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International peace walk - London to Geneva through France

The nuclear industry threatens us all. Today there is an urgent call for global action to break the cycle of mass destruction.
International peace walk - London to Geneva through France

In April 2008 we will embark on an 84-day journey covering over 1500 kms. We will work together with local communities to raise public awareness about the suffering and coercion that communities through out the world face by the nuclear industry

Australia is now a main suppliers of uranium to the world and France is the largest nuclear energy user. We need to connect and work together in this global struggle to end the nuclear industry.

Over the past decade we have participated in non-violent actions, vigils, peace walks and runs to raise awareness of the nuclear industry. During this time we have visited many nuclear sites and the communities who are being affected. We have come to see, literally that we are not just all working on local issues we are engaged in an international struggle.

With your support and commitment we will work together to empower and inspire people while creating a community of peaceful change.

For detailed information about this Peace Walk please visit footprintsforpeace.tripod.com/E08/EW/NFFWindex.htm

Thank you for your interest.

Email: ffpindy (at) hotmail.com

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