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Women in Balck hold vigil at Rachel Corrie event

Women in Black are Jews and allies who stand against injustices tolerated by others. We reject the notion that some people are worthy victims. We reject the notion that we can pick and choose which peoples are worthy of self
determination or national liberation.
We believe that all people, not just the select few, have the right to security, home, education, justice and freedom.
We are part of the international movement of Women in Black, a network of autonomously operating activists who stand against injustice, violence, militarism and war in cities throughout the world. While our issues may differ, we unite in our commitment to non-violent
resistance to forces of oppression that at times can seem overwhelming.
We wear black and stand in public space to use the symbolism of mourning for the dead into war into a powerful refusal of the logic of war and acceptance of injustice. Together we educate bear witness to a better future for all peoples, not just the few declared deserving by the power structure.

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