.
Friday’s ride drew in a handful of cyclists and a lot of enthusiasm. As usual--for cyclists riding in the middle of the street--we were honked at, cut off, and generally made to feel as though the road belonged to all but us. Despite this animosity and the scarcity of riders, we rode on, celebrating and asserting our right to the street.

Those interested in spreading the word of Fredericksburg critical mass are encouraged to make up their own fliers and post them around town or use whatever creative means available to draw attention to these rides. There is no leadership or central organization to critical mass, so you don’t need anyone else’s approval to help out. Do what you can, and keep riding.

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