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Czech opposition to US radar plans grows: poll

PRAGUE — The number of Czechs opposed to siting a radar in their country as part of a US missile defence shield has risen to nearly two thirds, according to a poll published yesterday.
Some 65 per cent of Czechs are opposed to the tracking radar, according to the CVVM poll of 1,013 people between June 4 and 11, up from 61 per cent in a similar poll in May.

Forty per cent of those questioned in the latest survey said they were “decisively opposed? to installing the US radar in their country, compared to only six per cent who said they were “decisively in favour? of the move. A quarter, or 25 per cent, said they were “rather opposed? while 22 per cent said they were “rather in favour?.

“We can see a new increase in the opponents to the (radar) base,? CVVM said in a report published on its website yesterday. The poll also showed that 74 per cent of Czechs think the question of whether to join the US missile defence shield should be the subject of a referendum, contrary to the centre-right government’s call for a parliament vote on the issue.

In addition to the powerful tracking radar in the Czech Republic, Washington wants to site 10 interceptor missiles in Poland as part of an extended defense shield against airborne attacks. Russia has expressed outrage over the plans, which it says will threaten its security, and has suggested it would target missiles at Europe if the United States goes ahead with the proposal. — AFP


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