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Virginia Social Forum: 4th Annual Gathering of The People United

Regional Activist Gathering
Outside of Charlottesville, VA
June 22nd - 24th
Focus on War, Prisons, Immigration and Racism
(434) 906-0421
The Fourth Annual Gathering of the People United:
The Virginia Social Forum June 22nd – 24th
Registration - Sliding scale $0 - $100 per person
(434) 906-0421
info (at) thepeopleunited.org
Accomodations - Camping, In-home hospitality, local motels

In less than 8 weeks we’ll be setting up at Shannon Farm for the 4th
Annual People United Gathering. We’ve put a lot of work into providing a
space and agenda for a great weekend of building relationships, educating
ourselves and strengthening our visions, strategies and tactics.

Inspired by the World Social Forum that over the past seven years has
brought together grassroots organizers and non-profit workers, youth,
longtime activists and cultural workers all under the banner of “Another
World is Possible!? - there will be the first ever US Social Forum this
June 27-July 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with other regions across the
country, The People United is using this opportunity to build on the great
work to be done in Georgia by creating space for activists across the
state to start planning so that another Virginia is possible. If you want
to gain a regional perspective before heading off to Atlanta or want to
participate in local movement building for social justice we need you at
the Virginia Social Forum!

Immigration. War. Prisons. These will be our three issue focuses for
the weekend. As immigrants face increased repression and scapegoating, as
the war takes its toll on Iraqi and Virginia families and continues to
divert resources, and as more and more prisons are being proposed as
solutions for complex social problems, join us to listen, learn, and
strategize together to address these issues closest to home in our
struggles for justice.

Over the course of three days you will have the chance to be a part of a
working-group asking questions key to making our struggles effective. How
do these issues affect our communities? How does racism play into these
issues? What is our ideal vision for change? What action can we take in
the near future to move us closer to this vision?

Here’s the plan:
Friday: 12:00 - 6:00 Virginia Peace Summit (Annual Gathering of
VA Peace Centers - All welcome.)
4:00 - 6:00 Registration/Check-in
6:00 Dinner
6:30 Welcome/logistics/Set goals for weekend/
Group building

Saturday am: Breakfast
Dismantling Racism workshop
Afternoon: Long lunch
Regional Break-outs
Panel on Prison, Immigration and Anti-war
organizing in VA
Issue Break-out strategy sessions

Evening: Dinner
Talent Show

Sunday: Breakfast
Discussion of future organizing/

We’ll also have time to swim at the beautiful Shannon Lake, play in the
river, make music and just hang out. Most folks will camp, but we can
provide bed space on the farm. We’ll offer childcare during the sessions,
and share in the meal prep and clean-up.

We’ve got folks from Richmond, Charlottesville, Norfolk and Harrisonburg,
representatives fro the VA Anti-War Network, Food Not Bombs, Books to
Prisoners and many dedicated individuals already committed to being there.
Please join us! Help shape the coming year for The People United and gain
resources, skills and knowledge for your regional organizing!

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