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NRC needs your help to recieve city funding for montessori school


I have some exciting news! The Neighborhood Resource Center has been included in the City's upcoming budget, and we are set to receive $30,000 for the Montessori Pre-School program! BUT - we need your help to CONTACT THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL before they vote on the budget next Tuesday, May 29th. Let them know the NRC needs that money.

see article on NRC's Montessori school
Neighborhood boys taking advantage of programs offered at the NRC
Vice President Delores McQuinn has initiated the budget amendment for the funding. Now we need to give her some political support! Please write a quick EMAIL OF SUPPORT to the Mayor and your City Council member. If you don't live in the City, please still consider emailing the Mayor to express your thoughts. It does not have to be long or complex, BUT should be in your words. Just simply tell them:

1. Who you are, and your involvement with the NRC (as member, volunteer, board member, neighbor, etc.)
2. Why you think the NRC is important to the community
3. Ask them to "Please support the proposed contribution of $30,000 to the FULTON Resource Center" (this is how they have it listed on the list of budget amendments)
4. VERY IMPORTANT - Please thank Vice President Delores McQuinn for including the NRC in the budget.

Their contact information is below. Remember, please contact them BEFORE next Tuesday, May 29th, ideally today (Thursday) or tomorrow, as Monday is a holiday.

Thank you,

Angie Carey


Neighborhood Resource Center

1519 Williamsburg Road

Richmond, VA 23231


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