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VA Senate votes to increase state Minimum Wage!

Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness, along with Virginia Organizing Project and many other groups, are working to increase Virginia's minimum wage - and having success! The VA Senate voted to increase - now moves to House.

Dear Advocates,

The full Senate votes 31-8 to increase Virginia's minimum wage!

Thanks to your good work, the Virginia Senate has passed an increase in Virginia¹s minimum wage. This action reverses that of the House of
Delegates subcommittee, which defeated eight different measures to provide a raise to thousands of Virginia workers.

Virginia workers have reason to hope‹if you will continue to act. The minimum wage bill now goes back to the House for a vote. The Senate bill does not go as far as the Virginia Fair Wage Act‹but it does call for a minimum wage increase to $6.50 in July, which translates to an annual raise of more than $3,000 for thousands of Virginia workers.

The Senate bill will be voted on by the full House Commerce and Labor Committee‹a larger and more diverse body than the subcommittee. We think it has a real chance!

The Rental Assistance Budget Amendment did not receive funding. We will bring the Amendment back next year, but think what it means if you are without housing to be told "maybe next year". Its failure makes the Minimum Wage increase all the more important. Please, especially with the lose of the rental bill do all you can to increase the minimum wage.

Contact members of the House Commerce and Labor Committee and urge them to support an increase in Virginia¹s minimum wage. Begin with your Delegate, if he or she is on the committee. If not, contact the Chair of the Committee, and Delegates in your area. Urge friends, neighbors and colleagues to do the same. You'll find talking points and other information at www.vceh.org (click 2007 Legislative Agenda).

Thanks to your good work the bill has come this far ‹ let's work together to take it all the way.

Sue Capers
Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness

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