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Call To Action! Mothsquad Presents…

Street Theater with the Moths! A demonstration to educate the people on the psychological warfare right here in our homes with sexual and domestic abuse influenced by the militarization of American culture and patriarchal terrorism.
Attention: Hey folks, this is a call to action from the Mothsquad. We are seeking solidarity and participation from our peers in producing a street theatre production for the 3rd anniversary war rally and demonstrations.

Our goal is to draw the links between militarism and the patriarchy that creates sexual and domestic violence. We intend to demonstrate the similarities between living in an occupied war zone and living under patriarchal control at home. We intend to demonstrate the infiltration of military culture into the larger society where women, children, and queer folks are the most likely subjects of sexual and domestic abuse.

If you would like to take part in this street theater action, or help with planning please contact us at mothsquad (at) riseup.net. If you do not feel comfortable participating in the street theater action, you can also help out with passing out literature and other low-risk type actions. There's something for everybody, so bring it on!

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