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Local Peace Activist Challenges Bush

Local peace activist, Tom Palumbo, was present at the speaking event today at Norfolk's Chrysler Hall when President Bush arrived to a packed house of "dyed in the wool Republicans" eager to hear an outdated "war on terrorism" missive. Although a minority of one, Tom courageously spoke for an increasingly shifting wave of local consciousness; people who are FED UP with the deceit, racist posturing and murderous activities of the current
imperialist regime. Tom vocally exercised his free
speech rights which included a tee shirt with a powerful message, prior to being forcefully removed from Chrysler Hall by security personnel.
Tidewater peace activist, Tom Palumbo, of Virginia Beach was given an admittance ticket to President Bush's recent speaking event at Chrysler Hall.

Attired in khakis and a crispy Docker's sky blue button-down shirt with a jacket and his usual wire rims, he appeared appropriately collegiate.

The pre-event anticipation on the balcony level was a surreal "fly on the wall" experience as he overheard a cozy fundamentalist group of CBN visitors who were so excited they "couldn't sleep or eat!!!" the night before.

As a Veteran for Peace, Tom enthusiastically applauded as Bush spoke about the sacrifices made on behalf of the military. He stated he would have "given a standing ovation had Bush said he was bringing the troops home or funding more education".

Instead, Bush launched into the "war on terrorism" and after the second reference, Tom stood up and stated, "Mr. President, war IS terrorism! Torture IS terrorism! Do the right thing and RESIGN NOW!" as he opened his button-down shirt to reveal a
"DUMP BUSH? tee shirt with “FIRE THE LIAR!? on the back. Tom was silenced through forcible removal by at least 3 members of the security personnel unit.

Later in the evening, a lovely child by the name of Bria, approached Tom and asked him, “Why did they take you out?? to which Tom replied, “because sometimes one person has to decide to speak out when other people can’t…sort of like what Rosa Parks did…does that make sense?? Bria’s animated response? A light went off---“ohhhhh, YES!?

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