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Activists combat efforts to kill Internet freedom

A 2005 Supreme Court ruling opened the door for possible future discrimination of internet content by American internet service providers. Previously, ISPs could not discriminate against creating or accessing unprofitable, unpopular, or "controversial" content, but that could soon change if the principle of network neutrality on the internet isn't maintained.

Right now, telecom-industry-backed legislation -- bearing the name "Communications Opportunity Promotion and Enhancement (COPE) Act" -- is making its way through Congress, having passed through one key committee leading to an expected vote in the U.S. House. If the COPE Act passes in its current form, that could mean that a website like Indymedia would have to pay dramatically increased "protection money" rates to maintain access to readers, or possibly be wiped from the internet altogether.

Nevertheless, activist efforts are escalating dramatically to kill the COPE Act and preserve the open access of the internet. A wide-ranging coalition entitled SaveTheInternet has launched to spread word about the COPE Act. IMCs across America have reported about the COPE Act, and future actions are in the works. IMC coverage: NYC | S.F. | Chicago

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