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RVA City Council Debate Audio Posted

Richmond Crusade for Voters invited those running to be elected by the City of Richmond citizens. Mostly that was City Council but did include US Senate candidate Gail Parker and US House of Representative candidate Jim Nachman
On October 30th, 2006, WRIR aired recordings of candidates for public office who would be elected by citizens of the city of Richmond, Va.

Mostly it was City Council Candidates who came. They spoke in the order of the City Ward they wanted to represent. The exceptions were:
City Council Person Pantele who arrived late.
City Council Person Graziono who left a letter which was read as she was out of town.
Photo_092606_008Nachman-Parker at RCFV.jpg

US Senate for Virginia Candidate: Gail Parker (in the back of the photo)
US House of Representative 7th District of Va. Candidate: Jim Nachman (in the front of this photo


There was one point where you can hear in the second series of audio, City Council Candidates Reggie Malone refer to "all we get is this" (and refers to Kentucky Fried Chicken) and he holds up a KFC bucket.
Photo_092606_010Malone w KFC bucket.jpg

Then a toy horse, seen in these images.
Photo_092606_011Malone w Horse.jpg


To hear the audio of the Debates for City Council, US House of Representative and US Senate seats for Virginia go to this blog and click on the audio link:


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