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King Salim Khalfani Named Richmond Peacemaker of the Year

King Salim Khalfani, Virginia NAACP Executive Director, will be honored by the Richmond Peace Education Center as Richmond Peacemaker of the Year at its annual dinner and auction on October 27.
King Salim Khalfani to be Honored as Richmond Peacemaker of the Year

The Richmond Peace Education Center (RPEC) has selected King Salim Khalfani, executive director of the Virginia NAACP, to be honored as this year’s recipient of its Peacemaker of the Year award. The award will be presented at the Peace Center’s annual dinner and auction, Friday, October 27 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Khalfani has worked for peace and justice in Richmond and throughout the Commonwealth for more than twenty years. In 1983 he served as part-time associate director of the Richmond Peace Education Center, while also working to organize opposition to the death penalty. Since that time, during his long tenure with the NAACP, Khalfani has worked in coalition with the Peace Center and many other local, state and national organizations, including the ACLU, Youth for Social Change, the Virginia Anti-War Coalition and many others to promote racial and economic justice, equality for all, and a more peaceful community and world.

Khalfani has devoted his life to these efforts. He has taken on a broad range of issues including ending Apartheid in South Africa; addressing the low number of African-Americans on commercial television; taking Virginia to task for continuing to honor Confederate deeds; putting an end to racial profiling and police brutality, the death penalty and the war in Iraq. Khalfani reminds us of the connections between the poverty in our cities and the choices our elected and appointed leaders make; the relationships between money spent on military adventures and the lack of funding for essential social programs. He is both thoughtful and straightforward in his public presentations, and tireless in keeping important, uncomfortable issues before the citizens of Virginia. The Richmond Peace Education Center is proud to recognize King Salim Khalfani’s years of public service with its Peacemaker of the Year award.
Reservations to attend the October awards ceremony can be made by calling the Peace Center at 232-1002 or by emailing reservations (at) rpec.org.

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