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Thousands March & Rally on Prince William County

Yesterday, the Sunday September 3rd, 2007, more than seven thousand immigrants and supporters marched and rallied in Prince William County to demonstrate and demand that the County Board of Supervisors rescind the antimigrant resolution passed on July 10.

Immigrant families and workers, non immigrant community leaders and religious representatives, business owners, students, organizations came together at the County government Building called McCoart Administration Building located in Woodbridge, Virginia.

The March & Rally are part of the community response to the Board of Supervisors' decision. Other actions include a dialog with the authorities, legal challenge to the resolution and a work stoppage on October 9, 2007.

The march was peaceful without incidents, and was extended for a mile and a half on the principal route of the county.

The economic boycott still on place until midnight today, Monday, September 3, 2007.

For more info visit our web page: www.mexicanossinfronteras.org

Ricardo Juarez Nava
General Coordinator
Mexicanos Sin Fronteras
( Mexicans Without Borders )
3518 11 St NW. Washington D.C. 20010
(571) 288-9903
ricardo (at) mexicanossinfronteras.org

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