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Richmonders Demand an End to Israeli Aggression

Richmonders Demand an End to Israeli Aggression

Wednesday, July 19th over 25 Richmonders joined an emergency demonstration to demand that Israel stop it's barbaric military offensives in Lebanon and Palestine. The demonstration also demanded that the U.S. stop funding the Israeli war machine.
The demonstration was held outside City Hall from 4-6 pm to catch people on their way home from work. Educational leaflets were handed out to interested passerby's. The rally received much support from pedestrians, motorists, and bus riders.

Not everyone was happy with the show of solidarity with the people of Lebanon and Palestine. A 'counter-demonstration' was set up across Broad street. However, it only drew 4 people.

The demonstration was part of a national trend of emergency response protests that highlighted the role of the U.S. as the financier of israeli aggression. For the last quarter century the U.S. has been sending Israel billions in aid each year. 60% of this massive sum is specifically dedicated to the Israeli military.

"It is our tax dollars that pay for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, the bulldozing of Palestinian homes, the destruction of olive trees and livelihoods, countless human rights violations, and the use of collective punishment on innocent civilians," states Food Not Bombs activist Christie Burwell.

A national demonstration has been called for August 12 in Washington DC and local activists plan to keep up the pressure.

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