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Agora Inc., Bill Bonner , Porter Stansberry , Jim Davidson and fraud

Below is my recent email correspondence with Porter Stansberry of Agora Inc.'s Baltimore headquaters who pretends 'James Dale DAVIDSON don't work here no more'.Lies and deception from Agora Inc.whose business is lies and deception, in my opinion.Again both Bill Bonner and 'James Dale' or 'Jim' Davidson have claimed to be sole founder of Agora Inc.,without either confronting each other for the other's lie.
James Dale Davidson,founder of Agora Inc.,and its Strategic Investment mail fraud operation was the entity most responsible for the claim that Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster.Sure Richard Mellon-Scaife encouraged,even cheered him on,and his far right British pal the Lord William Rees-Mogg,hovered in the background.

But Agora Inc.s Strategic Investment,with the name of ex CIA Chief Colby on the letterhead and Davidson's internet political and securities cyberfraud machine is what did the psyops against Clinton.William Colby died mysteriously a year later without comment.His name was only on the letterhead because Davidson paid Colby to lend credibility to Davidson's and Agora Inc.'s outrageuos stock and securities promotions.And even more bizar is the fact that James Dale Davidson's British/ www.newsmax.com smear writer
Chistopher Rudy writes that someone in their circle predicted Colby's death a month in advance,albeit from a car accident rather than drowning.


Agora Inc.,along with agoracom etc.,has so many internet sites,and in my opinion,cyberfraud sites,it is difficult to keep track.Only those
named officially in litigation by the SEC is enormous but I believe they create others that are unofficial whenever they as group or as individuals they feel the need to create a curtain or smoke screen separating Agora Inc. from more questionable activities.Ha,if more questionable activities are indeed possible.

Hillary Clinton's New York office was contacted by me in light of her old claim about 'a vast right wing conspiracy' but chose apparently not to investigate or do anything about this massive fraud that Davidson has erroneously and fraudulently called 'naked shorting' to mask his illegal penny stock 'pump and dump' activities.
Money laundering and tax avoidence may be involved.

Davidson claims to have been a supporter of his fellow Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton until,as Davidson claims,he discovered Clinton was involved with the 'mafia'.Actually it is a fact Davidson was involved with at least one shady character mentioned in Business Week's article on 'The Mafia On Wall Street' in the 1990's.

Now 'Bob O'Brien'of/ www.ncans.net ,(who I have reason to believe is James Davidson or Davidson connected),is going on about Refco but just ask Bill Bonner if he and Davidson's Agora Inc.have not recommended an Austrian bank, possibly connected to Refco,to their clients in the past. Perhaps Hillary Clinton herself could tell us more but wishes to remain quiet.(Do 'clinton refco' google search.)

Bill Clinton also remained strangely quiet about his fellow Rhodes scholar and Oxford grad,James Dale Davidson,even in his book when he had the chance.Why ?

Tony Ryals
endoscam (at) lycos.com

----- Original Message -----
From: "Porter Stansberry"
To: endoscam (at) lycos.com
Subject: Jim Davidson
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 20:06:22 -0600

Tony --

A friend recently emailed me a copy of your online tirade against JD. I don't know what he did to you...though I can imagine...

But, your presumption that I am an associate of Jim's is entirely false. It is true that Jim was a founder of Agora in the late 1970s. But he quickly sold the majority of his interest to Bill Bonner. Jim has no ownership stake in Agora and Agora no longer publishes his newsletter. While Jim used to be an editor, he was never a colleague of mine; we worked in totally separate divisions, which were owned and managed as completely separate business units. In fact, since I have been part of Agora (1996) I've never worked on any project or had any involvement whatsoever in of Jim's publications or business ventures.

Frankly, I have serious doubts about his integrity and honesty and I was glad when Agora decided to stop publishing his newsletter.

If you would like to know more about Agora (which is a large holding company with many operating groups, one of which I control) or more about the SEC case I am involved with (which has nothing to do with short selling or pumping and dumping) I would be happy to meet with you in my office in Baltimore.




Which 'online tirade' re Davidson ? There's more than one and no end in sight.Also weren't you and William Bonner at this right wing 'FreedomFest' with Davidson as recently as 2004 and wasn't John Berthould of Davidson's Naional Taxpayers Union in attendence as the pr claims ? When did you decide to distance yourself from Davidson ? And why did Agora Inc. and Bill Bonner allow Davidson to promote himself as the founder all these years if it weren't so? AND IF SO WHY DOES BONNER THEN ALLEGE HE WAS THE FOUNDER ?Sounds like just more Agora Inc.fraud to me combined with a fraudulent cover up.

Also I noted your stansberryresearch was claiming,or greatly insinuating,Lard Patrick Byrne's Overstock.con was a victim of 'naked shorting',just as,coincidentally,the ncans.net fraud website did. I believe James,'skkkum of the world',Dale Davidson is behind NCANS as well..At least I think any number of plagiarism experts would agree with me that it is more than a coincidence that NCANS has so much in common with NAANSS that the acronym alone can't be coincidence.Not to mention the similarities to the fraud that 'you are being naked shorted so buy certs to protect yourself ' modus operendi to the fraud.

You and he may not have been taken to task by the SEC for 'naked shorting,after all Brent Baker now has a cozy job with Byrne and Overstock.con,but you should have been.It was not only the fly-by-night fraud internet sight of NAANSS that promoted the supposed 'anti-naked short selling' scam but Agora Inc.did as well,at least through James Dale Davidson's 'Vantage Point' cyberfraud website.

I guess you know Davidson even has some Daubai related activities and I suspect he has a relation to Bellador Group of Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.But Amenni is what I am interested in and anything you might know about that would be of interest.No wonder Lard Byrne is paranoid about being connected with terrorists and 'al qaeda'.Too funny if it weren't so sick and sad.And just how much was Agora Inc. involved with touting of Ionatron for George 'WMD' Tenet and that little elite pump and dump used scam salemen dept.of the CIA ? I'm not saying all in the CIA are bad but he was if he uses it for illegal pump and dump ops and should be outed.Frauds like that are why we as a country are in so much trouble right now.

You see I knew nothing about stocks or even internet when I was hooked up to this mess,never heard of NTU or Davidson either,thank gawd.And I was only drawn into Davidson 'you're being naked shorted buy a cert' fraud because I sincerely believed in a Stanford patent and its medicinal potential.Stanford has recently taken the patent back and Endovasc or skkkum like DAVIDSON CAN NO LONGER USE IT FOR FRAUD, but Stanford and Heeschen and Cooke still,in my opinion,have some explaining to do for allowing the university to get mixed up in what was obviously an illegal pump and dump and quite possibly an international money laundering scam.

Doesn't Agoracom advertise in the Washington Post occasionally where the ncans.net letter appeared on February 8 coincidentally ? Do you think this would not have been investigated had the authors ',both 'Bob O'Brien' and Lard Patrick Byrne not had Beltway connections ? Very weird,my country has become the new Mexico in terms of political corruption thanks to scum like James DALE DAVIDSON,et.al. who parasitize it.In terms of bloody murderers, we compete quite well with the worst of them.

So to sum,Bill Bonner and Agora Inc. does have a National Taxpayers Union connection by way of both James Dale Davidson and John Berthoud.And although for some reason Davidson is never mentioned on the NTU website he and you and Bill Bonner were with Berthoud at the Las Vegas far right 'freedomfest'of 2004,correct ? So you were all getting along fine and dandy up till then.What went wrong ? Why doesn't the eloquent Bill Bonner do an article on that and explain himself and his involvement,past and present, with James Dale Davidson ?

Would you and he like me to send you an article from Davidson and Agora Inc.s' Vantage Point 'as recently as 2004 where Davidson is frothing at the mouth about 'naked shorting',just as 'Bob O'Brien' of ncans.net now does coincidentally ? AND WHY PRAY TELL DID YOUR WEBSITE VERY RECENTLY INSINUATE THE PATRICK BYRNE'S OF, NCANS AND OVERSTOCK.CON WAS A VICTIM OF 'NAKED SHORTING' ?

Oh,one other thing of all the penny stocks Agora Inc.and agoracom have promoted over the years have any of your fine economic analysts there ever done a review of what these penny pump and dump scams have done for or to investors who were conned into 'going long' ? Too funny,the NATIONAL TAXPAYERS UNION' AND ON THE ONE HAND WISHES TO DO AWAY WITH OR 'PRIVITISE' SOCIAL SECURITY' AND YET COINCIDENTALLY HAS NO QUALMS ABOUT ALIGNING ITSELF WITH THE SLEEZIEST OF CORRUPT PENNY STOCK FRAUDSTERS OF WHICH ITS FOUNDER IS ONE,A BIG ONE.


Tony Ryals

Davidson, Checkan, von Nothaus, Turk
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SEC LIES' Agora Inc's James Dale Davidson
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 16:40:55 -0500

"In this respect, it is suggestive that the SEC apparently leaked its complaint about Agora to Remond, who cooperated by writing a story trumpeting the SEC's effort to discredit me and these good companies." - James Dale Davidson

"It appears that the naked short-sellers who have counterfeited millions of GeneMax shares in an attempt to destroy the company have enlisted powerful help." James Dale Davidson

Dear Vantage Point Investor,

You may be as startled and upset as I am by the sudden collapse in the price of GeneMax (GMXX), which has tumbled in the last nine trading days. The question is, why? I can't pretend that I fully understand the answer. But I have a disturbing guess. It appears that the naked short-sellers who have counterfeited millions of GeneMax shares in an attempt to destroy the company have enlisted
powerful help.

In theory, the Securities and Exchange Commission is a regulatory body charged with maintaining the integrity of public securities markets in the United States. In reality, the SEC is like any other government agency. It responds to powerful entrenched interests. It abhors bad publicity, rewards its friends and punishes its critics.

Unhappily, the SEC also lies. I know because the SEC field office in Utah has lied about me. And I suspect that these lies are the culmination of a carefully laid plan to discredit GeneMax and punish the company for raising troublesome issues about naked short selling, which has also embarrassed the SEC.

If you have been a subscriber to Vantage Point for any length of
time, you are no doubt aware that I am a critic of "electronic counterfeiting," the process by which some investment banks, market makers and broker-dealers drive down the prices of Nasdaq Bulletin Board companies by selling unlimited quantities of shares they don't own. Since stock prices are determined by supply and demand,
allowing unlimited counterfeiting of stock essentially guarantees that the stock becomes worthless.

Of course, a company whose shares are worthless won't last long. It is unable to raise money if its stock is worthless. All too often, such small companies are driven into oblivion by electronic counterfeiting. When we are slogging along with a weak economy, I consider it almost criminal negligence that the government would permit investment banks, market makers and broker-dealers to weaken the economy further by destroying small companies that could otherwise be a major fountain of growth.

Why would the government let this happen? I don't think it is necessarily a Grand Conspiracy with a capital "G." But the bad guys have managed to control most of the news about "electronic counterfeiting." And perversely, they also seem to have the regulators on their side.

I had a painful lesson in this reality at the beginning of this week when I learned to my astonishment that the Utah office of the SEC had tarnished my name by accusing me of failing to disclose an interest in two investments that I recommended in Vantage Point Investment Advisory. Their exact charge is as follows:

"Among the issuers promoted in this manner have been GeneMax Corp. and Endovasc Ltd., Inc. DAVIDSON is an officer, director and,indirectly, a substantial shareholder of these two issuers. Neither the soliciting e-mail nor the subsequent company report discloses DAVIDSON's relationship to the companies."

This is total rubbish. I deny any impropriety. Indeed, the charges are remote from the facts.

As you will know if you subscribed to Vantage Point last summer, I fully disclosed my role as a founder, director and officer of GeneMax when I recommended the company and its promising treatment for cancer. And I also disclosed a special relationship with Endovasc. I am not an officer or director of Endovasc. I have a few shares that I received in exchange for assigning my rights in what could be a valuable patent to the company.

To be sure that I wasn't missing something, I had my attorney review the record. He concluded that my disclosures are complete: "I spent this afternoon reviewing Agora marketing copy for Vantage Point and the newsletters and have verified that the charge that
you failed to disclose your personal interest in GeneMax is completely false." Agora will be filing a motion to dismiss the SEC's baseless complaint.

I fail to see how anyone of good faith who reviewed the record
could possibly construe it as the SEC apparently has. Although I can't prove it, I have concluded that the SEC, or at least some of its personnel, were more offended by my criticism of electronic counterfeiting than they are by the abuse itself -- which causes you and other investors hundreds of billions in losses. In fact, the costs of electronic counterfeiting are much higher than those
entailed in the accounting scandals which have garnered so much attention. Nonetheless, instead of correcting these abuses, the SEC has gone out of its way to rope me into a doubtful complaint that they have developed against another Agora publication -- a product to which I have no connection other than a passive one as a minority shareholder in Agora.

Nor do I take it to be entirely a coincidence that while I have recommended more than 30 investments in Vantage Point over the past 16 months, my reputation is being tarred in respect to just two companies, GeneMax and Endovasc. These two companies have one thing in common, in addition to the fact that both have promising medical innovations that could ease much suffering and save many lives. Both have been at the forefront of legal action to combat the abuse
of electronic counterfeiting of their shares. But these efforts have hardly earned them the friends they should. Rather than garnering applause, their efforts to confront the abuse of electronic counterfeiting of their shares has made both companies the focus of negative publicity.

In particular, one writer, Carol S. Remond, undertook to paint a negative picture of both companies, publishing what bordered on outright lies. For some reason known only to others, the SEC appears to have adopted Remond's text in defense of the electronic counterfeiters. In this respect, it is suggestive that the SEC apparently leaked its complaint about Agora to Remond, who cooperated by writing a story trumpeting the SEC's effort to discredit me and these good companies.

I wanted to write to you immediately when I got this startling news to tell you that I will not be cowed by these Machiavellian tactics. I will continue to raise important issues of investor protection that the SEC appears to wish to duck. I do so with faith that the truth will eventually triumph, the evil of electronic counterfeiting will be curtailed, and the integrity of public security markets restored.

Or to put it another way, if powerful people are so keen to discredit my criticism of electronic counterfeiting that they will orchestrate an entirely bogus charge of the kind carried on the wires against me this week, that itself indicates that more light needs to be shed on the shadowy activities they are trying to protect.

But, on to the status of your GeneMax holdings... Absolutely nothing about this company or its exciting immunotherapy development has changed and would warrant this share price decline. In fact, in an independent study commissioned by the company, it was determined that if GeneMax were funded as low as at $1.50 per share, and assuming that its products prove to work as well in
humans as they have in animals, the present value of the stock would be $420 per share, notwithstanding dilution. GeneMax remains a fundamentally sound company and a tremendous buying opportunity at these levels. I recommend that you increase your GeneMax shares, as well as those in Endovasc (EVSC.OB). And, may I reiterate, I am a shareholder in both companies.

And, if you are as concerned as I am about electronic counterfeiting and its effects on the dynamic young companies that must fuel our country's future growth (as well as your portfolio), I urge you to write your congressman. You can also register your concern with the National Association Against Naked Short Selling(www.nakedshortselling.com/),, which is taking up the fight for companies and investors alike.



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