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VAWN Protests R. E. Lee Brethren

VAWN Protests R. E. Lee Statue and A Quick History of Sons of Confederate Veterans
In a surreal scene of events, members of the Virginia Anti-War Network counter-demonstrated against the Sons of Confederate Veterans and their Robert E. Lee Fest at the Lee statue, Friday, January 12.

The SCV looked rather 19th century in their Confederate uniforms and women in Civil War era dress. They were there to worship the new statue, cleaned of bird excrement with your tax dollars. Needless to say, no people of color seemed to be aligned with the Confederates.

One member of a white racist organization was forced to carry his Confederate flag by himself as he stood apart from the SCV crowd.

The reasoning for this is that SCV bans members of white supremacist groups from its midst. They believe the Klan, skinheads, et al have dishonored the Confederate flag.

This twisted logic misses a central point. The Confederate flag is a flag of white supremacy SCV members would like for people to believe the Civil War was not about slavery. Yet the Confederate Constitution enshrined African American slavery in its writing.

The VAWN counter-protests got lots of thumbs up from black and white motorists. A confederate flag was used as a nasal recepatacle for overly active mucous membranes. Signs demanded a monument for slave rebellion leader Gabriel.

The counter-protest was without violence. However, there was a lot of good humor and jokes about the neo-Confederates.

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