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Brad WIll Video Showing Thursday, March 20th

What: Brad Will video from Brazil and Argentina Fundraiser
Where: The Flying Brick Library, 506 S Pine St, Oregon Hill, Richmond
When: 6pm Dinner and 7pm Video
Contact: Jenny at 804-349-6146 or jenny (at) riseup.net
brad_will_rolling_stone.pdf (137 k)
Last year when friend Brad Will was murdered during a teachers strike
turned popular uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico many of you joined me for a
video showing and discussion, wrote letters, and travelled to DC to
demonstrate at the Mexican Embassy.

Since then, a tidal wave of activists have written stories, made art and
vidoes about the life of Brad Will. He touched many far and wide. This
Thursday join us to meet Miguel from Brazil, an indymedia videographer who
has made many films about Brazil's popular movements.

Miguel will show a video on Brad Will. You can also come early to share a
fundraising dinner to help support a video project in Argentina. A queer
and trans video group in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is looking for a new
camera to make documentaries.

Please see the flyer for the event attached and also an article from
Rolling Stone about the Life of Brad Will.

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