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Bus from Richmond to DC, Inaugural Protest, Jan20

Organizing bus from Richmond to Inaugural Protest, Jan 20 in Washington DC.
Richmonder's are organizing a bus to the Inaugural Day Protest in Washington, Jan. 20. Seats will cost $15-20. Please e-mail us or call to reserve a seat. We will leave Richmond around 8am & return in the evening.
The protest has been called by many including Jesse Jackson, International Action Center (IAC), International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Justice Action Movement (JAM).
This protest will set the tone for the movement's fight back against Bush and his cronies. Take to the streets to call for political, economic and social justice. End the corporate takeover of our communities and the environment; end the death penalty - Free Mumia! US out of Columbia.
e-mail: marti (at) igc.org or telephone (804)353-1647

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