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Protesting the Georges.

Protesting the Georges: A photographic summary of the Allen/Bush protests outside of the Richmond Science Museum on October 19, 2006.
bush a motherfucker.jpg
Bush appeared at the Richmond Science Museum today to raise money for Senator George "Macaca" Allen. For a mere $500, you could eat dinner in the same room with them. (Oh, the privilege!) For the tenfold price of $5,000, they would stand beside you and pretend to know you in a photograph. For prominent display over your desk and the related bragging rights to other Republicans, of course.

The above banner was hoisted on Broad Street, one of the main thoroughfares in Richmond, during rush hour traffic.

This guy demanded it be taken down.

There were only four people doing the nationalism thing.

Cute as cute can be.

There were about 10 people from Code Pink at the protest. Some of them stood behind a confiscated police barrier.

They also brought with them a truckload of shoes, each tagged with the name of a civilian killed in Iraq and how they died. They were originally spread out along a grassy lot...

...but the police informed them that they couldn't put shoes on private property (?), so they lined them up along the sidewalk instead. They stretched about one city block.

A number of people supporting homosexual marriage came out (no pun intended) against the proposed Constitutional ammendment, which both Bush and Allen support.

Maxwell, one of the founders of WRIR, thought everyone should know that we should all buy Citgo fuel, if we must buy fuel at all.

And this pretty much sums up the whole debacle:

The support from the Richmond community was so overwhelmingly positive, that it threw me off guard. Horns were constantly being blown in agreement to constant cheers from the crowd. Bus windows were thrown open to reveal disembodied thumbs-up signs.

Overall, a great peacful demonstration.

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