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Mountain Justice Summer 2006 Campaign Kick-Off

A call to act: MJS 2006
As the coal hearted mining companies continue to colonize and ravage the beautiful and sacred mountains of central and Southern Appalachia we will step up our resistance yet again and fight to save the land that is the foundation of our culture and gives us life.
MJS 2006!

We made a huge impact last summer, but that was just a start. We have continued organizing and struggling throughout the year and we are calling for all y’all to come on out again this summer to help continue the fight to abolish mountaintop removal coal mining and strengthen our mountain communities.

There are plenty of projects to get involved in. Organizing will be happening in Raleigh, Boone, Mingo and Logan counties of West Virginia; Knoxville, TN; Eastern KY, Wise county, Virginia, and a media dispatch support office from Asheville NC.
Plenty of projects will be happening in all these locations. Below is a list of projects. More specifics are on the website at www.mountainjusticesummer.org or get in touch with regional coordinators to plug in and find out more.

People are mobilizing and we would like your help and support in this struggle.
So Y’all Come on Back Now, Ya Hear.

MJS Training Camp is May 2oth -26th Pipestem, VA
Followed by the Heartwood Forest Council, May 26-29th

Mountain Justice Summer
Regional Projects ‘06

Mountain Justice Summer is a network of people working to end Mountain Top Removal coal mining in the southern Appalachians through non-violent resistance and grassroots organizing. We are always working on the issue but this summer’s concentrated efforts will kick off at the MJS Training Camp in Pipestem, VA on May 20th. This year MJS will be stationary (unlike last year) with only some travel. Check out some of the highlights of this summer and dedicate time to a specific region or see how you can help from home. The longer you can make it the better but any amount of time can be useful.
For more info see mountainjusticesummer.org

United Mountain Defense in Tennessee: Planned Projects
-Identify issues and encourage local organizers through listening projects (meeting community members door to door).
- Various volunteer activities such as teaching art classes at a local summer camp, and identifying and recording plant life.
- Water test training, conducting water tests, and getting water test kits to local citizens
- Habitat surveys site surveys and testing
-GIS mapping of the coalfields
Highlights: Biking, swimming, possible job opportunities.
Go to unitedmountaindefense.org or moutainjusticesummer.org for more information or to join.

Asheville, North Carolina: Planned Projects
-No MTR nearby so Asheville will fundraise and assist with media work and intake.
-Asheville will assist media by drafting, e-mailing/faxing press releases, media callbacks, and keeping
up with reporters who are covering MTR.
-Publicize events
-Fundraise thorugh live music, benefit dinners, and educational energy saving forums.
-Asheville can also serve as a layover on route to the coal fields and can help organize rides.
Highlights: Big arts and music scene, trails, kayaking, climbing, city life.
For more info and to plan being here at a particular time, e-mail onyxx (at) riseup.net.

Letcher County, Kentucky: Planned Projects
-Targeting black water coal spills and recent plan to decapitate mountains for development.
-Go door to door in Pikeville and hold protests and other actions.
-Spread awareness at Appalshop’s Seedtime (2 day music/film festival, Whitesburg, KY).
-Service trips including a canoe trip on Kentucky's Red River to remove old tires from the stream.
-All committed activist are welcome
-Limit of 30-40 people, all skills are needed including cooks and camp helpers.
Highlights: close to hiking, old growth forests, excellent mountain biking, Bad Branch State
Nature Preserve, one of the finest places in all of Kentucky and a well-kept secret.
To get details or to sign-up go to mountainjusticesummer.org or writedavecooper928 (at) yahoo.com

Mingo County, West Virginia: Planned Projects

-The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, South-East Energy Network, and Mountain Justice are seeking eight individuals to live and work in Mingo County WV from late May to late August of 2006.
-These people will be provided with home and office space, food, compensation for gas, and other expenses
-Four people will work in Rawl dealing with contaminated water due to coal waste slurry injection
- the other four will work in communities along Route 52 focusing on WV DEP accountability in regards to un-permitted strip mining occurring under the guise of highway construction.
-Throughout the summer, but especially in the first few weeks, intern and local organizers will undergo several trainings focused on community organizing, campaigning, meeting facilitation etc.
- Each intern will be expected to raise money to help finance the MOP before moving to Mingo.
- Send a cover letter and resume to: Appalachian-always (at) riseup.net and abe (at) ohvec.org with "MOP application" in the subject line. For more info call 304-522-0246 or go to mountainjusticesummer.org

Coal River Valley, West Virginia : Projects Planned
-generate resistance to MTR, halt permits for MTR mines/sludge dams/injections, and generate national primetime coverage of MTR resistance. (approx. 10 people needed):
- Listening project: door-to-door listening, surveys, follow-up, and organizing. Cultural sensitivity crucial!
-Mapping: GIS and updating conventional display maps. May involve hiking with a GPS, locating and registering cemeteries, locating rare plant/animal populations, etc. May involve office work with permits.
-Water and air monitoring—experience helpful, or learn from scratch.
-Document review: permits/permit applications to fight them; government documents to uncover the truth.
-Surveillance/ground “truthing?: record, document, and report violations of law/permit requirements.
-Legislation support: Pestering lawmakers, coordinating letter-writing campaigns, etc.
-Sustainability/renewables: post-coal survival—gardening, renewable energy demonstration, backwoods and traditional crafts.
-Community service projects—trash pickup, cemetery maintenance, assist elderly, etc.
For info/ to join contact Coal River Mountain Watch at vhaltom (at) hotmail.com or mountainjusticesummer.org

Wise County, Virginia: Projects Planned
-Door-to-door Listening Projects and visits to convey information about MTR.
-Water testing, researching permits and other mining-related, paperwork.
-Scouting and documenting coal company abuses with an eye toward taking action against them.
-We do not have any funding so you must come self sufficient/ cars are a plus.
- If you can’t you can give: food, postage stamps, recycled paper products, 8-mm digital video camera cassettes, rechargeable Ni-MH AA and AAA batteries, a battery charger, and gas and phone cards.
Highlights: work on a local farm!!
-If you think you can help, please email Tricia Shapiro at trishapiro (at) mounet.com or go to mountainjusticesummer.org.

Projects you can do from home: -You can still participate in MJS ’06 wherever you are.
-* Anything you do as an MJS activity needs to adhere to our principles of non-violence and no property destruction. You need to be well versed in the facts about MTR and aware of cultural sensitivity. If you plan to participate, you need to fill out an intake form and, if you can, come to camp 5/20-26. * Please keep nearby organizers aware of what you’re doing so activities are coordinated.
-Fundraise: plan and conduct fundraising activities such as spaghetti dinners, concerts, rummage sales, ect.
-Rallies/protests: you can attend big MJS rallies/protests or organize supporting rallies on the same day.
-Distribute flyers/tabling: provide fliers to publicize events and literature at fairs, festivals, etc.
-Listening project: door-to-door listening, surveys, follow-up, and organizing.
Maybe an “energy conservation pledge? to raise awareness.
-Document review/research: permits/applications/ government doc.s for ways to fight them. Send Freedom of Information Act requests to government agencies. If you live near a DEP-type office go there.
-Media/press work: Write letters to the editor of local newspapers. Serve as a “press office? writing and sending press releases and making pitch calls to your local news outlets.
-Legislation support: Pester lawmakers, coordinating letter-writing campaigns, etc. to build support for the Clean Water Protection Act (HR 2719—federal) and state legislation.
-Attend: 16th Heartwood Forest Council/OVEC Summit focusing on MTR, May 26-29th Cedar Lakes, WV. For info: www.ohvec.org or www.heartwood.org or join at mountainjusticesummer.org

MJS Medical Support:
-This is a part of MJS across all regions which requires particular non-activist skills and materials.
-Keeping the general welfare high: sanitation/sickness prevention and treat injured and sick people as able.
-Volunteers with any level of medical/healing training in any field (conventional, herbal, massage, etc.) and for donations of supplies.
-For info/donate/join contact Katuah Medics: katuahmedics (at) riseup.net or 828-279-8796.

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