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Personal Care Assistants Unite for Improvements

Personal Care Assistants announced a new Professional Association made up of caregivers to the General Assembly on Wednesday. Caregivers from across the state joined the people they care for, seniors and people with disabilities, to speak to their state representatives on Wednesday, February 7th. Care givers work hard every day to help their consumers live independently at home, but they are faced with many challenges.
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Caregivers receive just $8.35 an hour, and there are no health benefits, sick days, or vacation time. Caregivers receive little to no training. Recently many assistants haven’t been paid at all, with paychecks sometimes as late as two months. Personal Assistants are coming together with the Virginia Association of Personal Care Assistants to have a stronger voice to improve wages and benefits and be able to better care for their consumers.

On the steps of the state capital, caregivers had this to say:

Helen Robinson, Personal Care Assistant
“I visited my state legislators today because I need health insurance, sick days, and vacation time. I love this work and it has been a lifelong career for me. I think that uniting with other personal care assistants across the state we can win improvements? Helen Robinson.

Yvonne Sorovacu, Personal Care Assistant
Yvonne Sorovacu said she was excited about coming together with other Personal Assistants across the state because, “It gives us a chance to identify our common goals and use our influence as a group to improve living conditions for ourselves and those we care for?.

Earnesteene Tyree, Personal Care Assistant
“It’s very little pay for doing the hard work I do with my patient. I told the legislators what I do everyday so that they can understand how important our work is,? Earnesteene Tyree.

The growing membership of the Virginia Association of Personal Care Assistants represents the growing ability to improve the lives of caregivers and those they care for. Legislators on Wednesday committed to working with the Association to raise the standards of professionalism for caregivers.

More information about the Virginia Association of Personal Care Assistants can be found at their website: www.virginiapca.org.

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