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ICE rounds up workers in Richmond

Thirty three people were detained during an ICE sweep Wednesday in downtown Richmond.
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency conducted a raid at a workplace in Richmond, Va. on Wednesday, sweeping up 33 workers from different countries.

The raid occurred at the construction site of a new federal courthouse at Seventh and Broad streets. An eyewitness reported that federal agents along with Virginia State Troopers arrived at the job site at 8 a.m. Twenty-nine men and four women were detained. The eyewitness, who asked not to be identified, said that the men and women were separated from each other and had green plastic bracelets placed on their hands. The eyewitness added that dozens of other workers received enough warning of the agents' presence to be able to escape.

Richmond's WRIC TV reported that the arrested workers were held in the new courthouse's own detention cells. The courthouse's construction is near completion. The people who were arrested were reported to be from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru , Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The workers were hired under the private firm, Tompkins Builders, Inc., which was contracted to build the new courthouse.

All of the detainees are being processed. Richmond immigrant justice activists are working to locate family members of the potentially deported and legal representation. A protest will be held at the site of the arrest Friday. It is possible that amongst the detained was a couple who have children.


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