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homeless and jobless

Homeless and jobless
In the land of fifty stars
An Editorial
By Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

In a land of great promise, why is there none for me, none for the poor, none for the displaced worker, none for the elderly and none for the disabled and the mentally ill. In 2005, America is awash in darkness, our homeland people starve, freeze to death in dark alleys, in subway laterals. Many is the time when I saw disabled and mentally living in dilapidated huts, Many the time I saw mentally ill eating out of dumpsters when they should have been in mental health facilities where they were cared for, were they got the medication they needed. In my life I also have seen children forced to eat rotted food out of dumpsters, some selling themselves for a warm place to sleep, to the degenerates; I have seen families displaced from home they owned for twenty and four years working in factory’s assembly plants.

The company bought and sold off like so much meat in a slaughter house. Jobs lost for ever sent to corners of the world, unions destroyed who made jobs safe and good pay for good work gone forever this is what the Republican party calls fiscal responsibility, fiscal my ass, cheep a better word for it, you ever call the help line for it support you get Mexico, or Panama in Central America and South America as well as India, and Pakistan. A company’s make the profits by paying 3.00 an hour instead of 15.00 an hour and medical coverage, dental care; they bust the unions, and dissolve agreements made in good faith and screw the hell of Medicare, and Medicaid and social security.

Which if you were to research the mater it was the republican national committee and party are the ones who made the Social Security insolvent by raping it over and over, ever time they got control of the money, the country they raped it and raped it again to pay for their pork barrel and their war chest. They say George Walker Bush as an MBA from Harvard if he does then the University of Harvard lost its mind on that day. And our people, our homeland has lost all hope; but I foresee a new day, a new dawn is coming a dawn when hope will be restored to our country to our beloved homeland. A storm is brewing in the hills Maine to the coast of California from the Canadian border to the Rio Grande to the Mexican Border. The storm is hope, justice, freedom, independence, and equality for all mankind not just for the rich, the powerful, and the far right. Some would say that I am in the middle, I am liberal actually my colleagues in the Press; I am a federalist a devotest when it concerns the bill of the rights, the constitution, and the declaration of Independence; other documents of human rights like the code of Hamurabi, the magna Charta of England to the articles of confederation of the French Republic. I know just words but words create a sprit within a man or women souls.

It is a fire called freedom, and justice and basic human rights to all. If our vote is meaningless in November 2006 then maybe it should be the Bayonet to be our voice and save our homeland from a liar and a usurper and a carpet bag government of thieves. In Maine we turned back the night on November 8, 2005 when we voted down a referendum of hate. I call for the formation of a commonwealth guard, a code of conduct which states defense of the people, defense of our constitution, defense of the bill of rights, defense of our declaration of independence.

The guard should give shelter to those who have not, food to those who have not, medicine to those who have none, defend the weak from the lions of the night, and defend our homeland from those who would see it fall. Start not fights but finish then given no quarter to our attackers. Man the walls of paradise, deny not the rights of man to any of people regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality, defend all and hold the line against the night. For the blood of millions who died for freedom from being of time to the age of the dawn of reason. From Greece to the killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan, will the dead rise and cry Come bitter rain and wash away the saddest of all words home for if I die not for freedom, justice and all for if my blood is spilled for not, for if I died for a lie, then I died for nothing but freedom if I die for then it be just. Warriors bleed for freedom and just cause is mine. Our constitution is our heart, our bill of rights our soul. The Republicans have forgotten three simple words in bold type “We the People? upon our beloved Constitution freedom and courage now beats within me. And against tyranny and hopelessness I fight forever for once land of freedom, now land of division and land of hate. To all I say “Una Sallies Victus? to the laymen it speaks last hope of doomed. The office of President is scandalized through out the land, by hypocrisy, lies and betrayal to right to the left the fools of democracies in the DNC. If the vote work let them return freedom, justice and independence to all for all mankind, for all citizens of the Republic; for all Americans, regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, sexuality.

I stand on the Terrapin Rocks of old and this I swear to all I say thee who make me thy enemy it is thy faults not mine but thine. God’s of Olympus, who carried off tark to the Heavens favor my plans, bring freedom back to our sacred land. The guard shall rise in the heavens will shine perpetual light upon them, guard the people, feed them, shelter them, cloth them know they sacred I give thee this code of honor defend the weak, defend the poor, the elderly and the disabled. “Deeds not words? will man judge man and women judge women.

“Deeds Not Words?
I apply my family crest to seal my fate

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