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Massive Chicken Farm planned for southeastern North Carolina

Massive Chicken Farm planned for southeastern North Carolina.
Here is a clever idea. Put 16 chickens on a toxic swamp and watch the wildlife and humans get sick. Massive Chicken Farm planned for southeastern North Carolina. A total of sixteen protein farm chicken houses are planned to be installed on a swamp just 2 miles south of the small town of Red Springs, North Carolina soon. The land of 100 acres slopes towards Richland Swamp (off highway 710) which flows into Bug Raft Swamp and into the Lumber River west of Lumberton. In the spring and summer the prevailing winds are out of the southwest and would carry the odor of these chicken houses towards the town of Red Springs. High unemployment plagues Robeson County, but most of these jobs will go to Mexicans. The swamps here are already toxic from Hurricane Floyd damage and zero environmental law enforcement. Farmers don't have to adhere to the Clean Air Act and this is a large corporate farming community. N.C. State University just spent a lot of money getting a leading cloning expert to come to teach at the school (clone a hog) and this area is heavily influenced by N.C. State the 'agriculture' school. Massive petrochemical spraying is in full swing now that it is spring. N.C. State gov't claims a budget shortfall and democratic governor has invoked emergency spending powers. What next? Try toxic schoolchildren, like the E Coli outbreak that happened at Prospect Elementary School last fall as mentioned on National Public Radio. Sen. John Edwards and Jesse Helms are nowhere to be seen....

this was on the international site,anyone got any more info about the corprations behind this?

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