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Blooming Bush Demockracy ****

These are two Forum Topix posts being removed everywhere. The only way that I could keep them posted was to keep posting comments on them. 3/16 Does Spitzer hump trees? SAVE THE TREES! Also a Letter to My Professor.
"Evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived." (2 Tim. 3:13)

"Look! You are trusting in deceptive words that are worthless! Hear O earth, I am bringing disaster on this people, the fruit of their schemes because they have not listened to my words...." (Jer. 7:8; 6:19) GHW Bush, the uncrowned king of Babylon, the lawless Jacob, the Great Dead King of Israel, the son of perdition, who also thinks that he is Bel, the god of heaven and earth; he and all his Bush Nazis have replaced the sulphurous fire of the Bible with feces; i.e. the secret "power food" of the Moabite women of Shittim.(Is. 14:4-22; 46:1; Mic. 1:5; Hosea 10:3,15; 2 Thess. 2:3; Numbers 25:1-4; Gen. 19:24; Ez. 20:26; Is. 13:16) It fries their brains! GHW Bush says that he has been eating feces for seventy years. For 70 years he has been the uncrowned King of Babylon (Is. 14:4; Jer. 25:11-16) 70 years of brushing people off, saying he is too Gad damn important to talk to anyone and killing anyone who questions his stupidity. GHW Bush fried W's brain @ 55 years ago; thus the private army of the Bush Nazis probably put W in the White House with only 20 votes. Every single word that W says is teleprompted. Can you feign importance, repeat big words, ignore people, and brush people off? You could be in the White House too! They will never know that you are brainless! GHW Bush says that he and W had the guys who signed their diplomas killed. W is too stupid to know that he never graduated from anything. GHW also says that they are too Gad damn important to have their names in the alumni directory. Nicky Exarchou brought Hitler's Storm Troopers to the US and formed Secret Service, the private army of the Bush Nazis that now probably numbers 130,000. A private army to protect their stupidity!? Don't that beat all? Should we pity such stupidity?(Deut. 13:6-9) Impeach it? It is treason punishable by death! Demockracy is a matter of being mocked by demons; kind caring demonic Bush Nazis, posing as "angels of light". (2Cor.11:14 ) No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It, which means that the Bush Nazis are going to get rid of you and your body and anyone who comes looking for you if you try to prove that they are criminals. That is why God says that the look on their faces will betray them. (Is. 3:9) They have set things up so that you will be killed if you try to prove any of their criminal activities. You have to rely on that look alone.(Deut. 13:6-9) Just mention their rigging the vote etc. Since September the Fools of Babylon 9/30 has been there, explaining how the "blood of all who have been slain on the earth" arises from Washington, DC.(Rev.18:24)

"Woe! Woe, O great city, Babylon on the Potomac! In one hour your doom has come!" (Rev. 18:1-24) The USSR 666 is going to do naval exercises off the Eastern Seaboard. Accounts of the stupidity and/or the criminality of the Bush Nazis are going to be broadcasted, and they will say that it is coming from the USSR. If W and company act smart or tough, the demolition of DC, Babylon on the Potomac is going to commence. Can you stop these morons from falling for that? This arises because so many Bush Nazis have claimed that they are America since I wrote America Starts Here in 1998. They knew what they had to do to created America, and it did not involve putting the creators, Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc through a woodchipper; thus the USSR is where it's at, and you all should know what the USSR stands for. I published that info serveral times in 2001. Also Cornell's Big Red Charter empowers Cornell to do whatever it takes to get rid of these Bush Nazis, create a "nation on that day", and claim Judah as God's portion in the Holy Land.(Zech. 2:12) The 1963 New World Translation of the Holy Scripture has the best map of Judah, the "USSR of the Mideast", which I think delineates King Solomon's Judah after he subdued the kingdom of the Babylonians. Ref. GHW Bush; Friend of the Devil * & Holy Smoke! Bobby Meade

Beware the treasonous sh*theads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GHW Bush says that they are getting rid of everyone who says that W has ever graduated from anyplace. He says that they are the "firstfruits of a kingdom that cannot be shaken". Now where did he get those words?

Nazi Death Doctors from Bruxelles? 3/8 I confirmed a few nights ago that Nicky Exarchou was still impersonating a doctor up at Binghamton's "Cuckoo's Nest", now called a Health Center. He probably only does so after midnight. As I have written, "Nicky Exarchou has been practicing as a psychiatrist specializing in electroshock with the license of a Greek thoracic surgeon, Exarhos #418-02 since the first Bush administration. I just checked and discovered that he is now getting by with #165-01, in Psychiatry from Univeristy Libre Bruxelles Medecine 1978, allegedly licensed here in 1985. I have determined that a doctor's license represents the number of the school that he or she graduated from. Before this he was practicing without one. Nicky used the 418 license in 1999 to get a court order to have me injected. Since the notice of the mentioned elevated PSA level came from 425 Robinson St., Nicky's alleged office, I presumed that this office would be in the single room on the 11th floor of the State Hospital's Garvin Building, where they administered electroshock. Upon being told that there is not much in that room, I said that Nicky was probably using jumper cables hooked up to an electrical outlet." In the early 1990s, the Washington Post was the paper that revealed that he was a Psychiatrist, specializing in electroshock. The first license was from a university in Thessalonica. Now Bruxelles is apparently saying that there is such a thing as a Psychiatrist, specializing in electroshock. Is that their Nazi Death Doctor category? Let them demonstrate on themselves how it is done. Use a 220 volt outlet too! 3/11 Let me remind you that a diploma on the wall is not proof that your doctor is licensed to practice medicine. He has to be a registered physician; thus his name will be listed in the Registry of Physicians.

Justice for NY's Stud Guv?

"Here I am thinking up against this family a calamity from which you people will not remove your necks!" (Mic. 2:3)

If Governor Spitzer won't betray his Bush Nazi compatriots, put him in NYS Mental Health system under the care of alleged doctor, Nazi Death Doctor Nicky Exarchou, for having supported such a sham. "Relax Guv! I promise you that you won't feel any pain!" No brain! No pain!

3/10 Re: Governor Eliot Spitzer; "All who see him will shake their heads." (Ps. 64:8) He surrounded himself with Bush Nazis thinking he would be safe as long as he didn't interfere with what they were doing. When they abducted me in Ithaca for the first time, I wrote an appeal for the reversal of judgments against me by the demented ones who claimed to be doctors, and Spitzer's office blocked it every step of the way. For that they made him Governor. They made the guy who the appeal was against head of Mental Hygiene here. As long as you keep serving them, the free ride continues. Tell the Governor that the best revenge is to go out as an Israelite like Saddam. Take as many of them with him as he can.

I went looking for two 2001 articles; Justice Albany Style and Justice America Style, and neither was available. Those articles concluded, among other things, that the destruction of Albany and DC was the only way to set matters straight. "No one calls for justice, no one goes to law honestly, they rely on empty arguments and speak lies, they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity....Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far off. ... Truth is nowhere to be found, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey." (Is. 59:4,14-15) This situation probably arises because the foolproof plan is for there to be no legitimate doctors or lawyers in the Mental Health system. I did find an article that is apparently a preview of Justice Albany Style, made available by NYC IMC, which will no longer post anything of mine. Here is what I found:

February 16, 2001 02:54PM EST NYC IMC
"Justice New York Style"

By Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel'

This is an account of the author's attempt to attain justice after being abducted and unlawfully hospitalized for 15 months.

Dear New York City; Having endured more than my share of lawlessness as "Israel", the Deaf Messenger of the Lord; it still surprised me in August 1998 when an alleged social worker, who the police have told me is a doctor or director of Mental Health, had me picked up in handcuffs and hospitalized for 15 months with what was probably a forged pickup notice. When my assigned attorney of Mental Hygiene Legal Service filed a Notice of Appeal on a 7/99 Order for six months of forced injections, he waited until January 2000 to tell me that the issue was moot, that he couldn't help me, and that I should pursue it on my own. I was seeking the reversal of all judgments against me and the restitution, which alleged doctor Nicholas Exarchou had agreed to pay me in court; and charges against my assigned attorney for fifteen laws that I allege that he violated, including first degree assault. Since the alleged doctor very likely is, as I revealed in court, "a very respectable narcotic kingpin"; all of Albany seems to be supporting him, for I had him admit in court that he had agreed to pay me 665 million dollars. Since my fabricated chemical delusional diagnosis can be a "death sentence", the restitution is probably now over a billion dollars and growing by a million dollars per day. ( they threw cyanic gas (blueprint paper and acid produces cyanic gas) in my room every half hour until I spoke out to fabricate this diagnosis - cyanic gas produces chest constriction, heart pain, and sometimes instant death) A 12 page claim for the illegally sold and restored abandoned property that I had legally lived on for two years prior to my abduction is being prevented from reaching the Comptroller to further impede my appeal. (Abandoned Property Law 1210 (98 supplement) Active at the time of abduction) It seems like their game was to get the appeal dismissed without the judges ever seeing it. They ordered me to obtain a record for a practically undocumented hearing; i.e. hundreds of dollars for papers that I already have. I wasted my paltry eight week extension trying to get them to send the record that I was due: (1) because the state filed the Notice of Appeal, (2) because the Assistant Solicitor General offered to send me any papers that I needed, (3) because I am a poor person with no earned income since 1991, and (4) maybe because I am deaf. Since they were so intent on dismissing this appeal, the judges probably never saw my July cross-motion to dismiss the Attorney General and dissolve the Appellate Division. The judges also apparently never saw my 11/6/00 four page embossed motion for an extension, for the Clerk unlawfully dismissed the appeal with a 12/28/00 unsigned order. In light of the apparent universal support of the alleged doctor, paper communication is out; so please call for hair sample tests to see if narcotic addiction is fueling their support of this lawlessness. (In the early nineties The Washington Post revealed that Nicholas Exarchou was a Psychiatrist, specializing in electroshock, for they were saying that he was GHW Bush's doctor.) Don't let someone anonymously "hide" this article. If the Attorney General or the Supreme Court calls to complain, have them put their rebuttal in writing. If the alleged doctor calls, ask him where he went to medical school, where he went to college, where he went to high school, and where he went to grade school. What happened to me has happened to a lot of people who were never heard from again. If you have doubts about the prevalence of narcotic addiction, see if they are smoking a waxlike substance that they claim is not really a drug. I suspect that crack, which was first publicized as driving people crazy in the early nineties and worth 300 dollars a gram, is now being mixed with paraffin to such an extent that these people may not recognize it if you sold them paraffin; paraffin pops when it boils and must be the hottest smoke there is. If you comment on this, please be specific and prove that you know what you are talking about. Thank you very much for your time. Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger.

PS: Let them prove that the Governor ever had sex with one of these girls. He looks impotent to me. 3/12 GHW Bush says that the Governor's situation arises because they were trying to cover up the discovered vote miscounts that put him in office. "You have a cloak! You be our leader!" (Is. 3:6) If you want a leader who's approved by God, check the clouds for His approval. God's power is in the sky! (Is. 9:16; 48:17; Ps. 68:34) 3/13 GHW Bush said that Manchester and Liverpool England told this heralded prostitute that waylaid the Governor to prove that she had sex with him, or they were going to dismember her alive! Sounds like another war in the making. And it sounds like the NY Police Department is in the call girl business too! Of course Spitzer is going to say that he never saw the woman in his life. 3/14 Foolproof plan! Send Nazi Death Doctor, Nicky Exarchou and people from Mental Hygiene and NYS Attorney General's office to Albany with a gas generator in a pickup to jumpstart Spitzer's brain, fix his sexual problem, etc. I bet Spitzer humps trees if he can't find a woman. SAVE THE TREES!

A GREEN DREAM; 3/14 Went to a Shade Tree meeting last night and found that the life span of a city tree is 13 years! Remember Dieback at Cornell (Fools of Babylon 9/30) and my Oak Story of 2002? Soak your acorns now and put them in the ground in a few days. When the first leaves appear, dig them up with the 12" root system and acorn still attached, then plant them in every conceivable place that a tree can be planted with a protective barrier around it. If anyone is caught messing with the trees, leave their bodies there to mark the spot to try again next year. Since leaving a stump of a branch when pruning a tree is the norm, that literally kills the tree, for there is no way for such a cut to heal. It usually takes two cuts to prune a branch, and the second cut should be flush with the trunk and/or branch that is being pruned. This is intentional shoddy work and should not be tolerated. Get rid of such morons. The oaks will survive and come back, for dieback is a fabricated myth. Every spring pesticide barriers will be placed on the trunks to stop the forest tent caterpillars and to prove that those caterpillars were causing dieback. All oak varieties will probably thrive again. This is the best way to plant an oak, for it is nearly impossible to dig up an older oak tree when it has such an extensive root system. More than any other thing that you can dream up, these trees will make America green again. "See the tree, how big it's grown, but friend it hasn't been too long, it wasn't big! I laughed at her, and she got mad, the first day that she planted, it, was just a twig!" For the latest, read GHW Bush; Friend of the Devil *

FYI: Letter to My Food Science Professor:

Dear Professor XXX,

I understand that you are retired now, but I was wondering if you or someone you know might be interested in pursuing research on some of the topics that I have addressed. If you don't remember me, I was the one who sat in front of the class and slept through every single class in Spring 76. "Are you going to show slides today?" i.e. (Turn off the lights!) Please understand that I was deaf and couldn't understand a word that you were saying. The only reason that I was on campus was because I was coming from Professor XXXX's Botany class. He was the best to walk that campus, and I could understand every word that he was saying. I would go to sleep with a question that was not covered in your book and wake up, remember it, and saunter over and ask if you had covered this or that. You never had, and I would never be able to understand your answer; thus I would always ask if that was going to be on the test. I looked at your new edition of Food Science at the library and see that you had made it into an upper level course pratically. I notice that you mentioned that antibiotics block Vitamin K production in the intestines. I have addressed that, for I found research up at Cornell @ 2001 that proved that elevated levels of common chemicals such as calcium and sulphur block Vit. K production and that results in diabetes. OHS books (from 1990s) proved that diabetes was epidemic in farm workers exposed to high levels of those chemicals. These chemicals are in the air and water supply everywhere, and they are never addressed because experts say that they are not toxic. Tap water everywhere is worthless because of this. Coffee is worthless because of this. The bee colony collapse is probably due to sulphur. Let me add here the tangled nerves of Alzheimers is also the result of amyloid production that is promoted by these chemicals and other factors

On another front I have addressed the potato blight of the Potato Famine being caused by the intentional contamination of seed potatoes. I asked XXXX of Plant Breeding, where I worked for a season in 82, to see if he could prove that, but I never checked back with him. I have addressed Vitamin C in citrus, for I lived in Florida for @ five years and have come to appreciate what good citrus can do for the body. California apparently made a mistake in opting for seedless oranges, for I believe that the seed is what promotes Vitamin C production, which has been greatly reduced because of the lack of bees. Apparently those seeds are bigger and promote more Vit. C if they are pollinated even if the seeds are sterile. Same goes with tangerines. California also doesn't ripen their citrus. When I lived in DC 83-96, there was an old lady, Mrs. Carter who would give me California oranges that were about ten years old. That stuff keeps forever. Texas oranges are even worse. I bet you can break car windows with those things. Lemon juice is also a must for me, for it is the best chelator there is. Squeeze lemons that is. I have suggested it along with good water such as Poland Springs as the best remedy for petroleum poisoning along with vigorous exercise. (Good water has no taste.) I addressed this issue because of personal experience, my writings on the Persian Gulf War and the PGW Syndrome which I attributed to oil smoke from the burning oil wells, and the dumping of excess aviation fuel by the airline industry as a safety measure. I suspect that there are billions of gallons of NAPHTHA dumped worldwide every year and that is a major cause of asthma. I have also found that California lettuce has been tampered with here. There would be brown spots, probably bacteria, on the base of the inner leaves, indicating that the heads were probably contaminated during the washing process. This went on and on for about six months last year, and I would end up throwing out about 30% of each leaf. That is unreal after the Taco Bell scenario.

In closing I would like to suggest that you take a look at the McGraw-Hill science encycloedias, which are very popular in public libraries. Try to find out how big bacteria is in any one of those books. It is unreal how stupid these alleged scientists have become. Also water and air filters are another area where stupidity has prevailed. They talk about new thousand dollar filters being able to filter on the molecular level when the openings are measured in microns. I figured that there is a trillion atoms in a nanometer; thus the only molecules that such filters are going to pick up are going to be part of large particles. For seven years now I have been promoting and using a T-shirt soaked in baking soda and water, strapped to the back of a box fan to filter my air. That will clear the air of acidic compounds in seconds. That is why they came out with all these high priced air filters. The last time that I heard of water being used to filter air was in the early sixties when my father tried to make such a filter work on our furnace. No dice! Thus I lost my hearing due to ear infections brought on by acid air. Sorry to have deceived you if you thought that I was listening to your lecture while I was sleeping, but they would have never had let me graduate if I had admitted to having a hearing problem at all. They would have just kept saying that you also need this or that to graduate if you can't hear until I gave up. Hope all is well with you. Best wishes. Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby"

Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture 76. Also Therapeutic Recreation 88 Gallaudet Univeristy (A waste of time! Couldn't stand the deaf. Set off that deaf protest when I wrote about them. Wrote an assessement form in my internship that is probably still used by the field today, but no work because I picked a DC site, Great Oaks Center, got moved on by coprophagists, and I've been moving on them ever since! So it goes. I would appreciate knowing if you received this or not. Thank you very much for your time. meaderobe (at) gmail.com Alternate address; rsm86 (at) cornell.edu (Pretty worthless for personal email))

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