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LOCAL Announcement :: Protest Activity

3/19: Call to Action! Die- Ins Monday!

Call to Action! Monday, March 19th 11:30 am Downtown Richmond

Monday, March 19th

Stop the War!

End the Occupation!

U.S. Out of Iraq!

Take action on the 4th anniversary of the brutal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq 4 years ago the people of Iraq and the region have suffered military occupation, torture, displacement, lack of basic necessities (water, food, health care, security), sectarian strife, and a host daily tragedies. Some sources have put the Iraqi death toll as high as 655,000, while the UN says that at least 34,000 died last year alone. 3,191 US soldiers have died in Iraq.

It is time to take action to end the war. Join us on the 4th anniversary of the invasion in an action to commemorate all those who have fallen. We will be holding die-ins in downtown Richmond and on the VCU campus. Our intention is to educate the public about the real costs of the war.

Wear a white armband. Show your opposition to the war by making and wearing a white armband on March 19th. We will be handing out armbands at the Die-In locations.

We invite you to join us. We suggest you dress as a casualty of the war. The Die-In will be occurring in several locations. Please come and show your support even if you can only stop by for a few minutes.

Monday, March 19th

11:30 am – 12th and E Main St.s
Noon - 10th and Cary St.s
12:30 pm – 10th and E. Main St.s 1 pm – 9th and E. Broad St.s

1:45 – The Compass @ VCU (outside the library)

Self-determination for the People of Iraq! Bring the Troops Home Now!


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