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Call For Action: Critical Mass in Richmond

I have been in richmond only a short time now but what i see is very encouraging...
I have been in richmond only a short time now but what i see is very encouraging, there is a large group of individuals that use bicycles as a means of transportation, i hope each and every one of them realize that what they do is something great, something that will most likely pay off in the long run. I have been researching richmond critical mass rides for a couple days and it seems that they have died down a bit, well actually i think they fell off the face of the earth, a bit.

With so many active bike rider in the area i think it is important to have a community and ride together to support and promote this transportaion lifestyle that has the potential to save ourselves and our earth. There are campaings around the worl to promote critical mass and the alternative transportaions like bike riding, and i belive richmond is a healthy part of that movement. Lets all cometogether and ride as a Critical Mass!

Please post comments and we can work together to get this started.

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