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Call to Action: Make Richmond Bike Friendly

Sky rocketing fuel costs are resulting in more people choosing to bike or walk to work, shopping, and for leisure. The Richmond area has many opportunities for improving safety and access. Learn how you can help.
Many cities are adopting practices that help make non-motorized transportation easier and more convenient. There are some easy ways that individuals can get involved in making Richmond a better place for cycling and riding.

Mentor a Commuter

If you are comfortable riding a bike, then help someone learn to ride a bike safely on the road. Offer to ride with them on their first commute. Share information about gear, route selection, and little tricks such as how to manage without a shower at your workplace. Help new riders find introductory cycling courses on safety or basic bike maintenance. (BikeWalk Virginia, RABA and GRTC are in the process of developing courses like this right now).

Talk to Your Employer

Encourage your employer to give incentives to employees who ride or to place bike racks or showers on site. Share information about the benefit of having fewer cars to accommodate and the health benefits to employees. Don’t forget to remind employers of the environmental benefits of having fewer cars on the road. Organizations like GRTC offer incentives or recognition for some initiatives.

Be an Advocate

Get involved with local, state or national organization and serve as the community voice for cyclists and pedestrians. Speaking out at local meetings, fundraising for projects, and volunteering can help make great strides to improving access and safety.

The Time if Right for Richmond

Now is a great time to make cycling a part of life here in Richmond as we have sky-rocketing fuel costs, growing environmental concern, and the need for people to get active. If you would like more information on getting involved in Richmond, helping start a local BikeWalk Virginia Chapter, or with sharing your ideas for improving the area contact us a www.bikewalkvirginia.org

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