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LOCAL Announcement :: Women

International Women's day is March 8th!

Has International Women's Day crept up on you too? take the next couple of days to plan on joining the Mothsquad for a night of Crafting and constructing as we prepare for our street theatre action!
March 8th is International Women's Day. and as the day approaches the Moth Squad is preparing for our steet theatre action scheduled for the weekend of the 3rd anniversary of the war. the Street theatre is about the physical and psychological warfare right here in our homes with sexual and domestic abuse influenced by the militarization of American culture and patriarchal terrorism.

This Wednesday, March 8th we are constructing the set for our action, and we would love as much help as possible painting, gluing, and puppeting our creation. if you want, you can bring paint, brushes, markers, nails, cardboard, staples/staplers, and fabric to contribute. celebrate international women's day by taking a hammer to patriarchy! see you wednesday!

Wednesaday, March 8th at 7PM
mothsquad (at) riseup.net

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