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Richmond Citizens Join Nationwide Protests to End the Iraq War

Richmonders protest Webb's funding of the occupation of Iraq on May Day.
Richmond, Virginia - May 1, 2008 - As part of a day of nationwide labor strikes, a dozen Richmond citizens left work on May 1st to gather in front of Senator Jim Webb’s Richmond office to demand he stop funding the occupation of Iraq. While the Democratic Senator has said he opposes the war, he continues to vote to fund it.

The protesters expressed their exasperation with Senator Webb and other Democratic members of Congress who continue to fund the occupation. “The Democratic Party has pretended to be against the war,? said Chris Dorsey, co-founder of RVA4Peace, “however, whenever the President requests funding, the Democratic-controlled House and Senate march in lockstep with the administration.? The result, Dorsey stated, has been an escalation of the occupation that the Democrats were elected to end. “In short,? he continued, “the Democratic Party has become a controlled opposition party.?

During the demonstration, volunteers with Project 1, Inc. a Richmond-based not-for-profit organization, collected canned food for the Central Virginia Foodbank. “While 51 cents out of every tax dollar goes to military spending,? said Toni Davy, co-founder of Project 1, “the average American is finding it hard to pay for daily expenses.? The Central Virginia Foodbank is currently experiencing severe shortages due to increased need and reduced donations.

This event was organized by RVA4Peace, a group of Richmond citizens focused on peace and justice. For more information, see www.myspace.com/rva4peace.

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