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Dexter Lee Vison, the 95th Victim

Virginia Prepares to Execute Dexter Lee Vinson

At a time when the issue of lethal injection has halted executions in both Florida and California, Virginia’s new Attorney General has petitioned the Portsmouth Circuit Court and received an execution date of April 27th for Dexter Lee Vinson.
The Commonwealth is preparing to kill Vinson as its 95th victim at 9:00 PM in the death house at the Greensville Correctional Center. The prison is located in Jarratt, a small community just north of Emporia. Ironically the death chamber is in Building L, perhaps for lethal? Lethal injection is the primary mode of execution in Virginia.

Dexter’s 44th birthday is April 4, 2006. Please take the time to send him a card and then send a card to Governor Tim Kaine asking him to make certain that no executions take place in Virginia until the issues surrounding lethal injection are thoroughly resolved. In point of fact no executions should be allowed until Virginia conducts a complete review of how capital punishment is administered in our state. The present system is ripe with problems. The indigent are the ones who ninety-nine percent of the time, end up facing the death penalty. The very definition of capital punishment is that those without the capital get the punishment.

It is time for the Commonwealth to conduct a thorough study of the death penalty and look at the systemic racism that pervades the criminal justice system in Virginia. There is a reason that nearly 90% of the 1014 executions carried out in the United States since the resumption of executions in 1977 have taken place in the former slave holding states.

When we know the state fails to properly maintain the roads in the Commonwelath, why do we entrust the state with the power to kill in the name of the “people of Virginia?? The US spent over two billion dollars $2,000,000,000.00 to kill the first 1000 victims of state execution. What would our society look like if that money had been invested in education, health care and community services. Capital Punishment is a war against the poor.

Cards should be address to:
Dexter Lee Vinson, # 266028
Sussex I State Prison
24414 Musselwhite Dr.
Waverly, VA 23891.

Messages requesting clemency for Mr. Vinson should be addressed to:
The Honorable Timothy M. Kaine
Office of the Governor
Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone: (804) 786-2211
Fax: (804) 371-6351
Emails: www.governor.virginia.gov/AboutTheGovernor/contactGovernor.cfm

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