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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace & War

Aug. 12th: Say NO to the US-Israeli Attacks on Palestine and Lebanon

Richmond-VAWN organizes caravan to the August 12th National Emergency March on Washington D.C.

Stop the U.S.-Israeli Attacks on the People of Lebanon and Palestine!
Saturday -- Aug. 12 -- Noon -- The White House

A car & van caravan from Richmond is being organized by the Virginia Anti-War Network.
Gather at 8 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 12th, corner of Pine and W. Franklin streets, north side of Monroe Park by the Pace Center. To reserve a seat or offer seats in your vehicle, contact VAWN at 804-687-8790 or e-mail:
generalstrike17 (at) hotmail.com.

In D.C., the Virginia contingent will gather under the VAWN banner at 16th and H streets, on the north side of Lafayette Park across from the White House.

Call to Action:

Daily, we are gripped by images of the Israeli attacks on the people of Lebanon and Palestine. The assaults include land, sea and air blockades of both Lebanon and Gaza and the targeting of civilian infrastructure, including bridges, roads,
airports, apartment complexes and power stations. Even UN personnel and refugees trying to flee the war-torn areas are being targeted. Under international law,these atrocities are war crimes.

In addition to the hundreds of civilian deaths, the Israeli attacks have created a humanitarian crisis for millions in the region, including a lack of basic necessities such as food, clean water and medical supplies. Calls for an
immediate cease-fire are echoing from around the world, only to be blocked by the United States, which cries crocodile tears over civilian casualties while it
continues to supply every fighter plane, missile and bullet used by Israel.

Israel's initial claim that it was attempting to free its three abducted
soldiers quickly evaporated as it became clear to the whole world that Israel
and the U.S. have larger, longer-term objectives. Much like the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Israel is carrying out a premeditated war under a false
pretext. And U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill for all this death and destruction.

Each year for the last quarter-century, the U.S. has been sending approximately $3 billion to Israel. Of that sum, 60 percent is specifically earmarked for the Israeli military. It is U.S. tax dollars that pay for the Israeli occupation of
Palestinian land, the bulldozing of Palestinian homes, the destruction of olive trees and livelihoods, countless human rights violations and the use of collective punishment against innocent civilians. This is money that is desperately needed here at home for jobs, housing, health care and education.

A National Emergency March on Washington, D.C., has been called for August 12th by the National Council of Arab Americans, the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation and the ANSWER coalition.

The Virginia Anti-War Network (VAWN) has endorsed the demonstration and is mobilizing people from across the state to march together as a Virginia
contingent. We are raising the following demands:

- Occupation is a crime, from Iraq to Lebanon to Palestine
- Stop U.S. Support for Israel
- Self-determination for the Palestinian and Lebanese Peoples
- Money for Jobs, Housing, Health Care, and Education, not for Wars and

We cannot stand by silently while the U.S. government encourages, supports and pays for criminal, inhuman atrocities in our name.

Join us in D.C.!

Latest Updates:
For Transportation from Tidewater - Call Hampton Roads Peace & Justice Coalition at (757) 470-9797.

VAWN organizers Christie Burwell and Sean O’Hern will be on the DefendersLIVE radio program this Monday, August 7th from 12:30 - 1 p.m., on Richmond’s 97.3 WRIR.

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