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Protest Bush in Richmond this Thursday

Protest Bush in Richmond
Thursday, Oct. 19th
3 - 6 pm
Science Museum of VA
2500 W. Broad
Dear Colleagues,

This is an urgent call to please come out Thursday afternoon to protest President Bush's appearance in Richmond and demonstrate our opposition to the current Administration's illegal and immoral actions, both here and abroad.

As many of you are likely already aware, President Bush will be coming to Richmond this week to help fundraise for Senator Allen in his bid to hold his current Senate seat in the upcoming elections. The Republican Party of Virginia's web site indicates that the fundraiser will consist of a reception ($500) and photo opp ($5000) with Bush and Allen at the Science Museum of Virginia on Thursday, October 19th. Participants are required to arrive by 3:30PM, with the photo opp at 4PM and the reception at 4:30PM.

Bush's visit to our town (and in such a public venue) represents a rare opportunity for us to express our dissatisfaction with him, his war mongering policies, and those who support him. The Richmond contingent of the Virginia Antiwar Network (VAWN), therefore, is planning a protest to coincide with this fundraising event. Details are given below. Interest is strong. Please plan to come out to show your opposition to this disgraceful Administration and all that it represents.

In peace and solidarity

Garrie Rouse
for the Virginia Antiwar Network (VAWN)

Protest to Bush Visit to Richmond, VA

Date: Thursday, October 19th
Time: 3-6 PM (please come out early or late as your schedule allows)
Occasion: Protest to coincide with the time and location of Bush fundraising event for Senator Allen.
Place: In front of the Virginia Science Museum. We will attempt to congregate near the corner of DMV Drive and West Broad Street (security restrictions permitting). Parking may be available in the DMV parking lot adjacent to (east of) the Museum.
For More Information: Contact VAWN members Garrie Rouse (804-512-2063) or Sean O'Hern (804-687-8790).

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