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Progressive Education Workshop Series in Fredericksburg

Throughout this week at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA there will be a progressive education workshop series in which invited speakers and students will lead discussions and workshops on a variety of issues ranging from gender and sexuality, feminist direct action, globalization, anarchism and alternative forms of education, etc. The specific topics/dates/times are listed below.
Monday, Oct. 24:
Gendered Relationships within Our Daily Lives
This workshop/ student discussion will analyze the cultural roles that men and women take on in their daily interactions with one another. A brief summary of what gender binaries are will lead into discussion and analysis of gendered events in attendees’ lives, whether gay or straight. By using a discussion based approach towards this issue we hope to illuminate the gendered relationships that are evident in almost all daily rituals.
5:00pm Monroe 205

Wednesday, Oct. 26:
Katy Otto: Feminist Direct Action
Katy Otto has proven to be a powerful feminist force within the D.C. metropolitan area. She headed the organization of the first annual Visions in Feminism Conference, co- owns a record label, works within many women’s empowerment programs located in DC, and is a member of the popular all female band Del Cielo. Katy has extensive experience in heading workshops on various topics relating to feminism and will certainly contribute significant knowledge and understanding on the topic of Feminist Direct Action. If you are interested in topics of feminism and community action/ change please don’t miss this opportunity.
7:00pm Monroe 205

Thursday, Oct. 27:
Ethics of Globalization: Consumer Responsibility and the Developing World
This workshop will explore on the ways in which consumer choices affect the lives of those living in the developing world. Alongside a general discussion of issues in development, a specific focus on sweatshops will lead into ideas about how and why a campus community can and should become 'sweat-free'.
5:00pm Meet in Monroe Lobby

HIPS: Prostitution in DC
Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive (HIPS) is an organization that assists female, male, and trans-gendered individuals engaging in sex work in Washington, DC in leading healthy
lives. Utilizing a harm reduction model, HIPS' programs strive to address the impact that HIV/AIDS, STIs, discrimination, poverty, violence and drug use have on the lives of individuals engaging in sex work. Please come to this workshop to learn more about HIPS. 7:00pm Monroe 302

Reproductive Rights: Roots and Activism
Learn about history and feminist values behind the current Pro-Choice movement. Watch the documentary, Motherhood by Choice, Not Chance, by renown director Dorothy Fadiman. Explore current Pro-Choice issues such as emergency contraception, pharmacy refusal clause, sex education, health care access, international family planning, as well as ways you can help out and get involved locally and nationally in the Pro-Choice movement. 8:15pm Monroe 102

Friday, Oct. 28:
Mark Lance: Alternative Forms of Education
Mark Lance is an esteemed member of the Georgetown University faculty who has spoken numerous times in the past on Anarchist social theory. On this visit to our campus he will discuss alternative forms of education and their applicability in modern school systems. Much of the information will pertain to the appliance of Anarchist beliefs within educational systems but is not limited to this one radical political/ social theory.
5:00pm Monroe 302

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