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Call for Prince William County boycott at Falls Church immigrant solidarity event

Ricardo of Mexicanos Sins Fronteras spoke at the Falls Church event welcoming the Immigrant Solidarity Caravan. In a portion of his speech he called for the planned August 27-Sep 3 boycott of non-immigrant owned businesses in Prince William County. No Potomac Mills, No 7-11, no Wal-Mart-NADA!

Audio: 3 min 58 seconds

Audio: Balance of Speech: 13 min
Hundreds gathered in a field behind St Anthony's Catholic Church in Falls Church, VA, welcoming the Immigrant Solidarity Caravan as it arrived from Manassas.

This was one of several emergency actions called to oppose Prince William County's and other jurisdiction's fascist crackdown on immigrants.

The event also protested the arrest and deportation of Sanctuary movement spokeswoman Elvira Arellano from Los Angeles.

The economic boycott called for by Mexicanas Sins Fronteras will show Prince William County the price they will have to pay for trampling on immigrant rights

Also presented here is the balance of Ricardo's speech, everything spoken prior to the part about they boycott.

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