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Support William and Mary Workers and Students!

Last November, the students of the Tidewater Labor Support Committee (TLSC) joined campus workers to oppose a proposed six-day workweek and demand a campus policy giving workers a voice in administrative decisions that affect them. The six-day workweek policy was tabled, and we were told there would be exploring of solutions as a community.

Since then, we've been talking to he administration and to the workers. Every worker we've talked to tells us conditions are bad the are understaffed, threatened with mandatory overtime and mandatory weekend hours and some have been threatened with termination for trying to unionize.

Our President admits that there are problems, but when it comes to solutions, he says his hands are tied.
Today, students, workers, and faculty members are marching on the Presidents' Office to present administration with a demand for concrete and prompt action to correct the grievances collected from workers all over campus.

We need you to contact President Nichol to demand solutions not talk!

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