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Announcement :: Animal Rights

Lee Hall Speaks Out on Climate Disruption and the Animal Advocate’s Leadership Role

Lee Hall Speaks Out on Climate Disruption and the Animal Advocate’s Leadership Role

At this year’s vegetarian Summerfest (18-22 June in Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Friends of Animals legal director Lee Hall will present a plenary talk on vegetarians as the perfect leaders in an era of climate disruption.

Meat and dairy consumption is on the rise worldwide. Our governments ensure that we all subsidize animal agribusiness; universities teach animal husbandry; and in school lunch hours, young students choose between a salami sandwich, turkey salad, or pepperoni bagel bites. What’s an activist to do?

Lee’s talk will explore the question, and the urgency of finding answers.

Priscilla Feral, Lee Hall, and the Albany Vegetarian Network Share “Secrets for Success Every Vegetarian Advocate Should Know”

Lee Hall and Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral will present a lively workshop to share tips on fundraising, time management, getting your letter printed, and public outreach. Priscilla and Lee will be joined by Dave Lajeunesse and Jan Lajeunesse, who will relate their experiences starting the New York Capital Region’s annual Vegetarian Expo with the support of several speakers known from Summerfest. This workshop promises to be instructive and empowering.

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Watch the Summerfest website - vegetariansummerfest.org/ - for all dates, times, and other updates, or give FoA a call at 203.656.1522 (ask for Nancy Rice).

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