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LOCAL Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Coming to Town for Bushite Nasties

God is coming to town for bushite nasties on his sled of make
believe. A halted bushite, is a mercy on our souls, in
defense of ourselves the innocent. The innocent that a
'lawless' bushite holds for ransom in pain dying.
You Better Watch Out

God is coming to town for bushite nasties on his sled of make
believe. A halted bushite, is a mercy on our souls, in
defense of ourselves the innocent. The innocent that a
'lawless' bushite holds for ransom in pain dying. Hell hath
no fury like that held against the bushite enemy, a savage
zionist criminal waging war against Life as our shared
Universe, 'escaping' those who personally carried out 911.
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi, and Myers as topped suspects.
Other 911ers will tell you no no no, it's impossible to
apprehend them all, for the arrows can go on for never. Bush
personally closed criminal investigations on 911 immediately
after the terrorist event of no questions occurring. The Bush
administration were well aware of their PERSONAL dealings with
the Taliban prior to the "Pearl Harbor" event conveniently
occurring. And they were all most certainly aware of the
plans in place to: within weeks, invade Afghanistan for Enron
to stave off criminal proceedings. Walla! Johnny G wills
every able bodied man, woman, and child to defend ourselves
against bushite that indiscriminately murder ourselves for
cash profit. Stolen profit. Ours. By the Will of US
alrighty, we shall recognize...

The King Has Arrived

Look, let's "say" Peter Power didn't do the crime he did, and
told us so for our own benefit, it would still SUIT Peter
Power for him to be arrested immediately for the crimes of
7/7. For it is Peter that alleged HE was running terror
drills at the same time and locations of those that murdered
many good people from London. London England. Privately,
with his bud at Scotland Yard he's saying. I'm sorry, all
Bobbies do not want to kill indiscriminately so Peter Power
will score a few extra BILLION dollars to hypno mug us to say
we can't find'em no matter how hard we look.[*ILLUM I NATII*].
Americans are just poorly being spoken for, by those who lack
the skills to win justice denied from the average Joe who
knows so. So...

Americans. I am your leader. True, and skilled at the art of
leaving it all up to US. Equals. That means the Taliban are
warring in the defense of women, in defense of children, and
in the defense of America. Now in Afghanistan, NATO leaves
the nation undefended without a police force, since, the
bushite murdered all the cops as acts of evil, leaving the
tribes to hash it out together but alone near starving.
Remember: the bushmob stole the emergency food from
Afghanistan as a carrot, and in it ate our diplomatic dialog,
while directly closing outstanding criminal investigations.
While then blamming bin Laden single handedly pulling off the
entire show without US knowing so.

Now, when any men gather for gaining liberty through acting
for defensive purposes, their labeled "Taliban", translated:
Students. The bushite war with heroin pushers who sell their
illegal drugs on our streets, putting people in prison for
maybe 25 years as a felony third conviction. Do you know how
many charges in California are called felonies, for the simple
fact, that smoking a joint, can get you 25 to life. Sold to
you by your, making it real illiterate brother, who was always
stoned away living and dying in the movies so... Everyone
media popular jokes or confesses to smoking pot in the movies,
yet, some of US are expected to go to jail for a lifetime,
because we can't seem to get together to make a fuss. We have
to change laws on pot. In Amsterdam, legalization has brought
addict levels down for it's publicly recognized there humanely
as a weakness to overcome. Heroin I mean, POT IS GREAT!

The Answer

I'm willing to Challenge America to a Presidential Debate on
successes we've achieved as the governed for enlightenment. A
person accused of a criminal offense without any evidence is
innocent. We, as Americans, are appalled at the fact neocons
have been able to steal our authority for so long to take
America DYING into a needless, causeless war, but for to
criminally plunder at the expense of anyone's innocent son or

Look the neocons plan for 'escape' red handed, (as so planned
publicly for viewing), is to suggest: You got took, you gave
up, now go suffer further on a cross somewhere, the show is
over. Ancient History. Shh.... here comes the credits..

A Dying God

Look, these soldiers who war for enemy Bush are not warring
for freedom as Justice for Ourselves.

Evidence is Everything

there is more than enough supporting impeachment of washington
insiders, but the news media refuses to say so to defend our
dying interests.

Let's demand CNN, BBC and CBC respect our interests by
publicly advocating accountability in respect to the terrorist
acts of 911. Their position of nutrality is unwarranted in
respect for our victimized selves due to indiscriminate
warfare. The Iraq war has no legitimate cause, for they are
warring to bring about an end to what they started/starting.

Christ praises all men who bill the bushite thieving
terrorists who war God and country to criminally escape the
neocon traitors for the crimes of 911. Al-Qaida = General
Mahmoud Ahmad. Die bushite die.

A Zionist Concentration Camp for Jews and Gentiles

/ / Gaza is dependent on Israel for electricity and water
services, a legacy of Israeli occupation of Gaza that ended in
2005. Israel bounds Gaza on two sides and holds almost total
control over imports and exports through legitimate border
crossings. The six-month blockade [...] \ \ AIPAC are making
a killing on being evil to innocent others still I see..

WE HATE bushite to death I do, see?, wouldn't you as anywho
too? Think about it. Dying as a slave to the demon
antichrist, or live for a better future by demanding: Justice
IS Freedom. We want to be Just for ourselves to be believed
in. We, The people, want true accountability.

Fight back for Life to Win against the national broadcasters
like George Norry, CNN, and FOXNEWS that willingly forbid US
to know what we need to know to defend ourselves from deathly
terrorism. Video of iron flowing like water from the 911
towers exists for viewing, and, Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud
Ahmad, So, pro-repuglicons want to see YOU die first as the
Innocent forsaken, before allowed the right to defend freedom
to the last bushite breathing. Death to the bushite, death to
the enemies of Freedom for Humanity.

Bush Threatens To Veto Bill That Bans Torture

See how these DEMONS play? Torturing innocent people to death
for the pleasures of a bushite liar, already warrants the
death sentence in America. It's like lawless bushite nazi
savages spying on innocent Justice loving Americans, "Just" to
see what your doing, IS illegal, now.. well.. YOU decide as
the 'made' uniformed. Make a phone call for freedom you lazy
amerkan fuks. Ian Punnet says the towers fell naturally, and
George Norry reports we got to get bin Laden.. blahblahblah.
They know America is dying and couldn't care much less with
all the laughing and cheering at YOUR expense. See.. You die
in this scenario, and when your dead and gone, we don't want
to hear your lost to indifference soul echo on, how we've
forsaken you when all hope was gone. I've done everything
imaginable with my severely limited funds, and received barely
a whisper of thanks, never mind a dollar or two to stave off
my hunger pangs. All success requires is for YOU to Realize,
YOU have rights here too my brothers and sisters. Please be a
friend, in not an enemy. G-D is miraclously in our need to
save our selves of needless murder. All dying but to only
enrich war mongering criminals of the TV decreed. A war
criminal like George Walker Bush that CNN stay undecided with.

America is truly dying by criminal command executed by traitor
Bush. I call a Veto for Bush as our going down for good
lawless Dictator. Nobody is lawless. The bushmob needs to be
arrested for treason on 911.

A Soldier Wars for God and Country


Christ Begs America

If there is ever a reason Christ begs Americans to joyously,
with pride, bill a bushite terrorist enemy of God, it is with
the actions General Sattler took in murdering more than
200,000 defenseless innocent people in Fallujah. At youtube
you can see and hear these grunts cheering "whore yeah" in
praises to the demon antichrist, while committing horrendous
war crimes Nazi Germany would have been proud to see the
bushite die for. They walk through the city, killing every
woman and child they find hidden. No Joke: first strike
targets - Health Care Clinics. I am serious. [during the
Nuremberg war crime trials, German Judges confessed with
plenty of paper work, such action by Nazis would have
warranted immediate death sentences] I have written on the
demonic action of godless bushite of the antichrist for years
while begging Humanity in joining We in hunting these demons
down one by one for the glory and love of GOD, but, was not
directly aware of all the video testifying the true will of US
and God in demanding the destruction of bushite brayers to
defend freedom as Life for everyone. Including America.
check out youtube. These proud bushite child killers, can not
be allowed to freely walk our Earth, after lawlessly murdering
so many for nothing but to please the antichrist enemy of all
humans Being. All the while chanting monotonously "whore
yeah, whore yeah" Death to the bushite heroin pushers, death
to those who war God's World indiscriminately with NATO,
Sattler, Mattis, and Blount to escape the neocon zionists for
the treasonous unholy crimes of 911 back in New York City,
where thousands of whomever Americans, were murdered don’t you

Demonic U.S. Soldiers Torment Iraqi Kids With a Water Bottle

Can not even an American scream mercy for ourselves as “The
People?? Bill a bushite demon enemy for the love of children
everywhere. While demanding emergency water, food, and
medicines be trucked in by the plane load. Do it or truly die
American, do it or die. Christ grows angry with Americans who
refuse to even pick up their phones to express outrage, it's
as if, Americans, er.. I guess amerikans, couldn't care less
for our dying Humanity. Support our rise for debate worldwide
my friends, worldwide. America sucks.

Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness. Murder, rape, and the
thieving of billions from America as STILL wrong.

Americans will start bounties of five million for each soldier
who willingly, as demonic volunteers, murdered the population
of Fallujah. While Godly people will be rewarded in knowing,
you loved God by destroying such evils that must --- to defend
our still loving families. These demons now want free health
care from Americans, if you can believe it, while denying such
luxuries from Americans who don't enjoy murdering ourselves as
freedom loving women and children. death to the LIAR bushite,
death to the Satanic enemies of Man in the air force
responsible for indiscriminate bombing that is done routinely.
Just seek "NATO" in Google 'news', and realize, near every
strike of thousands, they say oops from their safe bunkers in
Florida. They are enemies of all Peoples, they are enemies of
Christ in GOD. Bill a bushite for America why don't you fight
to save some innocent lives?

"I told him, there's women and kids in that room," Lance Cpl.
Humberto M. Mendoza said of Lance Cpl. Stephen B. Tatum.
Tatum's response was, "Well, shoot them,"

Christ praises all men who bill the bushite thieving
terrorists who war God and country to criminally escape the
neocon traitors for the crimes of 911. Al-Qaida = General
Mahmoud Ahmad. Die bushite die.

We laugh with Jon Stewart regarding the seven Christians set
up by the fbi to be al-kinda, to be put to death, or serve
life term prison sentences as the innocent. BUT remember, CNN
is serious. Pro-zionist CNN, with salaries in the tens of
millions, will lie cheat and steal from Americans while
smiling. Sending you to death while cashing in on all the
'free' loot.


'We were torturing people for no reason'


The Ground Truth

The part where pro-bush "American" soldiers drive over
children to kill them for fun, all because they say our
Humanity let's those responsible escape retribution for being
Satanically evil as enemies to Christ, left me angered beyond
words. While CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS couldn't care less for
those children love by our Humanity. Get me in the news my
brothers and sisters, and I'll make the best of it. Just
do it. Fear not for my life loves, fear for your life left
to silently die in contempt of God.

To Our Patriotic American Lovers of Justice and Freedom


EVIL LIARS? Yup, demon evil.

/ / A record number of soldiers — 109 — have killed themselves this year \ \

We know the deaths are at least, 140 a week. When bushites die, Life
cheers in joy over the saving of some innocent girls and boys. A good
bushite is a dead bushite, halted from victimizing god as Ourselves.

Supporters of Evil


/ / If you choose to support evil and to embody evil yourself,
I suggest you follow the vile example of the current
administration: do so without apology, and brazenly revel in
the evil you choose to inflict on the world. It is far more
contemptible -- and, to speak personally, it is sickening
beyond my capacity to describe accurately, in significant part
because of the complex psychological dishonesties that are
required -- to enable evil, while claiming you represent the
"moral" and "practical" choice. These are the justifications
used by those who made possible the cruelest and most
unspeakably horrifying regimes in history, as Mayer's witness
and many others attest.

Withdraw your support entirely from those who perpetrate and
make excuses for evil. \ \

I'd like to see Americans enforce the law of the land, and
advocate the public execution of those responsible for
torture. Again, the TV celebs pretend there is actually some
possible meritable argument to support these truly demonic
actions as criminal. Bushite have admittingly kidnapped
innocent people, then tortured them to death for the pleasures
of doing so, 'knowing' also, that they couldn't be held
accountable to US, the human species. All for hating us so as
loved by Life. They say, we're too weak to stand for
freedom's defense against naked tyranny - While Johnny says
otherwise: Death to those who advocate torture in war time,
for there is no legitimate argument, but for the practice of
censorship to understand why the Laws against torture have
never failed for defense, but, for the treasonous actions of a
Bill O'Really, who recently reported internationally that the
majority of Americans support torture, because it means....
blahblahblah -- Bill Bill. For, it warrants the death
sentence in America. Still. Bushite are the enemies of US
all my friends, enemies of US all.

Neocon Frank Gaffney on MSNBC 'The torture saved American lives!'
Prove it to US NOW, or die rightly as demon LYING traitor to
God and Man in johnny's America.

Repuglicon Kit Bond "It's like swimming!"

Again, these demon fuks, know the bushmob did 911, and laugh
at Your death for their continuing criminal bounties of
treason against our silenced to die forsaken America. Support
my rise to acknowledge our weakness of communicating truths
held indivisible.

Stranger in a strange land,

Johnny Wizard


Please Help US

For the holidays, HUD sends bulldozers to demolish 4600 New Orleans families’ homes

4600 public housing homes will be destroyed in New Orleans by
bushite enemy forces of true wicked evil greed in America.
Support my rise to demand Justice in respect to the continuing
criminality run by the corrupt government enchanted with the
riches of going with the ungodly bushmob. George Walker Bush
will be tried, and executed for the crimes of 911. I heard
somewhere as much as 10%! of charitable aid donated, actually
went to poor people in New Orleans. Well then, we want the
rest of the money back! And arrested, those responsible for
the trailers, Blackwater, and so on.. then, we jam.

Bush "Iran has openly declared that it seeks nuclear weapons."

/ / "Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous, and Iran will be
dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a
nuclear weapon," Bush told a White House news conference.

Hello!?!? Has everybody forgotten that Bush has already given
the secrets of building an atomic bomb not only to Iran, but
to every evil empire in the world? \ \

www.whitehouse.gov is where the plans to build your very own
nuke were offered for download! Bush sure is seriously evil
in just about everything he does when you think about it, no?
It's like, he really truly wants to wipe out America, and, er..
he's the bogus President, as stated to be led by a Christ with
nothing to say!! ! ...sometimes you just gotta laugh. Die
bushite die.


Exposé - The bushite liar is an enemy of Humanity as a thief and traitor

Sayan Sarkozy joins the "There is no NIE" club.

Look, there is no evidence.. .. ! So, they can not truly
believe their therefore false allegations. But as demonic
liars, they intend to murder the innocent as enemies to G-D to
thieve further from our precious resources. All because
Americans refuse to demand open challenge through
international debate with Johnny against neoconner TRAITOR
George Norry. Again, no soldiers appose me publicly speaking,
Look for yourself. While George is all into murdering
innocent children for cash profit, knowing honorable but
deeply ignorant American teen soldiers WILL die as evil doers
in collateral for HIS personal contempt. George Norry is a
traitor to freedom to be a Patriot American. Death to the
neocon GOD betrayers who con to escape the war criminals
responsible for 911 through the censorship of our voices for
accountability. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of
Man. Death to the torturers of innocent people, death to the
enemies of Christ in America. Thank you to the fathers,
brothers, and sons who have helped die off more than a hundred
and fifty per week as 'suicides'. Bushites are enemies to
freedom as justice wills a demand of evidence to form our
conclusions regarding a capital offense. Death to the
'lawless' bushite traitors, death to the enemies of a love for
a Just God never ending. Make the call, be a man.

Israel--Above the Law? or No Law

/ / In that case, anyone in the entire world that cries [as
the innocent] for freedom and justice for all is a security
threat to [the ungodly evil zionist] Israel. \ \

==Will Be Done==

103 Suspected 9-11 Criminal Co-conspirators


Support our calls for open debate on our international
channels of state. CBC, CNN, BBC and FOXNEWS specialists, are
warring our lives by forbidding US speaking for freedom's
stake. "A free man shall not be imprisoned" is not ideology,
it is the freedom to be freely communicated. To except CNN
and FOXNEWS is unbiased when it comes to kidnapping and
torture, war criming and poisonings, is to except corporate
news interests do not serve the interests of defending US, the
dying forsaken public. The waves are ours. Let Johnny speak
for public challenge on Coast to Coast.


/ / Aws Fahmi saw Marines going house to house, killing
members of three families. He heard his neighbor plead in
English for his life and the lives of his family. "But they
killed him, and his wife and daughters," Fahmi said. The
girls were ages 14, 10, 5, 3 and 1. \ \

Again, Lt. Gen. James N. Mattis, the women and child
killer, is the American 'Judge' appointed by the bushmob to
delineate good from evil on this matter of fully confessed
indiscriminate murdering. Again, thieving bushite dope
pushers, don't hunt the terror group Aegis, no instead, drop
bombs on innocent families, to die in collateral as cowards to
tyranny. As so planned by the Pentagon's P2OG. Defend
America's America, by supporting the arrest for global public
trials of the criminal Bush regime, the evil neocons for the
crimes of 911. Please, bill a bushite like "mad dog" Mattis
to save an America where innocents are defended from the
enemies of Justice. The enemies of God. CNN, CBC, and
FOXNEWS is not doing our jobs by reporting blindly lawless
bushite thieves for the antichrist are heroes. For starters:
Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud Ahmad, and, bombs dropped as the
air forces of NATO kill innocent people by criminal intention
carried out by bushite demon liars waving our stolen flags.

CIA photos 'show UK Guantanamo detainee was tortured'by demon enemies of freedom for America

/ / identified the existence of photographs taken by CIA
agents that they say show their client suffered horrific
injuries under torture. \ \ The torture of innocent people
they kidnapped. Death to the bushite criminals, death to the
enemies of Justice in God to believe. Man. Fuk. Kill a
bushite for Christ why don't you?


Demand open line communications to defend Freedom through Justice

Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud Ahmad

Defend freedom, and the FBI, by demanding Coast to Coast radio
hosts allow free communications, absent their personal
contempt for preserving freedom to be our America.

Peter Power needs to be arrested immediately for the London
bombings, as does the bushmob for the crimes of 911. CNN,
CBC, and FOXNEWS are enemies of all Soldiers dying for our
failures to speak freely. Molten metal flowing

Fight Back for Christ Sake God Damn You


Allah is all, and negotiating for freedom from naked bushite
tyranny is won EASILY through communicating understanding.
Omar the Just knew this to say so, as do I. And this is why
corporate news professionals forbid me to speak openly without
nazi censorship, ON OUR AIR-WAVES, because I am honorable,
right, and true as believable. While America's fun guy,
zionist George Norry, states to support PUBLICLY, the ungodly
murder of innocent Arabic children for nothing but his
personal contempt of YOUR DYING LIFE, while further wanting to
invite thoughtlessly nuking places on Earth all for his secret
hatred of US freely commutating. Typical bushite. Ending
with to tell US again 'convincingly', that bin Laden did do
911 as a terror-ist bad guy in G's World!!?! How so? EH?
How so? he don't care man, he don't care.


/ / Wash. Post parroted White House claim that Iraq war was
authorized by U.N. Security Council \ \

Treason charges must be sought against zionist reporters who
LIE with such blatant disregard for your freedom in America.

.I guess a soldier's word doesn't count for much in bushville.

The bushmob did 911 as traitors to God and Country, don't you
know anything worth living for? my dying unjustly brothers
and sisters? My friends, please fear not wisdom communicated
by a REAL Man, for, we explain ourselves to the best of YOUR
ability to listen simply. G. W. Bush used no evidence to
form America's "conclusion" on who did US wrong on 911. So,
Please, stop forsaking yourself, for, we're going nowhere.
Support Johnny's call to demand open debate without censorship
from the magic radio and TV execs, who hide in darkness,
pretending to be our friends, while refusing intelligent
dialog to answer any of our big troubles easily. Why?
because largely, they're powerless without beating us down as
giving 'Christ like' VICTIM so much - with their irrational
ignorance for our survivals by the fittest. The fittest Ideas
that rule this Universe, are the simplest, most easy to
understand, but I digress about GOD'S greatness, for we know,.
the corporate media elites as our voice, "Couldn't Care Less".

/ / U.S. Marines are said to have killed as many as eight
unarmed Iraqi prisoners when U.S. forces attacked Fallujah in
November of 2004. \ \

HA! Trying to ignore the murder of more than 200,000 People
as if OUR lives have no real meaning. WE KNOW they murdered
everyone they could in around between 15-55, but went ahead
gunning for infants and the elderly too under Sattler. Look
it up. Death to the demonic bushite LIARS, death to the
enemies of Man, so says the Son to God as Man to men - kill
the dishonorable bushite enemy and be Loved by all as Savior.

Did You Know: the LIAR bushite ENEMY is warring Freedom to
bring about what was there prior to them criminally invading?


Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job

Demand America Take our Calls for Justice as All.


/ / Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, [..] said Dec.5
there was no proof Iran ever had a weapons program, as claimed
in the U.S. report. \ \

The Great Johnny

Look, do you want to defeat the bad guys, or not? Bush gave
US zero evidence to form our free thoughts on the 911 Justice
issue. Treason. Simple.

TV Lieutenant General Tom Mc Inerney ~ "We must be ruthless,
especially in the area of collateral damage," in a city where
the population of near 300,000 has been forbidden to leave.
WE'LL then lie to the Grunts, that we are there to get
Zarqawi to defend Iraqis, but instead, we'll murder all the
Peoples indiscriminately by bushite bombers, and like magic,
more GIs will die lawlessly for war criminals to profit the
zionist neocons forever. The anti-Americans, haters of Life
as Glorious, now, who's with me?? Eh?? Who?

Yours naturally,
The Great Johnny

/ / Allegations of forced labor [SLAVERY], lousy treatment of
workers and beatings struck me as something that should rise
to the level of torture at Abu Ghraib. \ \

Christ in America


How Bush misled the world


/ / Once the document was declassified after the war it became
known that it contained 40 caveats - including 15 uses of
"probably", all of which had been removed from the previously
published version. \ \

Doesn't the TREASONOUS bushmob deserve a sentence or two for this?

DEMON LIAR George W. Bush "And we gave him a chance to allow the
inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in."

President Clinton disagreed with taking the country to war in Iraq
without allowing the weapons inspectors to finish their jobs,"

Operation Iraqi Freedom Exposed: Bush Negotiates Permanent Presence in Iraq

War Critics Stunned - Perle Admits Iraq Invasion Illegal

Maybe Perle has found the Lord? REPENT! for, here's Johnny!


www.ifamericansknew.org - check out the vid links here on American
paid for, ungodly war criminals attacking women and children with
chants against love and G-D.

/ / 0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and 4,170
Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since September 29, 2000. \ \

Israelis do this as a true political expression of hatred for G-D
as Humanity. They need me.


CNN Nov 2007
- the treasonous commi propaganda outfit designing to KILL more Americans

/ / the speaker claims sole responsibility for the September 11, 2001, \ \

Yeah, but, how did Laden, with his bulky dialysis machine,
get the explosives into building seven then? Or, convince Bush
to close all investigations to uncover who was singly involved?
Never mind, go about doctoring the NIE from within the Grey House.
Blahblahblah - bushites are as evil as they are dumb.

On Nov 29, 2:06 pm, mike3 wrote:
> On Nov 29, 12:59 pm, Release the Press

> > Why would god will the destruction of life for a criminal thief?
> God didn't will it. Man willed it.

Well, a criminal willed the murder of another, and now it thinks
it can't be arrested because it says for US to do so, would be
anti-Jew. And no, I'm sure Johnny would word it in today's climate,
arresting a murderer for murder. See? A true "Jewish State" would
be one where all people were treated fairly, as the actions of a
peoples who believed in God as holy an' righteous. Not thieving
terrorists killing people to steal further from our good graces.


America wins, neocons go to prison.

New World Orders - The King Has Spoken



/ / "As the national intelligence officer for the Middle East,
I was in charge of coordinating all of the intelligence
community's assessments regarding Iraq," Pillar writes. "The
first request I received from any administration policy-maker
for any such assessment was not until a year into the war." \ \


Treat people fairly. Israel's zionist government is UNGODLY.

Why would god will the destruction of life for a criminal thief?

Nato probes Afghan 'bomb deaths'
Nato bombing kills 14 construction workers in Afghanistan
14 killed in Nato bomb error - blahblahblah

Look, anyone who apposes NATO, is a real human being with feelings.
They have only murdered innocent people, to help escape the criminals
responsible for 911. They push dope, they oppress women, and they
defend religious fundamentalism, all by supporting the northern
Alliance pro-bush anti-gods without question. Look at this pro-freedom
Johnny character who speaks TRUTHS for example:

Destroying America - The Tyranny of Freedom Left Dying Alone

CNN with happy George Norry destroys American soldiers by forbidding
US to knowing of General Ahmad, and of WTC iron flowing like water.
CNN with George Norry destroys American children by forbidding US
to knowing mercury causes neurological damage - instituted through
threatening false arrest as irrational. CNN with George Norry destroys
America by forbidding US to fight for just causes to defend our dying
as robbed forsaken families. Like pensions, mortgages, and lotteries.
Please support my demands for US to be heard. Please do it for yourself.
CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS repeatedly report they take our calls, while
clearly they refuse. Truth means they lose as the elite war mongering
liar thieves, and we win as liberators who take our concerns seriously.
Will you try to save your soul when it's all over then? Why not make a
call now for your dying self? Please do not leave God to die, as the
love for yourself lost to personal indifference.

Catholic Bishop: 9-11 was inside job

/ / They [the demon antichrist forces of evil] may well be plotting
another 9-11." \ \

/ / Bush and the State Department are silent when a [pro-Bush] Saudi court
orders a woman who was gang raped to a punishment of 200 lashes and six
months in jail, \ \

Peace "talks" with these enemies of Allah? Again, Condi, the demon whore,
speaks nothing but contempt for human rights, yet, orders the bombing
of Lebanon with more than SEVEN MILLION LAND MINES, all to be able
to say, she hates US to death with MASS MURDER for 'democracy'.
Think: she was NEVER elected for squat.


Disgraced General Who Pushed for Torture in Iraq Is Now a Spokesman for Democrats?


Coerced Vaccinations of Schoolchildren

/ / Prince George's County Public Schools received $11,325 per
student [they criminally attack as bushite demon liars] per year! \ \


I, Johnny Wizard, in the city of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba


Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad orders an aide to wire
transfer about $100,000 to hijacker Atta. Ahmad later resigns
after the transfer is disclosed in India and confirmed by the
FBI. [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street
Journal, 10/10/01, AFP, 10/10/01]


On March 3, 2002, MSNBC's Jim Miklaszewski reported that he
had received anonymously, top secret presidential war strategy
documents dated September 9th, 2001, originating from
Condoleezza’s office, outlining a strategy to invade
Afghanistan premised on blaming bin Laden a terrorist, but
providing no evidence to back up the allegation, thereby,
securing criminal invasion.

then the demon enemies of America, closed outstanding criminal

Investigating the Investigation


"Did the vice president call you and urge you not to
investigate the events of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly
contradicted Cheney: "Yes, he did, Tim,"


ABCNEWS.com : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

Two veteran FBI investigators say they were ordered to stop
investigations into a suspected terror cell linked to Osama
bin Laden's al Qaeda network and the Sept. 11 attacks...

`You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations'

! ! ! ! ! IT'S OFFICIAL ! ! ! ! !


This criminal action articulated by Fran Townsend clearly
warrants the death sentence through war crime trials. Bushite
nazis deserve to die by the rights of American law. Why is
torture evil corporate america asks no one? "Fu ck y o u" was
the censored response from the innocent man up on the cross.

Again, these bushite demons can be easily defeated by the
power of wisdom, but coast to coast radio hosts are doing
another, 'who cares'? about US dying for a great evil
spectacle. While YOU, as alien American are TRULY losing for
George Walker Bush's continuing criminal intelligence through
bad design excepted blindly without questions, as thoroughly
rejected since law came to Be. But SEE? CNN, CBC, and
FOXNEWS bush bitch nazi WHORES couldn't care less if we
measured; they have millions to sell you out for death once
again to the non-competioned thief bidders of treason without
reason. Look, if you know of 'it', then why torture
ourselves?, sadistically evil nazi dumfuk grunt, of the demon
antichrist enemy of all our Humanity Johnny America asks truth

Stephen King “let’s waterboard Jenna Bush?


/ / he told him that his remarks had contributed to "sinat
chinam" (hating for no reason) and have given a bad reputation
to the movement's prayer houses and places of Torah study, \ \

Not Jews against Jew my friend, NOT JEW. Support G-D'S return
to Israel to destroy the enemy zionist nazis by the will of

The Living Eternal Wonder of Justice Supreme, Johnny
"da'Messiyah" America - aka Johnny Cool - Ol' G's Kin as the
epically heroic giving care actor of actors realized - the
time rhyme space jammer King of Revelating - of the much
bigger Universes of Universe saying howdy partner - "That's
Him!" - down to parlay some super freaky sounds to the good
folks for some easy bread as a deliverer coming home to play
back in demand at Moe's Stead - where I stay a foolish knave
outing to bring happiness in a world gone criminally insane
without you here brightly shoeing with us in the nut gallery!
Welcome my friends, welcome.. [(smiley happy face)]

..wanna see a card trick?

In the form of Freedom shared extemporaneously,
I kid you a hue of,

Johnny Wizard





Aliens, the New World Order, and Bigfoot

Look, CNN and FOXNEWS forbid Americans to know, families are
threatened with arrest for not agreeing to cause neurological
damage to their children. Will YOU make same demands by
refusing US to discuss these matters openly?, or will you side
to remain silent while my America dies undefended? Support my
rise to popular acclaim. Johnny America wants to speak on the
coast to coast radio network for freedom as justice. Make it
happen man.

20,000 Brain Injuries Left Off Iraq Wounded List

Heroin Smuggled in Body Bags of GIs Reported by Military Eye Witness

Support our rise in America for OPEN COMMUNICATIONS.

EMERGENCY BROADCAST - America is Seriously Wrong


Color of Law?

Look, families are threatened with arrest for not agreeing to
cause neurological damage to their children. The cause for
why their children are not in school, is not the parents
fault, but the unlawful decision by the health authority to
not allow the children in school. So, arresting the parents
is irrational, for, it is the school authority that has
disallowed the children an education. So, arrest those that
refused children Justice. If anyone.


Notice, Alex takes no alarm against the criminal perpetrator!

BUT,.! what a great interview ! ! ! - Alex Jones is clearly,
one of the greatest - no mistake. Worth listening to. True, a
little dumdum about economics and justice sometimes, but still,
worth learning from.

Dishonest Reporting And Iran's Centrifuges

/ / That means - it is impossible for Iran to use these 3,000
centrifuges and their product to secretly make a nuclear
weapon. \ \

"Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them"

Not Jews my friend, NOT JEWS. Support G-D'S return to Israel
to destroy the enemy zionist nazis by the will of Man.

Israeli Child Killers: Documentary Proof

This ain't right

Look, the guy who murdered the two thieves, is guilty for
such. He acted to intentionally murder. MURDER. Do cops
kill kids who steal bubble gums?, or if they did, would an
American then think justice lacking? Cops were near the
scene, and the murderer held no pause to kill thieves with
their hands full. How about, 'drop to the ground' before
pulling the trigger? No, the murderer told US he wanted to
murder. Would spitting on the ground in America blindly call
for executions because who knows what the spitter would have
then done later? The thieves were of no alleged personal
threat to life by the murderer, and would have likely been
caught by smarter cops who were in waiting.

What unspeakable evil is this, that CNN, FOXNEWS, and CBC
doesn't believe YOU deserve to know the science of?

To Kill a Bushite, is to be Heroic

To further murder as these ungodly bushite liars do today as
our suffering Mankind, is to blindly swear public allegiance
to the for real DEMONIC antichrist THIEVES. Bushite enemies
are evil nazi dumfuk scum, liars who cowardly watch America in
her weakness be high jacked, and squeak nothing for Just words
in our REAL defense for dying. Play pretending their actually
real men, because to really be so, requires real strength.
Not bush bitch Marines "WHORE YEAH!" strength, where they
cowardly can't figure to defend America from ungodly war
criminals. War criminals who deliberately set them up with
Satanic 'black magic' to be killed in criminal actions. P2OG.
But see?, the bushite fodder, can't care enough for Life to
read, because it already knows like the zionist, it's an
ungodly coward and a thief, as siding to lying and censorship,
this will out work for evil doers in the long run without
any consequences to themselves as Our sworn eternal enemy.

Your Servant,

King Johnny Wizard
President and CEO


The Whole Truth - Christ Claims Torture Illegal

Torture IS illegal, yet, the TV threat is trying to teach
America that We, The People, haven't spoken on this issue
since Law came to be. Please, I beg, please fight back for
Humanity by not excepting a zionist's betrayal to G-D on this
subject. TV celebs are programming that waterboarding, head
slapping, and the burning of innocent people to death for a
treasonous bushite's satanic pleasure, is arguably in support
of defending my dying America, through assisting in the
neocon's escape for 911. Death to the torturers of innocent
people, death to the enemies of Christ in America.


/ / Welcome to the world of the reality in which a Jewish American
Zionist man can cite Nazis in defence of torture tactics. \ \

The demon isn't Jewish my friend, isn't Jewish. I'm the King
of Jews, who would advocate the death sentence for such
criminal tactics to defend our innocent selves from the
ungodly. Wouldn't you too?, cheer to hear the arrests of the
satanic enemies of Man deprived our wills, instead of
ourselves as the innocent they victimize to thieve from for
Zionist Nazi fascist enemies? A person accused of a criminal
offense without any evidence is innocent. Demand open
communications on our, happy happy demonized to suffer dumber
than dumb coast to coast air wave specialists.

Parents Must Immunize Their Children Or Go To Jail

Liar Liar


Look, torture is criminal. Do you physically slap your
neighbors, to find out if they did the criminal's crime?
Should we slap Rivkin to ask him if he plans to commit crimes
against the innocent, and if he then says no, again repeat
till he's rightly dead from hearing a liar's denial?

Torture is a crime warranting a life term sentence or death in
America by LAW - firmly established already by the "War Crimes
Act" of 1282. Demand Justice to save the lives of our
innocent selves forsaken by the for cash profit, private news
parrots. Believe in US demanding open debate for a positive
change why don't you.. Nazi Germans were a happy happy bunch
too over the growing threats of torture and enslavement
through blanket annihilation... initially. Don't let Bush
further hurt my dying America through his personal self
contempt for our shared values.


Look, November 7th, the demon antichrist stated he and the
neocons ordered the murder of more than a million innocent
Iraqis indiscriminately because, he was simply enforcing UN
resolution 1441. HE LIED. [how else could the UN officially
declare bushites as war criminal? NO CAUSE!!] And
multi-million dollar salaried, "American" reporters, who full
time, claim to represent American interests while you slog
double full-time for corrupt private bankers, refused to call
him on it to defend ourselves from his easily provable demonic
tirades against God as the innocent. On the scene, and still
today... YOU, as American are TRULY dying for George Walker
Bush's continuing LIES. Johnny Wizard is Forever King of
this moment being. If you can't believe it is important for
you to raise your cries for justice likewise, we're all going
to be done for lost to indifference. Defeating the neocon is
serious business my brothers, serious business.


/ / commanders may give orders to "shoot first and ask questions
later." \ \ KING RULES: Aim to and kill innocent people, your
guilty of murder. Order such conduct, like amerika's George
Norry would boastfully crow, your a guilty bushite nazi war

Bill a bushite to defend Humanity, to return a freedom for
believing. Every thieving bushite dumfuk grunt of the Air
Force is a demonic LIAR, accessory to mass murder. And even
though, CNN, CBC, and MSNBC suggest TORTURING innocent people
to death isn't illegal warranting the death sentence, it still
is, and will remain so for as long as we live to die a bushite
war criminal for defense in America and God, so says the Son
of God, as Man of men. "Die bushite die".

The bushite has murdered many thousands in Afghanistan to push
dope, more than a million in Iraq to steal life as lawlessly
demonic, all the while actively thieving to destroy Johnny's
America for the praised by TV 'neocon who?' news peelers.

Bush closed 911 investigations immediately after the terrorist
offense of no questions! no questions!


Support the arrest of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Condi with
Myers for the TREASONS of 911 to save Your freedoms to be so,
or don't, and see if we care truly ever.

Again, evil bushite THIEVES claim they are justified when
indiscriminately bombing populated cities to MURDER US People.
All to help 'escape' the neocon ENEMIES of America - they also
support "officially" destroying Our public infrastructure,
thieving humanitarian aid, while incarcerating innocent people
to collectively be punished by the TRULY Satanic enemies of
man. All truth will be disclosed by the revealing hand of

HI Mama!!!

The One and only,
King Johnny


Impeach Bush Now!


GUY JAMES - American "Christian" hypocrisy

In Timothy "Evil Men Will Wax Worse and Worse,."


Title says it all. They are demon enemies of G-D, so, of
course, the last thing the zionist thieves want is Peace
for Humanity. Too much money in murdering innocent folks
for American 'charity'.




PBS et al.. The bushmob is thieving billions from America as
we speak, to further terrorize a dying America lost to the
indifference broadcasted daily on almost every radio and TV
network as our silenced voices.

Mr. Bush, the terrorist, doesn't care to war for your stolen
billions, instead wants to kill even more innocent others as
neoconner traitor. In your name as "American." Johnny America
begs to disagree with criminals actually, and has taken a
stand against these 911 war mongers escaping our authority for
proper Public acknowledgment. If you, my reader, would only
support yourself.

Please, my friends, fight for our dying America. The TV and
radio celebs deliberately refuse to allow US to know: Ahmad
funded Atta, and, of the videos of iron flowing like water
from the WTC towers - all to KILL ourselves for the enemy liar
neocon. To KILL. OUR innocent families are being robbed and
murdered. CJOB, in Winnipeg, like FOXNEWS, lies daily to
dumber than average teen soldiers, not to defend freedom, or
Canada, but to die for dope pushing Islamic fundamentalism in
assisting the truly evil neocons escape for the crimes of 911.
How can anyone be so truly evil to Humanity you may hide in
fear of confronting directly? CJOB relentlessly THIEVES from
Manitobans, with our seriously corrupt lotteries they pocket
millions in criminal gains stolen from our most poor and
desperate, they work to CRIMINALLY give away our public
resources to their self described Zionist, 'kill the Jews,
kill the Jews' anti-humans. These nazi pigs celebrate their
public hatred for innocent humans with LIES about 911, Israel,
and anything else that threatens Justice to win through free
open communications. Bush, as does every neocon, needs to be
tried publicly then executed for the crimes of 911 with his
partner, General Ahmad, according to every honorable Police
agency that uses evidence to form OUR conclusions.

Remember: these thieves have stolen from
all still paying Americans dying from true self contempt. No
evidence against an accused is US being truly abused.


Listen to this demon nazi witch, the zionist bitch who
personally FORBADE a plead to stop indiscriminate killing in
Lebanon, assisted in dropping seven million land mines on
Lebanon, and was CENTRAL to the invasion of Afghanistan for
Enron's master plan, tells US with bushite lies that no, Iran
was responsible for the terrorist crimes she fully
acknowledges to be responsible for actually. I ASK: ARE
THERE any soldiers from America who don't believe this 911
witch shouldn't be tried for high treason as a bonafide
TERRORIST? Listen to the end where she says America supports
Iran's pursuit of nuclear energy... so why does she want to
murder millions of innocent people with fall out then.. EH>?
WORLD: threaten to liberate nazi America, if they
indiscriminately murder millions more of innocent souls
without cause, but for the demon antichrist thieves who speak
nothing to defend Humanity. Much like happy happy who cares
Germans were under "liberator" Hitler. Except however,
in our defense, we at that time, didn't have our internets,
or so many, 'you have no power, you have no power' corporate
news channels for Americans to quietly sleep through.
Americans who refuse to speak outrage in the defense of the
Human Race, are Americans not worthy the title of fellow
Human beings. All they as bushmob amerika have done, is
thieve, destroy and murder from everyone of US since
911. I am growing wearily concerned over whether Americans
even can still express real anger over their continuing

ZIONIST NAZIS QUOTE US SAYING everyday 'Kill the Jews, kill the
Jews' No, bill the escaping un-arrested zionist god betrayers
who rape, murder and steal from Humanity as LIARS - all done by
US to DEFEND Jews, to Defend G-D, To defend Christ.
Christ - Born King of the Jews, as true King of Kings - I am by
no accident in every word, truly greater than 'great'.





Look: corporate magic TV people couldn't care less for US if
they tried. Ahmad funded Atta. bin Laden claimed he played
no part in 911. And video of iron running like water moments
before the first tower fell is freely available for download
all over the place. CBC, CNN, FOXnews et al. know the
Bushmob did 911 in other words. Live for freedom dying
America! Johnny America wants to be invited on Coast to
Coast. Make it happen Man. Justice for god, is Justice for


True Tyranny - to continue as an American refusing to publicly
demand torture, theft, and murder as unacceptable when
battlin' evil for your dying freedoms.. Evidence we must
pursue on 911 to know really what the heavens Johnny 'The Law
Man' is talking about still. Justice to the bushwhacker neocon
soldier, a foreigner who apparently speaks no defense for
innocent Americans dying sacrificed as conned for the ill
stolen gains of the 911 trifecta. Justice to the lying
enemies of freedom for America in Christ. Justice for YOU.

Justice to the bushite, Justice to the enemies of America, so
called out the Son to God as King of men:


Like, so in walks this, out of work time Lord who thinks to
converse to the masses about the most basic of reasons to save
the lives of innocent others, leaving him convinced, he really
needed an audience for this fable to rise as profitable
venture. So, it was followed to make it out there in this
real world, is to care for Justice measured. All done so to
bring greater hope for a better future as all would follow,
boy, were they surprised!

Johnny Wizard has arrived..

Spare me some money won't you please for this art of wondrous
tragedy?, Jeeze.. I seriously need money to feed myself.

P.S. I'm still hoping that Coast to Coast will bill me godman
co-host, all to openly address these freedom for all
operations, with Justice ruling our way over the irrational
tyrannies practiced by others happily blinded. Evidence is
required to convince ourselves on who is good or evil.
Period. Don't like it? Too bad. We are on charged!!

CJOB STEALS millions from poor Winnipeggers through their
fraud of lotteries, and as a consequence, they'll cheer our
sons and daughters to die cowardly instead, for lawless Bush
rule, where evidenced findings of Our police agencies are
forbidden topic material, like mathematics, and instead, bin
Laden did "it", now die for the demon antichrist LIAR ENEMY OF
GOD. Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud Ahmad

/ / "I grabbed her little sister and put her in front of me .
. as the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from between
her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally." [, then were heard
the cheers of godless bushite dumfuk traitors obscening to God
and Man as the unholy enemy.]

What ever happened to butterfly kisses after evening prayers?

Are you telling me, an American Father, wouldn't gloriously
kill this lawless bushite TRAITOR and his demonic ilk, for our
love of girls everywhere? Or, how about the UNARRESTED
soldiers we witnessed on video beat shoeless children
practically to death while laughing and cheering? Or like
those that speak zero defenses for Haditha's confessed MASS
MURDERING irrational women and child killers? The REAL demons
CONFESS to going into a house, WITHOUT reasoned approach, and
slaughtering an entire INNOCENT family.. for nothing but
their lifeless SATANIC pleasures. The 'cause'? "The [mass
murdered unarmed innocent neighbor's] back door was open.."
To, for God, gloriously, with love, kill these unarrested
murderous continuing ungodly bushite nazis, is to war the TRUE
enemies of Humanity to save the lives of our precious loved


Not as tyrants have we come, but as liberators
- Adolf Hitler, 1938 -

Terror watch list swells to more than 755,000

Hey! without evidence, we all could be down for abuse as
innocent doers for evil Bush.


Oath to God

The bushite took an Oath to God and country to defend America
from war criminals, and instead, as cowardly neocon bush
bitches, commit war crimes of theft and mass murder against
the great Iraqi People. A soldier in the air force, is a
dishonorable nazi savage, worthy the death sentence for
assisting in bombing Humanity indiscriminately as zionist
enemies of Christ, attempting to destroy Johnny's America with
their provable DEMONIC LIES. Death to the bushite enemies of
Life, who lawlessly war Creation with torture and slavery to
'escape' the neocons for 911. Your magic TV exec excuses
don't mean squat when the facts are so readily available. But
a bushite don't read, or write, or think freedom. Zionist
enemies of ALL Our humanity, murder to believe US won't ever
hunt them down by Law to defend ourselves over. Hammurabi
LAWS to bill the false capital accusers first, and everything
else will fall into place. [note: Hammurabi founded

Look, do you want to defeat the bad guys, or not? Bush gave
US zero evidence to form our free thoughts on the 911 Justice
issue. Treason. Simple.

I have the plan. Return all the stolen monies, and hunt those
who rape torture, or murder. And.. get the neocons for
treason on 911 most especially. So, here we go..

/ / Putin recently declared that Iran does not possess nuclear
weapons, is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program and poses
"no threat" to any nation, least of all the United States.
[...] If Putin is evil, surely Bush is worse than Satan himself. \ \

love LIFE by fighting to win
against the traitor neocon thieving terrorists, who will the
death of innocent families to escape themselves our
accountability. False accusers who deny respect for yourself
as a New Yorker included in forming our conclusions with facts
as understood actual. Military heads generally do not have
the skills to communicate such clarity, for they are not
swinging guitarists, as too cowardly to speak a care for
Freedom through Justice in Johnny's America. Babble babble..

Bombs Kill People

Nazi Israel, the ungodly nation that murders Christians in
G-D's name AS THIEVES, deserves to die as proven war
criminals, to bring about a living nation that respects the
Jew by Law, to be just me or You living freely for happiness.
Israel is a nation who's nazi government HATES GOD, because
they are known BY ALL as a criminal in nature, a unjust first
degree murdering zionist demonic thieving enemy non-entity of
dying life. I would ask Syria to consider hiring me on as
defensive minister, or yous in Iraq, Iran, Canada, or Europe.
WOW! 'BIG LOVE' China!! Moscow! Hey buddies... I'm coming
over for drinks no matter which way you look at it. Business


ALL TIME LOW - A Study of Freedom


/ / By simply deciding that something is a “state secret,? the
Bush government has avoided answering for its brutal treatment
of innocent [TORTURE] victims in the war on terror. This is a
perversion of the principle of American justice. \ \ Realize: Mr.
Bush, the demon enemy of all humanity, out of the same mouth,
states torturing [innocent victims as satanic liars] would be
ungodly, and isn't done. Like bin Laden did "it", Saddam wouldn't
let inspectors in, and neocon thieving soldiers who murder our
families indiscriminately as zionist betrayers to Christ and
America are Heros.

bush "We do not torture"

Kill the bushite enemies BY AMERICAN LAW for torturing innocent
people to death as lawless 'whore yah' thieving disciples
of the ungodly antichrist who bombed Iraq for NO REASON

To Kill a Bushite, is to be Heroic

Pro child killer George Norry, enemy of the American soldier,
still blabs about how more must die unjustly for bin Laden
with LIES, knowing full well, video of steel flowing like
water from the WTC exists, and that General Ahmad funded Atta.
George Norry is a traitor to the FBI, who further plans more
to die sacrificed under the censorship of the tyrant

/ / He was told that if he did not confess to belonging to al-Qaida
he would be anally raped by specially trained dogs. Habib said he was
returned to U.S. custody after his stint in an Egyptian prison and
flown to Bagram air base, in Afghanistan, and then to Guantanamo Bay \ \

/ / If you’d smell the coffee and get your eyes open, you would see that
all totalitarian states have to corrupt the courts in order to be able
to rule and not admit that they are totalitarian states. \ \




Project For The New American Century

“…advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific
genotypes m

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