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Hidden Things You Do Not Know! 5/29

The hidden work of the Bush Nazis! Illegal Eagles in the military?! Foolproof Bush Nazi murders. Did the Third Reich come from England? 5/24 Viral bacterias? Don't Google any bogus Yahoo sites! 5/29 Bush Nazi Freedoms.
"Evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived." (2 Tim. 3:13)

"Look! You are trusting in deceptive words that are worthless! Hear O earth, I am bringing disaster on this people, the fruit of their schemes because they have not listened to my words...." (Jer. 7:8; 6:19) GHW Bush, the uncrowned king of Babylon, the lawless Jacob, the Great Dead King of Israel, the son of perdition, who also thinks that he is Bel, the god of heaven and earth; he and all his Bush Nazis have replaced the sulphurous fire of the Bible with feces; i.e. the secret "power food" of the Moabite women of Shittim.(Is. 14:4-22; 46:1; Mic. 1:5; Hosea 10:3,15; 2 Thess. 2:3; Numbers 25:1-4; Gen. 19:24; Ez. 20:26; Is. 13:16) It fries their brains! GHW Bush says that he has been eating feces for seventy years. For 70 years he has been the uncrowned King of Babylon (Is. 14:4; Jer. 25:11-16) 70 years of brushing people off, saying he is too Gad damn important to talk to anyone and killing anyone who questions his stupidity. GHW Bush fried W's brain @ 55 years ago; thus the private army of the Bush Nazis probably put W in the White House with only 20 votes. Every single word that W says is teleprompted. Can you feign importance, repeat big words, ignore people, and brush people off? You could be in the White House too! They will never know that you are brainless! GHW Bush says that he and W had the guys who signed their diplomas killed. W is too stupid to know that he never graduated from anything. GHW also says that they are too Gad damn important to have their names in the alumni directory. Nicky Exarchou brought Hitler's Storm Troopers to the US and formed Secret Service, the private army of the Bush Nazis that now probably numbers 130,000. A private army to protect their stupidity!? Don't that beat all? Should we pity such stupidity?(Deut. 13:6-9) Impeach it? It is treason punishable by death! Demockracy is a matter of being mocked by demons; kind caring demonic Bush Nazis, posing as "angels of light". (2Cor.11:14 ) No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It, which means that the Bush Nazis are going to get rid of you and your body and anyone who comes looking for you if you try to prove that they are criminals. That is why God says that the look on their faces will betray them. (Is. 3:9) They have set things up so that you will be killed if you try to prove any of their criminal activities. You have to rely on that look alone.(Deut. 13:6-9) Just mention their rigging the vote etc. Since September the Fools of Babylon 9/30 has been there, explaining how the "blood of all who have been slain on the earth" arises from Washington, DC.(Rev.18:24)

"Woe! Woe, O great city, Babylon on the Potomac! In one hour your doom has come!" (Rev. 18:1-24) The USSR 666 is going to do naval exercises off the Eastern Seaboard. Accounts of the stupidity and/or the criminality of the Bush Nazis are going to be broadcasted, and they will say that it is coming from the USSR. If W and company act smart or tough, the demolition of DC, Babylon on the Potomac is going to commence. Can you stop these morons from falling for that? This arises because so many Bush Nazis have claimed that they are America since I wrote America Starts Here in 1998. They knew what they had to do to created America, and it did not involve putting the creators, Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc through a woodchipper; thus the USSR is where it's at, and you all should know what the USSR stands for. I published that info serveral times in 2001. Also Cornell's Big Red Charter empowers Cornell to do whatever it takes to get rid of these Bush Nazis, create a "nation on that day", and claim Judah as God's portion in the Holy Land.(Zech. 2:12) The 1963 New World Translation of the Holy Scripture has the best map of Judah, the "USSR of the Mideast", which I think delineates King Solomon's Judah after he subdued the kingdom of the Babylonians. Ref. GHW Bush; Friend of the Devil * & Holy Smoke! Bobby Meade

Beware the treasonous sh*theads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GHW Bush says that they are getting rid of everyone who says that W has ever graduated from anyplace. He says that they are the "firstfruits of a kingdom that cannot be shaken". Now where did he get those words?

Nazi Death Doctors from Bruxelles? 3/8 I confirmed a few nights ago that Nicky Exarchou was still impersonating a doctor up at Binghamton's "Cuckoo's Nest", now called a Health Center. He probably only does so after midnight. As I have written, "Nicky Exarchou has been practicing as a psychiatrist specializing in electroshock with the license of a Greek thoracic surgeon, Exarhos #418-02 since the first Bush administration. I just checked and discovered that he is now getting by with #165-01, in Psychiatry from Univeristy Libre Bruxelles Medecine 1978, allegedly licensed here in 1985. I have determined that a doctor's license represents the number of the school that he or she graduated from. Before this he was practicing without one. Nicky used the 418 license in 1999 to get a court order to have me injected. Since the notice of the mentioned elevated PSA level came from 425 Robinson St., Nicky's alleged office, I presumed that this office would be in the single room on the 11th floor of the State Hospital's Garvin Building, where they administered electroshock. Upon being told that there is not much in that room, I said that Nicky was probably using jumper cables hooked up to an electrical outlet." In the early 1990s, the Washington Post was the paper that revealed that he was a Psychiatrist, specializing in electroshock. The first license was from a university in Thessalonica. Now Bruxelles is apparently saying that there is such a thing as a Psychiatrist, specializing in electroshock. Is that their Nazi Death Doctor category? Let them demonstrate on themselves how it is done. Use a 220 volt outlet too! 3/11 Let me remind you that a diploma on the wall is not proof that your doctor is licensed to practice medicine. He has to be a registered physician; thus his name will be listed in the Registry of Physicians.


If Governor Spitzer won't betray his Bush Nazi compatriots, put him in NYS Mental Health system under the care of alleged doctor, Nazi Death Doctor Nicky Exarchou, for having supported such a sham. "Relax Guv! I promise you that you won't feel any pain!" No brain! No pain!

3/10 Re: Governor Eliot Spitzer; "All who see him will shake their heads." (Ps. 64:8) He surrounded himself with Bush Nazis thinking he would be safe as long as he didn't interfere with what they were doing. When they abducted me in Ithaca for the first time, I wrote an appeal for the reversal of judgments against me by the demented ones who claimed to be doctors, and Spitzer's office blocked it every step of the way. For that they made him Governor. They made the guy who the appeal was against head of Mental Hygiene here. As long as you keep serving them, the free ride continues. Tell the Governor that the best revenge is to go out as an Israelite like Saddam. Take as many of them with him as he can.

I went looking for two 2001 articles; Justice Albany Style and Justice America Style, and neither was available. Those articles concluded, among other things, that the destruction of Albany and DC was the only way to set matters straight. "No one calls for justice, no one goes to law honestly, they rely on empty arguments and speak lies, they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity....Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far off. ... Truth is nowhere to be found, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey." (Is. 59:4,14-15) This situation probably arises because the foolproof plan is for there to be no legitimate doctors or lawyers in the Mental Health system. I did find an article that is apparently a preview of Justice Albany Style, made available by NYC IMC. Here is what I found:

February 16, 2001 NYC IMC "Justice New York Style" By Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel'

This is an account of the author's attempt to attain justice after being abducted and unlawfully hospitalized for 15 months.

Dear New York City; Having endured more than my share of lawlessness as "Israel", the Deaf Messenger of the Lord; it still surprised me in August 1998 when an alleged social worker, who the police have told me is a doctor or director of Mental Health, had me picked up in handcuffs and hospitalized for 15 months with what was probably a forged pickup notice. When my assigned attorney of Mental Hygiene Legal Service filed a Notice of Appeal on a 7/99 Order for six months of forced injections, he waited until January 2000 to tell me that the issue was moot, that he couldn't help me, and that I should pursue it on my own. I was seeking the reversal of all judgments against me and the restitution, which alleged doctor Nicholas Exarchou had agreed to pay me in court; and charges against my assigned attorney for fifteen laws that I allege that he violated, including first degree assault. Since the alleged doctor very likely is, as I revealed in court, "a very respectable narcotic kingpin"; all of Albany seems to be supporting him, for I had him admit in court that he had agreed to pay me 665 million dollars. Since my fabricated chemical delusional diagnosis can be a "death sentence", the restitution is probably now over a billion dollars and growing by a million dollars per day. (@ $3.3 B now!)( they threw cyanic gas (blueprint paper and acid produces cyanic gas) in my room every half hour until I spoke out to fabricate this diagnosis - cyanic gas produces chest constriction, heart pain, and sometimes instant death) A 12 page claim for the illegally sold and restored abandoned property that I had legally lived on for two years prior to my abduction is being prevented from reaching the Comptroller to further impede my appeal. (Abandoned Property Law 1210 (98 supplement) Active at the time of abduction) It seems like their game was to get the appeal dismissed without the judges ever seeing it. They ordered me to obtain a record for a practically undocumented hearing; i.e. hundreds of dollars for papers that I already have. I wasted my paltry eight week extension trying to get them to send the record that I was due: (1) because the state filed the Notice of Appeal, (2) because the Assistant Solicitor General offered to send me any papers that I needed, (3) because I am a poor person with no earned income since 1991, and (4) maybe because I am deaf. Since they were so intent on dismissing this appeal, the judges probably never saw my July cross-motion to dismiss the Attorney General and dissolve the Appellate Division. The judges also apparently never saw my 11/6/00 four page embossed motion for an extension, for the Clerk unlawfully dismissed the appeal with a 12/28/00 unsigned order. In light of the apparent universal support of the alleged doctor, paper communication is out; so please call for hair sample tests to see if narcotic addiction is fueling their support of this lawlessness. (In the early nineties The Washington Post revealed that Nicholas Exarchou was a Psychiatrist, specializing in electroshock, for they were saying that he was GHW Bush's doctor.) If the Attorney General or the Supreme Court calls to complain, have them put their rebuttal in writing. If the alleged doctor calls, ask him where he went to medical school, where he went to college, where he went to high school, and where he went to grade school. What happened to me has happened to a lot of people who were never heard from again. If you have doubts about the prevalence of narcotic addiction, see if they are smoking a waxlike substance that they claim is not really a drug. I suspect that crack, which was first publicized as driving people crazy in the early nineties and worth 300 dollars a gram, is now being mixed with paraffin to such an extent that these people may not recognize it if you sold them paraffin; paraffin pops when it boils and must be the hottest smoke there is. Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger.

3/26 Nicky is probably still an "Illegal Alien" to this day. GHW Bush says that his fortune came from Nicky. See if you can prove that.

PS: Let them prove that the Governor ever had sex with one of these girls. He looks impotent to me. 3/12 GHW Bush says that the Governor's situation arises because they were trying to cover up the discovered vote miscounts that put him in office. "You have a cloak! You be our leader!" (Is. 3:6) If you want a leader who's approved by God, check the clouds for His approval. God's power is in the sky! (Is. 9:16; 48:17; Ps. 68:34) 3/13 GHW Bush said that Manchester and Liverpool England told this heralded prostitute that waylaid the Governor to prove that she had sex with him, or they were going to dismember her alive! Sounds like another war in the making. And it sounds like the NY Police Department is in the call girl business too! Of course Spitzer is going to say that he never saw the woman in his life. 3/14 Foolproof plan! Send Nazi Death Doctor, Nicky Exarchou and people from Mental Hygiene and NYS Attorney General's office to Albany with a gas generator in a pickup to jumpstart Spitzer's brain, fix his sexual problem, etc. I bet Spitzer humps trees if he can't find a woman. SAVE THE TREES!

A GREEN DREAM; 3/14 Went to a Shade Tree meeting last night and found that the life span of a city tree is 13 years! Remember Dieback at Cornell (Fools of Babylon 9/30) and my Oak Story of 2002? Soak your acorns now and put them in the ground in a few days. Plant them in every conceivable place that a tree can be planted and place a protective barrier around it when the first leaves appear. If anyone is caught messing with the trees, leave their bodies there to mark the spot to try again next year. Since leaving a stump of a branch when pruning a tree is the norm, that literally kills the tree, for there is no way for such a cut to heal. It usually takes two cuts to prune a branch, and the second cut should be flush with the trunk and/or branch that is being pruned. This is intentional shoddy work and should not be tolerated. Get rid of such morons. The oaks will come back and thrive, for dieback is a fabricated myth. Every spring pesticide barriers will be placed on the trunks to stop the forest tent caterpillars and to prove that those caterpillars were causing dieback. All oak varieties will probably thrive again. This is the best way to plant an oak, for it is nearly impossible to dig up an older oak tree when it has such an extensive root system. More than any other thing that you can dream up, these trees will make America green again. "See the tree, how big it's grown, but friend it hasn't been too long, it wasn't big! I laughed at her, and she got mad, the first day that she planted, it, was just a twig!" 4/6 These forest tent caterpillars are apparently causing dieback of practically all deciduous trees. I bet that Bush Nazis are breeding these caterpillars and putting the eggs around landscape plants everywhere. The same goes for bedbugs, which I wrote about in suppressed writings in 2000-2001. The Bush Nazis infested my apartment with them in Ithaca, and they were probably breeding them in a laboratory.

5/14 I just saw them pruning the trees at BC Public Library, and they were pruning the new shade trees in the parking lot like a hedge, cutting off the ends of the branches. That ruins the trees! A pruning cut must be made flush to the trunk or the branch being pruned, or the cut end will continuously die back. These dead portions will also allow the whole trunk or branch to be infected and decay, for the cuts will never heal. The purpose of making a cut flush to the trunk or the branch is to enable the tree to heal itself when the bark grows over the cut. A hedge can heal such end cuts. A shade tree cannot! Where did they get their training from? What ails these people? Those trees are ruined now! The growing tips were cut. Go look at what happens to an evergreen when you cut the growing tip.They also pruned the holly that way too! That is not supposed to be pruned like a hedge either! FYI There's a lot of dead wood on trees in this town that they could have addressed, but they were probably saying, "Hey! There's some live ones! Lets do them!"

3/19 This town is getting ready to do another multi-million dollar demolition of a five or seven story building. (5/23 Scientific demolition experts stopped work, claiming the building is unstable! Go figure!) They know that there are people who will take such a building down by hand for less than a hundred thousand dollars. They would recycle every single thing that could be recycled. They would find buyers for every single piece that was saved. Those buildings were built with the best wood there ever was on earth. It can be reused to build buildings that will outlast anything made from wood that is cut today. People who take down such buildings know enough to avoid hazardous material such as asbestoes, but we have kind caring Bush Nazis telling us otherwise. The Bush Nazis want that asbestoes packed in special bags so that they can take them and contaminate any place that they want to. (4/11 They just announced that they are going to spend $4 million for the demolition of a few 3-7 story buildings up at Binghamton Psych Center. (There are wreckers who would do all of them manually for less than a $100,000!) They will do this with machines; i.e. like incompetent stumblebums. It is probably an attempt to conceal that the ventilation systems are full of stuff like arsenic, Anthrax, and other toxic substances.) For the latest, read GHW Bush; Friend of the Devil *

FYI: Letter to My Food Science Professor:

I understand that you are retired now, but I was wondering if you or someone you know might be interested in pursuing research on some of the topics that I have addressed. If you don't remember me, I was the one who sat in front of the class and slept through every single class in Spring 76. If you didn't start showing slides immediately, I would ask, "Are you going to show slides today?" i.e. (Turn off the lights!) Please understand that I was deaf and couldn't understand a word that you were saying. The only reason that I was on campus was because I was coming from Professor X's Botany class. He was the best to walk that campus, and I could understand every word that he was saying. I would go to sleep with a question that was not covered in your book and wake up, remember it, and saunter over and ask if you had covered this or that. You never had, and I would never be able to understand your answer; thus I would always ask if that was going to be on the test. I looked at your new edition of Food Science at the library and see that you had practically made it into an upper level course. I notice that you mentioned that antibiotics block Vitamin K production in the intestines. I have addressed that, for I found research up at Cornell @ 2001 that proved that elevated levels of common chemicals such as calcium and sulphur block Vit. K production and that results in diabetes. OHS books (from 1990s) proved that diabetes was epidemic in farm workers exposed to high levels of those chemicals. These chemicals are in the air and water supply everywhere, and they are never addressed because experts say that they are not toxic. Tap water everywhere is worthless because of this. Coffee is worthless because of this. I believe that this is the fulfillment of the Wormwood prophecy of Revelations 8:11 (Lam. 3:15), for Wormwood in the Bible means bitterness. Water has been made bitter by the addition of such elements. Although it is hard to confirm, when they launched Mir Space Station, they said that it was named Wormwood; thus they have probably been dumping these chemicals in the water supplies since long before Mir fulfilled the "falling star" portion of this prophecy; i.e. since they named it Wormwood. Also the bee colony collapse is probably primarily due to sulphur in the air. Let me add here that the tangled nerves of Alzheimers is also the result of amyloid production that is promoted by these chemicals and other factors

On another front I have addressed the potato blight of the Potato Famine being caused by the intentional contamination of seed potatoes. I asked X of Plant Breeding, where I worked for a season in 82, to see if he could prove that, but I never checked back with him. I have addressed Vit. C in citrus, for I lived in Florida for @ five years and have come to appreciate what good citrus can do for the body. California apparently made a mistake in opting for seedless oranges, for I believe that the seed is what promotes Vit. C production, which has been greatly reduced because of the lack of bees. Apparently those seeds are bigger and promote more Vit. C if they are pollinated even if the seeds are sterile. Same goes with tangerines. California also doesn't ripen their citrus. When I lived in DC 83-96, there was an old lady, Mrs. Carter who would give me California oranges that were about ten years old. That stuff keeps forever. Texas oranges are even worse. I bet you can break car windows with those things. Lemon juice is also a must for me. Squeeze lemons that is. (4/10 I buy ReaLemon in the squeeze containers on a regular basis, for it is the best chelator there is. I bought some at a Giant grocery store in Binghamton a few weeks ago, and the containers had indentations in them. The juice was watered down and/or contaminated. Those containers must have tamperproof caps, like the Sicilia lemon juice caps for instance. I like the ReaLemon juice, but I am reluctant to buy it again after that incident. Please help persuade them to secure that stuff better.) I have suggested lemon juice along with good water such as Poland Spring as the best remedy for petroleum poisoning along with vigorous exercise.(Good water has no taste. 3/29 Bought Poland Spring water that was tampered with and reported it via PolandSpring.com. No luck! Insecure site! Que pasa? 4/2 Got a response from PS indicating that they hadn't read a word that I wrote. Here's the presumed problem. Giant had sulphured water in 1 gallon Poland Spring containers with Portola snap caps and 2/2010 expiration date. I am pretty sure that it should be 3/2010 expiration date with San Jose snap caps. Looks like they are taking old containers and filling them with bad water. (4/8 I went to buy a Poland Spring gallon today at a reliable Giant store and found that it had snap caps from Mexico with a 4/2010 expiration date. I asked for a gallon from the gallon containers that were in PS sealed boxes and saw that those had San Jose snap caps with 4/2010 expiration dates; thus I bought one of those rather than trust snap caps from Mexico. 4/9 Culprits entered my apartment yesterday and substituted one of the gallons with a snap cap from Mexico for a good one; thus I learned that those gallons with the Mexican snap caps contained bad water!) I also told PS how banal they were to require a phone number to contact them when they have the email addresses plus I am deaf. The parent company, Nestle is probably just as bad, for I quit them when they were selling heavily sulphured milk thirty years ago.) I addressed this issue because of personal experience, my writings on the Persian Gulf War and the PGW Syndrome which I attributed to oil smoke from the burning oil wells, and the dumping of excess aviation fuel by the airline industry as a safety measure. I know that there are billions of gallons of NAPHTHA dumped worldwide every year and that is a major cause of asthma. (3/24 I have determined that the dumping of aviation fuel shows up on radar as rapidly disappearing clouds and in red when it is dumped over the desert, for the petroleum seems to stand out more on radar than water. At home my Queer Kennedy landlord's workers have loosened the square sections of the oak flooring by pounding on it from underneath in the basement; thus they flood the place with fuel fumes at night. A cough where you cough until you feel like vomiting is promoted by aviation fuel. That is smoker's cough, and smokers are a lot more sensitive to airborne fuel than others. The lungs become raw, the voice is lost, and musculoskeletal pain, chills, and runny sinuses develop. Fibromyalgia is probably petroleum poisoning from inhalation of petroleum vapors. Once significant damage is done, all it takes is trace amounts of petroleum to cause the symptoms of Fibromyalgia to flare up.) I have also found that California lettuce has been tampered with here. There would be brown spots, probably bacteria, on the base of the inner leaves, indicating that the heads were probably contaminated during the washing process. This went on and on for about six months last year, and I would end up throwing out about 30% of each leaf. That is unreal after the Taco Bell scenario.

In closing I would like to suggest that you take a look at the McGraw-Hill science encyclopedias, which are very popular in public libraries. Try to find out how big bacteria is in any one of those books. It is unreal how stupid these alleged scientists have become; i.e. they are trying to obfuscate micrometrics. Also water and air filters are another area where stupidity has prevailed. They talk about new thousand dollar filters being able to filter on the molecular level when the openings are measured in microns. I figured that there is a trillion atoms in a nanometer; thus the only molecules that such filters are going to pick up are going to be part of large particles. For seven years now I have been promoting and using a T-shirt soaked in baking soda and water, strapped to the back of a box fan to filter my air. That will clear the air of acidic compounds in seconds. The last time that I heard of water being used to filter air was in the early sixties when my father tried to make such a filter work on our furnace. No dice! Thus I lost my hearing due to ear infections brought on by acid air. Sorry to have deceived you if you thought that I was listening to your lecture while I was sleeping, but they would have never had let me graduate if I had admitted to having a hearing problem. They would have just kept saying that you also need this or that to graduate if you can't hear until I gave up. Hope all is well with you. Best wishes. Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby"

Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture 76. Also Therapeutic Recreation 88 Gallaudet Univeristy (Wrote an assessement form in my internship that is probably still used by the field today, but no work because I picked a DC site, Great Oaks Center, got moved on by coprophagists, and I've been moving on them ever since! So it goes. I would appreciate knowing if you received this or not. Thank you very much for your time. meaderobe (at) gmail.com )

3/20 Note that Nazi Death Doctor Nicky Exarchou probably exited southern Argentina yesterday, heading northeast over the south Atlantic; i.e. Dr. "E". Looking for Hitler? Today looks like an "X" shows him entering Iraq. Que pasa? I know that he has hotels in the Middle East, but not Iraq. Was he going about as Madam "X"? 3/21 The clouds show the big "E" traveling east over southern Asia. GHW Bush says that he now avoids my tracking him by going about dressed in drag. I bet he wears a veil too. Even if his aircraft claims diplomatic immunity; it should be brought to the attention of authorities that he is probably still an "Illegal Alien" to this day. PM He is now over Minnesota headed for Wisconsin. 3/26 Bush Nazi control of weather maps makes it hard to track Nicky now.

What do you do with Nicky Exarchou and others of his ilk? They will come to you when you read this or talk about it so just send them after whoever sent them to you, telling them that The Lord's after them, and they must destroy whoever sent them to you, for "when they stop destroying, they will be destroyed" (Is. 33:1) No, that doesn't mean that they have to go on throwing chemicals, or they will be destroyed. That means that they have to destroy or betray every single poophead, queer boy, or Jew that they know who has been supporting the designs of the Bush Nazis, for they will be destroyed when they stop doing so.

The Lord's, a great organization that no one can count from every tribe, people, language, and nation. (Rev. 5:9-10; 14:6-7) And among The Lord's there are those who take up the sword. "The LORD looked and was displeased that there was no justice. He put on righteousness as his breastplate, and the helmet of salvation on his head; he put on the garments of vengeance and wrapped himself in zeal as in a cloak. According to what they have done, so will he repay wrath to his enemies and retribution to his foes ...From the west, people will fear the name of the LORD and from the rising of the sun, they will revere his glory. For he will come like a pent-up flood." (Is. 59:15-19) So it will be when The Lord's living by the sword clean this place up. Many of The Lord's will be of Joseph, a tribe of aliens from the ancient mountains who will tell them that they can stay here no longer. Many of those of Joseph will be those who were force-fed feces as infants by the coprophagic lawless ones or those were were slyly fed the same in sweet foods as adults. "Be silent in the Lord's presence." (Deut. 33:13-17; Zeph. 1:7)

NO MORE DELAY! "Who has heard our message, and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?" (Is.53:1) Mi Mama has progressive lung disease brought on by @ 20 years of continuous chemical onslaught.(Jer.15:9) When she goes, He says that He will put "the survivors to the sword". Do you think He is talking about just my family? It is every one who has believed my message. You have been singled out! Everything that you need to know is in my writings of the past eighteen months. There is no need for you to take up the sword against them, for God has provided many creative ways to deal with them. If you do take up the sword, remember that you are destined to fall by the sword even if you are one of His people destined to return in a few years to rule with Him for a thousand years. Whatever the case, the time to move is now while it is still day! (Matt.22:14; Ps.25:14-15; Deut.13:6-9; Is.54:17) 3/21 Full moon! New moon! Half moon! Whatever! You can find it at the Love Festivals of Hooterville! Who in Hooterville are you taking to the Hooterville Ball?

Peace! Piece! Whichever comes first! "Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground." If you own an aircraft or an airline, you would have stopped this dumping of gas in the air a few weeks ago, but it continues unabated. No matter how convincing these kind caring Bush Nazis are, you should have realized that people are not going to tolerate such inanity any longer. By enabling these Bush Nazis to "exert their influence" from their aircraft and stealth helicoptors, you have made the destruction of every single aircraft the only way to stop such inanity. That is what it now means for GHW Bush to have his "wings torn off". (Dan. 7:4) "Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground!" "Oh, you got more important things to do? Support our troops and make Dumb Boy Dubya a Gad damn war hero? That war was dreamed up by someone munching turds on the toilet! Nuff said?" 3/30 Go ahead! Shoot a few down too! Remember TWA Flight 800 being shot down by a "surface-to-air missile"? (There were films of that missile; plus it was documented in suppressed writings of mine.) Remember how well they covered that up because there was a class on it from Pennsylvania that I had met on the East Lawn of the U.S. Capitol? That was the work of the Bush Nazis! Just shoot a few down! Blame it on GHW Bush! Say that there was a pack of Bob Meade believers on that plane! The Bush Nazi "military"; i.e. the media, will never even mention it. You don't need a missile either! Just have back-up to stop interlopers. Say this is a "safety measure" too! "Been out shooting "silver birds", heh?" 4/1 There's no other way. You know that these people would be out dumping gas on the same day that they promised not to dump any more! As for GHW Bush's Eagle stealth helicoptors (4), bring them down too. That billion dollar aircraft with its polychromatic carbon fiber body and chemical warfare capabilities was the most absurd waste of taxpayer money that there ever was. Even though it changes color according to the background so you can't see it, every single airport knows when they are around. If that star of Air Force One is still on them, it's probably not legal. Bring them down at Dryden High School as per instructions. (4/6 Those Eagles usually show up as an "E" on the weather maps. If the military claims that these chemicalmongering sh*t-eating Bush Nazis are part of the military, that's more serious than any war that they are pretending to fight. Bobby Meade The Unknown Soldier PGW 1/16-2/5/91 That was a 21 Day War! No one died!) Do you doubt the truth of 9/11 as revealed in the Fools of Babylon 9/30? Where are the pictures of these alleged hijackers boarding the planes? These Bushes are like the thugs who trash a place to get hired as security guards! 4/5 GHW Bush says that Dubya has dumped chemicals too! "Harmless stuff!"; they call it. Try to get him to admit that then show him how fast any chemical that they have dumped can kill a person! 4/11 Keep in mind that the Chemical Weapons Convention, ratified in April 1997 banned chemical warfare on earth; but these Bush Nazis continue, saying that it was just a little bit or that it's harmless stuff. (Zech. 11:5) 5/17 Note that there is probably a shortage of nurses because they can't find many to support Hitler's Health Care; i.e. Samaria; i.e. the hypocrites in the medical profession posing as good Samaritans. 5/24 After revealing that diphtheria was probably genocide via anthrax; I realize a lot of alleged viral illnesses such as measles may be illnesses brought on by anthrax and toxic chemicals. It looks like there is an attempt underway to cover up what a virus really is as well as how big it is, making viruses interchangeable with bacteria. Also from "Angstroms" to "kilobases" to "micromillimeters" one becomes lost as to what the purpose of the metric system is. 5/28 Re: Cortisone shots: Cortisone is a pharmaceutical form of cortisol, one of many adrenal hormones. It suppresses the immune system, and I doubt that it can do much good if it is injected into the body. Too much cortisone causes destruction of tissue proteins, causing muscle atrophy, weakness, and osteoporosis, which means porous bones; and porous bones are weakened bones that become deformed and prone to fracture.

4/9 Saw a picture of Dumb Boy crying today. They can cry on the spot. They say that is proof that they feel emotions. They also send preselected emotional spam and chain letters (they track them too!), saying that is also proof that they are emotional. I bet that they don't even read that stuff!

Hey Miami! Can you help here? Attempt for info from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale police, schools, and newspapers:

Dear Sir;
My name is Robert Meade. I was looking for a record of the murder or death of a woman named Mary Petkash @ May 1971. I was attending Pine Crest Prep School in Fort Lauderdale, and she was coming to the swimming pool where I and my brother were practicing in attempts to talk to my brother. The coach and one of the swimmers showed me a police blotter, reporting that a Mary Petkash had been murdered and/or her body had been found. I don't know if it happened in Fort Lauderdale or Miami, but I do know that she had been attending Miami Dade Junior College (68-71?). I don't know if you can send such information over the Internet, or I have to make this request in writing. My brother doubts me and says that she is alive and has talked to her. I would appreciate it if you could confirm that police blotter or tell me how I should make the request. Thank you very much for your time. Robert Meade

Follow-up letter to Ft. Lauderdale contact:
Dear Mr. X;
It was a horrific murder I suspect, or the body had been mutilated. I believe that it may have been removed from the records and that the only place to find it would be in the Indexes of the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel; i.e. if it did happen in Ft. Lauderdale. She was attending Miami Dade Junior College at the time (68-71?), I believe, and I am trying via the MiamiDade.gov. site. Perhaps the swim coach remembers it. I have no way of contacting him. I am deaf. Let me tell you here that a dude showed up, saying that Mary Petkash and my brother were his parents. That story is so full of holes it is ridiculous, and he would probably have had to been born when Mary was 7; thus I am trying to prove what happened to Mary. This wannabe nephew of mine says that his name is Billy Bollander and he was behind my being picked up by Cornell Police and my being locked up twice for a total of three years on the basis of his hearsay and innuendo. Secret Service is probably involved in suppressing the murder and promoting the Billy Bollander story, for I have had much contact with them and written extensively on the criminality of the Bush Administrations. Thank you very much for your time. Respectfully yours, Robert Meade

PS: Since there has been no reply from three emails sent to different sites in Miami, I suspect that is where it might have occurred. I wrote to Miami Dade Police site and the Medical Examiners site. Miami Dade PD was not in existence at the time, I believe. Did they replace the Dade County Sheriff? Miami Police are also hard to contact. I get a lot of interference on the computer for I am Bobby Meade, Israel, Deaf Messenger. Google or Yahoo my name, and you should get @ 784,000 links. 4/13 I did get a reply from Miami Dade College north, which used to be Miami Dade Junior College, saying that my request had been "Solved". Upon being told that I had to send something like a "registered email" via a server in order to obtain this information, I told them, "No can do!" Having a server is probably like inviting a Bush Nazi into your family! Let me tell you that Miami Dade College is now the largest and most diverse college there is! (160,000) GHW Bush says that is the result of the Holocaust money of the Bush Nazis being poured into that place for supporting stuff like the Mary Petkash murder and the rolling of Jim Morrison of the Doors in Miami Hoyt Auditorium. Have you figured it out? A preselected audience! "Free Tickets to the Doors Concert!" "She's got a ticket to ride ride ride!" See Jim Morrison Blues **

Letter from 4/10 to BBolla@(railroad)com (Contrary to what has been appearing on some sites; there is no such thing as an email address with parantheses in it.) Keep in mind that Illegal Alien Nicky Exarchou, the alleged doctor, specializing in electroshock, has a court case in the Law Books from @ 50 years ago, where he was arguing for the right to transport chemicals by the boxcar; thus Billy Bollander is probably in league with him, dumping chemicals by the boxcar on the populace:

Dear Wannabe Nephew,
When I was abducted by Cornell Police in 2001, they hinted to the judge that I had to know who Billy Bollander was, saying that he was the one talking about me to them. When I was abducted again in 2003, these same cops came to Binghamton and falsely claimed that I had seriously injured them in 2001. The same thing apparently happened in 1998 as a result of your information. Three years I was locked up! Who in hell are you boy? Mary Petkash was murdered in Fort Lauderdale or Miami @ 1971 as far as I know. She could have never carried a child till birth anyway. She would have miscarried! Send this woman's address who you claim is Mary Petkash and stop sending spam and chain letters. Bobby Meade

(The following letter was apparently written by Billy Bollander, impersonating my brother Tom, for it came from (railroad)com i.e. double-r. You type the email, they track it!)

I read the E-mail you sent to Bill Bollander. You are pathetic. Your delusions have crossed the line. As much as I love you I am telling you don't ever send an E-mail to Bill again. He doesn't know you, ever met you or had anything to do with you. You have created realities in your mind that are only real to you and it is time to corect them. Mary Petkash is not dead. You always leverage your statements like Mary was killed by saying "as far as I know". Well you don't know SH*T! I saw Mary with the baby (Bill) in San Fransisco when he was born and have seen Mary several times since. The police never mentioned his name and it is time to stop. Your letters are getting worse and you know you are going to cross the line again and end back up at the Psych Center. So knock it off and let it go. I don't want you ever to contact Bill again do you understand that? Tom

Dear Tom, (Is this your home computer address? (double-r).com?)
And how in hell did you get the letter to Billy Bollander if it was not a sham to begin with? Why do you have a different picture of him now than you had in the 70s when he first appeared? Danny Gonzalez of the Cornell Police told Judge Rossiter that Billy Bollander was who he had been talking to about me. Go to Danny Gonzalez. Chip showed me a police blotter from either the Fort Lauderdale News or the Miami Herald, saying that a Mary Petkash had been murdered. They knew who Mary Petkash was because she had been up to Pine Crest looking for you before she finally did catch you there. Send me a recent picture of Mary. Love, Bobby

PS TO READERS: Upon being told that I had to contact the Ft. Lauderdale Police by telephone or in-person to obtain the information that I wanted, I finally remembered that this police blotter revealed that Mary Petkash's body had been decapitated or dismembered. They are saying that this is privileged information, that they are trying to protect the public, and/or that something bad will probably happen to you if you reveal the information to anyone; thus they are suppressing such info to promote more of the same. In short they are probably saying that nobody can reveal what happened to Mary Petkash without being eliminated by these sensitive authorities for trying to bring up such a subject again. Keep in mind that a favorite practice of the Bush Nazis is to send the guilty one who commited the crime to befriend friends of the victims. The same holds true for their putting Sarah Hajney's and Jennifer Bolduc's bodies through a woodchipper and suppressing news of Elijah Evans' birth in Wheaton, Illinois in 11/95 (see Fools of Babylon 9/30) That is their foolproof plan to cover up what they do to people, i.e. they say that they are too sensitive to talk about such stuff; thus it is best to dispose of them the same way. This is God's way of showing forth their work so it will not benefit them. (Is. 57:12) PPS Send this to Bbolla or anyone who knows him with instructions from Isaiah 33:1.

The Return of Saddam's Sword! 4/15

Summary for Russian post 1/3/07: "Have you heard "The Word"? Our friend is gonna be a star!" Do you think that Saddam Hussein was an Israelite, living by the sword? Then he should have died by the sword; nevertheless cut off his head, make him an idol of Israel, and see if the Lord approves.(Could Saddam still bring his sword on the entire earth? (Saddam with his sword, published early 2007) Who could stop him now?) If you do take up the sword, remember that you are destined to fall by the sword even if you are one of His people destined to return in a few years to rule with Him for a thousand years. Whatever the case, the time to move is now while it is still day! (Matt.22:14; Ps.25:14-15; Deut.13:6-9; Rev. 20:6; Is.54:17)

Islam and Allah came from Ishmael, a wild donkey of a man whose hand was against everyone, and everyone's hand was against him.(Gen. 16:12) Mohammed was an Ishmaelite, Saddam was an Israelite, living by the sword. The wrath of Saddam had been revealed against the sh*theads, the gays, and the Jews that God had condemned, and they called Saddam a terrorist even as they proclaimed their sin like Sodom, they did not hide it.(Rom. 1:16-32; Is. 3:9) Now there are sh*theads everywhere since they got rid of Saddam!

One year ago, 2/24/07 it was made known what was to be done with these veiled women of Islam in Holy Smoke! Bobby Meade. "Make yourself bald and cut off your hair, make yourself bald as an eagle.(Mic. 1:16) Because the daughters of Zion are haughty and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go. The Lord will take away all of their finery, their hoods, and their veils. Instead of perfume, there will be rottenness; instead of well-set hair, baldness; instead of a rich robe, sackcloth; instead of beauty, shame."(Is. 3:16-25)There is nothing religious about these veils, they just conceal the effects of the secret "power food" of the Moabite women of Shittim (Numbers 25:1-4). That's where the word sh*t came from. These veils conceal the sh*t-eating look on the face of these women; furthermore they shuttle terrorists, dressed in drag as they travel in groups. They said that Saddam was a terrorist for getting rid of sh*theads etc. Who in the Middle East has not had their brains fried by eating the professed delicacies of these Moabite women? Do you wonder why they all listen to some mouthy sh*thead who has memorized some religious diatribe? The Moabite women who have rebelled against God are surely the ones who your mouthy ones will choose to sacrifice, for according to their plans from Satan, "I am sure you will need little preparation for such a duty, for sacrifice has always been the watchword of our people, and the DEATH OF A FEW THOUSAND .. in exchange for world leadership is indeed a SMALL PRICE to pay"; thus their little ones shall be dashed to pieces, and the pregnant women ripped open.(Hos.13:16) "The day of their watchmen, of their punishment, of their being given attention, has come." (Mic. 7:4) The watchman says, "Morning has come, and also the night." (Is. 21:12) Zion shall be plowed as a field; Jerusalem shall become a heap of rubble." (Mic. 3:12)

Veiled Women and the Big Red Captain, which addressed this issue has disappeared from Forum Topix. Posted 3/08. Save a piece of my sensitive censors for me! This has also been disappearing immediately; thus I put it at the end of Hidden Things....

4/19 Getting tired of Bro Bubba Bill's woman Hillary dancing with the demons of demockracy, priding herself on being able to carry on conversation with morons. She knows how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but she cannot interpret the signs of the times. (Matt. 16:3) That is, she cannot read the clouds or realize that His power is in the sky. (Ps. 68:34) She honors Him with her lips while her heart is far from Him. (Is. 29:13-14) Do you realize how the Serpent gained control of her? Although you won't find any record of it now, Secret Service went and grabbed Saddam's anthrax stash after the PGW; "tens of thousands of liters of anthrax". (That apparently wasn't even Saddam's stuff, for it was a foreign country producing it in Iraq.) As I have written, a kilogram is enough to kill NYC, and they had enough to dump on the populace for years. Hillary scored big in beef futures because the price of meat goes down every time they dump anthrax on the livestock, for they butcher the cattle that become jittery from the anthrax in the air. Someone who knew about their plans to dump in cattle country apparently tipped her off; thus she continues to cater to them, playing the game of demockracy. (Is. 51:12-13) ""Hillary's" crying, but it ain't no use! She's got a habit, and she can't get loose!" I wrote in '98 that David Wolf was the one to take over and get David's House of Jacob built. NASA has apparently erased David Wolf from the records, and God knows what they did to him. In spite of this, I suspect that David Wolf is still capable of interpreting the signs of the times. Don't forget that God has promised us a leader named David. (Jer. 23:5; 33:25-26 Is. 16:5 Ez. 37:24) Nuff said? "Dave!" "Dave's not home!" 5/14 I wonder if Hillary's W. Virginia victory is the work of Secret Service. As long as she is in Government, she should try to prove that Khalid Mohammed is alive or that Saddam Hussein was really the terrorist that they claim he was. Those chemicals that they allege Saddam used on people were being produced in Iraq by foreign countries, and the use of them on the populace was probably done by others. Let her prove that Saddam was an Israelite, living by the sword and that he was eliminating the coprophagists, queer boys, and Jews that opposed him. That is why these Bush Nazis were so upset with Saddam. Saddam was the most intelligent leader that the Middle East ever had. 5/29 Seems like Hillary is more isolated than Dumb Boy W, who lives in a soundproof house, surrounded by a private army of Serpents. On the other hand, maybe she is out throwing anthrax. "Need money! Need money!"


Hola hombre! This is serious business! Do you think that the English are really our allies? On the home front they ruined my new Cannondale. I've been trying to reach Cannondale bikes on the computer, and it's impossible. I've also been told not to talk about English Jews. Why not? None of them will admit that they are English Jews, especially after I revealed what happened in the Potato Famine. The only English Jews who will admit that they are Jews is apparently the Walkers. I bet they also did the Protocols and were allied with Hitler in WWII, residing safe in the countryside while London was bombed. Here! Send this to Cannondale, and I'll tell you if I get a response:

Dear Cannondale (North America),
(I sent this letter twice on 4/30. I received a receipt notice from service desk in Europe, but not from you. Let me add her that the links on the chain in question read "HG, EE, VIA" on them. Shouldn't that be TIJ or something like that? Your website is not secure at all apparently, especially Ask Brad.)

I am Bobby Meade, Israel, the Deaf Messenger (Yahoo search my name if interested). In Fall 2006, I bought a red Cannondale Warrior 500. I announced this fact in Reign of Terror and the Heart of Israel, 11/06, and I bet that I've sold more Cannondales than Cannondale since then. In 2/08 I was hit from behind on Riverside Dr. It ruined the back wheel. With much effort I got the woman to pay for replacement, but Chenango Pt. Bikes threw the wheel out after I had asked for it; thus I have no proof that I was run down like that. Now after many problems with shifting, the chain is slipping all the time. Chenango Pt. tells me that the chain is worn out and that happens @ 3,000 miles. In 96-98 I rode a Schwinn Continental @ 24,000 miles, and the chain needed replacement @ 15,000 miles. This Cannondale has @ 2,500 miles on it, and the chain looks like it has @ 10,000 milles on it. Doesn't that ruin the whole drive chain to put an old chain on it like that? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you very much for you time. Bobby Meade meaderobe (at) gmail.com

PS: They are removing the chains, saying that is how they clean and/or lubricate them, then taking old chains out of a bath and putting those on. The old chain ruins every single tooth on every single gear on the bike! The chain that was on the bike originally is probably worth three times as much as the one they put on; thus they are probably selling those good chains. I need a new bike. You cannot fix what was done to it by riding it with that chain. It is Second Degree Assault to take a chain off and not inform the owner that was done. It is First Degree Assault if a serious accident occurs as a result of such sabotage. The chain on that bike started slipping uncontrollably on the Vestal Parkway, one of the most dangerous and heavily-traveled roads in upstate New York.Hear that CPB? A new red Cannondale Warrior 500! The hackers removing my posts can't save you! 5/4 The bike is now kaput! As usual, the foolproof plan was for me to go yell at the culprits so they could lock me up again. Here's what Cannondale had to say on CannondaleTube's Ask Brad column: Question: Dear Brad, I am Bobby Meade ... Now the chain is slipping all the time. Chenango Pt. tells me that the chain is worn out and that happens @ 3,000 miles........ Response: Bobby, ... 3000 miles is a fair amount and may save you from a more expensive major overhaul. Ride on - Brad ..... Bob's Response: "IF 3,000 MILES IS A FAIR AMOUNT FOR MILEAGE FROM A CHAIN THAT'S ONLY BEEN USED ON THE ROAD, CANNONDALE BIKES ARE WORTHLESS!! EXCREMENT! I'VE GOTTEN BETTER BIKES FROM A DUMPSTER! TO REPAIR THE DAMAGE THAT THEY'VE DONE TO THAT BIKE WOULD COST TWICE AS MUCH AS THE BIKE! PURE FOOLISHNESS IS WHAT YOU ARE TALKING AND SUPPORTING!CONSIDER THAT THE BIKE COMPANY THAT REPLACES CANNONDALE MAY BE WHO I HAVE TO RELY ON TO GET A NEW BIKE!" Fire will come from his mouth, that is how anyone who wishes to harm him must die! (Rev. 11:5) 5/7 GHW Bush, the prophetical god unto himself says that they are going to get rid of the guys that ruined my bike; furthermore that they are going to be dismembered alive so that it can be filmed and sent to Cannondale to show them what happens to those who sabotage vehicles like that. (Is. 57:12) That is probably the only way that I am going to get a replacement for the Warrior 500. 5/13 Is there a flesh-eating tribe of hackers that can be recruited to eat up the evidence? "Not a trace left behind!" GHW Bush calls these hackers his "carnivorous cannibals". Good name for a rock group? What? You think that's funny? Whose rectum did your intelligence come from? 5/10 "Hear this you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes that do not see, who have ears that do not hear." (Jer. 5:21; Is. 6:9-11; Ez. 12:2) Let me tell you about Zippy the Pinhead comic strip, which I've found at the Seattle Post Intelligencer, which has banned me from the forums. Upon being told that Zippy is published in DC and Boston also, I told them that one of the strips featured Zippy eating excrement. Doesn't that make him a sh*thead? A coprophagist? Do you wonder why one of the themes of that strip is "a nation of pinheads"? 5/17 Aren't you terrified of the coprophagic by-products of Babylon, Kennebunkport, and New Haven? 5/26 There were reports of Dumb Boy W telling us to thank the soldiers for our freedoms when he was laying a wreath on Memorial Day. What freedoms? Freedom of the Bush Nazis to fry everybody's brains with excrement, making everyone as stupid as they are? Freedom of the Bush Nazis to murder and to throw chemicals and other toxic substances with abandon? Freedom to make false claims about intelligence, education, and elections in order to give justify their rule? Freedom to fly the skies with illegal aircraft and fumigate the population with abandon? Freedom to mess with your house, your glasses, your car, your bike, your mail, what not? Freedom to break your bones, implant chips, and bug you incessantly to try to drive you batty. Freedom to use aircraft to knock down skyscrapers and start wars with rumors? Freedom to send soldiers to their deaths to make GHW Bush's brainless kid into a Gad damn war hero? Don't forget that their rule is up to you! God has given the Bush Nazis their power to rule, until God's words are fulfilled. (Rev. 17:17) That is until they are all killed!


5/19 I saw Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" on TV last night. It was an incoherent attempt to terrorize people as far as I could see. The only reason that they let him make that film is that he is probably one of the Bush Nazis. Looks like it killed gun sales at K-Mart too, doesn't it? When Colorado IMC started blocking my posts a few weeks ago, I started posting my articles with titles like; "Secret Service; Klebold-Harris Training Camp" "Secret Service; Hitler's Youth Camp" "Secret Service Controls Colorado IMC", for the titles would seem to remain on front page without the article; thus I would try to get the message across via the title. As I have made known, it was quite apparent that Secret Service had stirred up Klebold and Harris at the White House before they tried to incite me to violence on the East Lawn of the US Capitol during the school's visit to DC. After they promoted the Columbine killings, I am sure that the number of SS agents in Colorado skyrocketed. Of course they will claim to have no knowledge of such happenings, for according to the Plans of .. their Satan for the SERPENT, the HEAD doesn't know what the TAIL is doing, and the TAIL doesn't know what the HEAD is doing; thus like Hitler's storm troopers at Nuremberg, they are pretending to be too stupid to know that they are criminals. If they didn't know what was going on, like all of Zion's Secret Police and Bush Nazis in general, they claim that they cannot be held guilty. (Zech. 11:5) The bloody track record that these Bush Nazis have against anyone who I met on the East Lawn of the US Capitol is continued today when they say that something bad is going to happen if you read Bobby Meade's writings. Do they forget that "There is a sin that leads to death." (1 John 5:16)? Could it be that something bad is going to happen if they say that something bad is going to happen if they pay attention to Bobby Meade? It is not without reason that God says that when people such as the Bush Nazis come and tell you to honor their stupidity by trying to get you to support their ridiculous claims; "You must certainly put him to death. Your hand must be the first in putting him to death..." (Deut. 13:6-9)

What follows is a classic that should have never been messed with, for its suppression and the promotion of trash like Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" has enabled the Bush Nazis to continue their slaughter of innocents. While I was unlawfully incarcerated at Binghamton Psych Center, I wrote and published this article before the bodies of the fallen ones of Columbine were in the ground.


Fire broke out in Littleton within the house of Joseph as more of my children from the East Lawn of the U.S. Capitol joined the ranks of the fallen Israelites whose graves God has promised to open when He brings them back. I presume that the Israelites in Littleton were singled out over the testimony that they had maintained regarding a law He set in Israel; things that He commanded our forefaters to make them known to their sons. Even if they had not mentioned this law in years, I pray that all of these fallen ones sought refuge in the house of Israel, so that God might bring them back. This bloodshed arises solely from the overzealous false prophets of the revolt of Jacob; thus they rest in their beds who walk in their uprightness, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. (Amos 5:6; Ez. 39:23; 37:13; Rev. 20:4; 1 Peter 2:9; Ps. 78:5; Ez. 39:25; Matt. 24:11; Mk. 13:22; Mic. 1:5; Is. 57:1-2; Mk. 10:14)

I hope that the lawless ones of Jacob understand that when they oppose Israel, they become Israel. The lawless ones continue to rely on hearsay and innuendo to justify their attempt to wipe out Israel as a nation, not accepting that the faithful have disappeared from the land and there is no one doing good. If there are any Israelites left in Littleton, I bet that they are merely watchmen or aliens; but be sure to keep track of anyone seeking them out, for they became Israel when they started looking for Israel. The lawless holy wannabes seeking Israel are now the only ones left to represent Israel as they go abroad to declare the majesties of Israel, the holy nation. (Ps. 83:3-4; Mic. 7:2; Ps. 53:3; Jer. 7:6; Ez. 33:2-20; 1 Peter 2:9).

Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His loyal ones. The Bear Lord has set out to bring home our own badness on us. He will raise up a nation that will oppress Israel to the farthest extent of the Israelite territory. This is the house of Joseph, a tribe of aliens from the ancient mountains. When George Herbert Walker Bush, the uncrowned king of Babylon says, "Let God hurry and do His work so we can see it"; he is begging for the fulfillment of God's words; thus his stint in the bramble patch should begin immediately that his escape might be utterly cut off. George Bush urges on the Nicolaitans and other lawless ones of Jacob by repeating senseless falsehoods, even convincing them to shed innocent blood. From the least to the greatest of these lawless ones, every one is greedy for unjust gain and every one deals falsely. When Joseph welcomes these renegades to the family of God, he will let them know that judgment begins with the family of God; plus when Joseph decides: "they can stay here no longer", he shall push them to the ends of the earth. I hope that they take the chemical-spewing staff of the Binghamton Psychiatric Center with them. (Ps. 116:15; Dan. 7:5; Is. 13:11; Amos 6:14; Ez. 37:22; Gen. 49:26; Is. 14:3-22; 5:19; Rev. 17:17; Hosea 10:15; Rev. 2:6; Is. 49:6; 59:13; Ps. 64:5; James 5:6; Jer. 6:13; 1 Peter 4:17; Lam. 4:15; Deut. 33:17)

"Israel" - Deaf Messenger - Bobby Meade 4/26/99

FYI On Forum Topix I have been posting Peace When There Is No Peace 5/26, also known as Bob Packer's Gonna "Fix Your Face"! and Cannondale Woes, and Sterling Optical; Filthy Glasses. The first two include a summary of Fools of Babylon. These have been posted every place that you can imagine, and it seems like they are only accessible if I am logged in to Forum Topix as RedRider. My posts always show zero comments after a few minutes, then they end up on RedRider page, asking if I want to make them private. What in God's name is that all about? No matter what I post, it is the same! You might want to log in via meaderobe (at) gmail.com and password; israel to see if the articles appear. If it works, maybe doing it on a public computer, pausing it, and splitting is a heck of a way to create a famine for the word of the Lord. They will look but they will not find you! 5/9 The Bush Nazis apparently control Forum Topix and prevent such log-ins, so that is probably little more than a way to attract their attention. For the latest see Fools of Babylon 9/30/07 Bobby Meade. Search www.yahoo.com. title my name. That's the fastest way. Do not Google bogus Yahoo sites!

If you don't believe that the Bible is the word of God, read Dr. Ivan Panin's Overwhelming Mathematical Evidence of the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures. That is proof that "in the beginning was the word". It was conceived before language was created. It is proof that those languages came from God too!

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