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Mexicanos Sin Fronteras & Immigrant Community Condemns KKK Organizing

Last weekend the KKK distributed flyers around Manassas at the request of residents of Manassas. This represents an escalation of the racist politics of Prince William County and a danger to those organizing for justice.
The immigrant community in Prince William County has always argued that the anti- immigrant resolution passed by the Board of County Supervisors would create an environment that is hostile to people of color. The recent news that the KKK was distributing fliers in Manassas at the request of residents of Manassas is proof that such an environment is already taking root in the county. Anytime lawmakers pass initiatives that would, in practice, use race, ethnicity, and language to single out a segment of the population and try to drive them out of a community, they are laying the foundation for increased bigotry and hatred. Over the last few months anti-immigrant rhetoric has been spewing from the mouths of citizens and politicians alike, and has opened the door to racist organizations that share their goals. The reputation for intolerance that this county is developing as a result of this resolution will cause economic hardship. Few businesses will settle in a county where KKK and anti-human rights activity are evident. Diversity is the future of America and Prince William County, and any community that cannot respect all of its residents is destined to stymie its own economic growth.

The week long economic boycott in the county as well as the massive rally and march of over 7,000 people on Sunday, September 2 overwhelmingly achieved the goal that the immigrant community hoped to achieve. Business and county leaders have seen a glimpse of the potential economic devastation that can be caused when a segment of the community that spends consumer dollars and pays taxes is driven out. This resolution has brought unwanted national and international attention to the county. People are recognizing the problems that arise when local leaders overstep their powers and try to regulate immigration policy and enforcement. There are constitutional as well as practical reasons why immigration regulation has always been in the hands of the federal government.

The immigrant community of Prince William County calls upon its elected leaders to put an end to the attack on its people and rescind the anti-immigrant resolution. We must put our energies and efforts toward building a community that honors and respects all of its residents.

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