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LOCAL News :: Gender and Sexuality

The Sweaty Southern Radical Queer and Trans Convergence!

Enough of single-issue “LGBT rights,? constant focus on gay marriage and electoral politics, and corporate Pride… we can only be free as queer and trans people through a collective struggle against all systems of oppression. Come join us at a festive and fabulous gathering to network and learn about grassroots projects happening around the region, share strategies for organizing against assimilation, and to build a fierce movement of radical queers and trans people in the South!
From May 19th to 21st in Durham, NC, this convergence will feature a wide variety of workshops, movement-building discussions, time for networking and hanging out, drag shows and performances, and more. Free housing may be available, along with free food and child care – let us know what you need by registering at www.radicalqtc.org.

We’re currently soliciting proposals for groups or individuals to facilitate workshops and discussions in a variety of areas, including the ones listed below. If you have an idea that’s not listed that you want to see happen, go ahead and propose it! Workshops can range from more structured presentations to very open discussions; please specify how structured you’d like yours to be, along with a few sentences of description about your topic. Please email your proposals as soon as you can to radicalqtc (at) riseup.net. We’re also looking for performers, musicians, and entertainers of all kinds, so let us know if you’d like to strut your stuff for our fabulous convergence extravaganza! For more info, email us or check out or website: www.radicalqtc.org.

love and struggle,

the Sweaty Southern Radical Queer and Trans Convergence organizing collective

Workshop areas:

* resisting white supremacy in queer/trans communities and movements
* queer people of color organizing
* trans 101 (102, 103…) for non-trans allies
* being queer in mostly hetero radical communities, radical in mainstream gay communities
* safe and fun sex – also, trans-only sex workshop, and/or other identity-specific spaces
* radical queer history in the South
* fighting assimilationist organizing
* report-backs from other radical trans and queer groups and organizing projects
* sobriety and radical queer identity/intoxication culture in queer communities
* drag/gender presentation skillshare
* marginalization of bisexual/pansexual people in queer communities
* language and identity
* ex-gay camps and how to destroy them
* being allies to queer youth
* deprogramming internalized homo/transphobia, psychological support & healing
* queer art and cultural expression
* ableism in queer/trans communities
* self-defense and bashing back
* trans/wimmins/mens/queer health (sexual, mental, emotional)
* queer men against patriarchy
* consent and boundaries
* sexual assault in queer and trans communities
* queer/trans body image/fat positive discussion
* sex toys
* queer spirituality
* discussion of intersex issues
* rural queer life
* queer/trans prisoner solidarity
* pornography
* sex worker support
* using anti-gay military policy to kick recruiters off campus
* opposing classism and building inclusive/relevant movement
* community based mental health
* intergenerational queer and trans dialogues
* queer families and child-raising
* critiques of marriage
* non-monogamy/polyamory
* HIV/AIDS – education/advocacy/support/etc
* queer rights/workers rights in the South
* **building a radical queer uprising in the SE** (brainstorms, infrastructure, goals, targets)

We will provide space for caucuses for people of color, trans, womyn-identified, youth, genderqueer, and other identity groups, as well as guerilla workshops on topics beyond the formally organized workshops.

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