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Massive Uranium mine planned in Chatham, VA

Uranium mining has been illegal in Virginia for years, but with growing interest in nuclear power as a phoney alternative to coal, mining companies will try to change that law this year.
In Chatham,VA, in Pittsylvania county, perhaps the largest uranium deposit in the entire US was found decades ago. Plans to mine it were scrapped when uranium prices melted down in the 1970's followed by the Three Mile Island nuke plant also melting down.

Now the proposed mine is back. With 1300 people living in nearby Chatham, Va legislators ought to go out West and ask Native American commuinities about the effects of uranium mining on their communities!

They would warn of rises in childhood cancer and other diseases, and about how the tailings and the foul, radioactive water from a uranium mine contaminate everything around it.

Of course, its unlikelyt that racist Virginia legislators (who rush to persecute members of indigenous American communties who come north into VA) would ever listen to warnings about the Native American nightmare with nuclear mines.

Still, even pro-industry sources admit that safety is a big consideration for a new uranium mine.

What they won't tell you is this-according to scientific studies conducted after this deposit was discovered, if all global energy production was nuclear, all the uranium would be GONE in just 150 years! This is assuming we reprocess everything, otherwise you are looking at only a 30 year supply for a 100% nuclear future. At that point, the lights go out and the only thing lighting up at night would be the piles of glowing nuclear waste.

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